Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elder Daly~May 26, 2009~Szczecin..most elect people ever!

Well this week we went out and did what we do ... we went out and found some homies. Most of them flaked... but szczecin is full of some of the most elect people ever. They really dont like the catholic church that much here... its awesome. They have a lot of JW's though, not so awesome.

President Engbjerg visited the branch this week...gave a way inspiring talk and then took us all out to all you can eat polish food.

We had english and church for the first time in the new chapel this week... we had 50 new people come to our english class!

Guth and I crossed the border this week. He's been in poland too long without becoming legal because his trainer dropped the ball i guess so we went and bought a couple kilos of german chocolate... took some pictures and such... its crazy how just a couples miles of road seperate two completely different worlds.

i waited an hour on a computer and now i gotta go, curses.. have a great week!


elder daly

Monday, May 25, 2009

our zone at the beach and then a few pics of the hierglyphics...

Hermana Daly~May 25, 2009~Yay for kids!!

Hola familia!!
> Just got back from a zone activity where we saw some hieroglyphics, which turned out to be rock designs but still kinda cool lol. We hiked to the top of the hill where there was an “altar for animal sacrifices”. We talked about sacrifices we could make to purify our lives and how to apply Christ´s ultimate sacrifice to our lives. We then made a covenant together for this cambio to put everything on the altar of sacrifice and obey with exactness, so we can purify our lives. Very fun!! Then after I ate a pastel de choclo (corn/meat pie that is so good and the corn is like the sweet corn from Cheveys…so of course I just love it)!
> This week was good! Yesterday we brought 6 kids with us to Church. We felt like little mommies walking with our group of kids to Church and then after to drop each of them off at their different houses. There is Grace (14 years old) and Cristian (8) who are investigadores and super bueno! Then another Cristian (12) who is also a new investigador and reference/friend of a member. And then two kids from the Olmos Family who are a family of 9 kids and inactive. We are trying to work with the younger kids who aren´t baptized. So our miracles are found in the youth and kids of Arica!! It is miraculous how little kids understand the importance of the Gospel and easily understand gospel principles, unlike many adults. I have really seen why our Heavenly Father wants us to become as little children. They are incredible and faithful when taught correct principles.
> Oh and yesterday we a ward mission leader was also finally called for us! Him and his wife are a younger couple that just moved here two weeks ago. He also served in this mission in 2000 and has lots of ánimo for missionary work. So we are way excited to work with him.
> And that´s about it! We have zone conference this week, so that should be motivating. Love you all!! Happy Graduation Alanea!! And Happy Baby showers Steph and Ness…I want to see pics of your guys happy and pregnant lol!! Oh – and I listened to your tape Britnee and Amanda…laughed lots --- yay and congrats for engagements Brit!! Take lots of pics of all your wedding stuff for me!! And congrats on law school Amanda! Lots of exciting things going on in everyone´s life…congrats for life to everyone lol!!!! LOVE YOU!!
> -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elder Daly~May 19, 2009~transfer to Szczecin (shche-ching)

After the longest transfer day ever we made it safely to szczecin. (shche-ching) It feels like home already. I dont want to brag.. but we got to open up a new apartment right next to where the new chapel is going to be. It's the sweetest crib ever. I almost feel guilty living in it. I dunno if you all remember HEy ARnold's bumping bachelor pad with the skylights and such... but that's our apartment, times 17. I'll send pics next week.

Church was a little different this week. The branch meets in a missionary apartment. There was one member there (HEnryk) and a couple of investigators. There are 6 missionaries serving in the branch... but this transfer is shorter (only 6 weeks) and at the end of it there will most likely only be 4. All the missionaries new to the area spoke and I spoke and tried to get everyone pumped to see miracles... they were feeling it... our branch is groovy and ready to dominate.

Henryk is late 50's and he was baptized about a year ago when szczecin was first opened. He was being prepared by elder gardner the former BP to be the next branch president. BUt because of some conflicts it was pretty clear that Henryk wasn't ready yet to take over. He is a way cool guy, has the strongest of testimonies. He just has to work on some things. So I get to meet with him after church every sunday and prepare him to take over as soon as he's ready.

My new companion is Elder Guthrie. He is from Corona, Cali... he is so sweet bonus i love him. He was a greenie last transfer serving in North Warsaw with me. We are both way excited to start seeing some epic things happen here.

Love you all! Thanks for all the mail and letters.. i never write back im sorry, but i have gotten letters from just about everybody so thank you so much.

Elder daly

Cultural tidbit: i dunno if this is a catholic thing or just a polish thing.. probly a mix... but i have had probably upwards of 50 people on my mission tell me that Mary has appeared to them. Im jealous... i dunno what im doing wrong.. maybe i need to leave cookies out or something.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hermana Daly~May 18, 2009~Faith and Love

Hola familia!!
> First week of the new cambio in Arica was a bit difficult and the people a bit closed off. Lots of tracking without many lessons, but we always need those weeks so we can show the Lord we have patience and faith and are willing to pay the hard work first. We definately had lots of tests of faith and humility, and are looking forward to the miracles in the next coming weeks. The sicknesses are also going around, which I had the luck of catching a few days ago. I think it is the change of season. But all is well!
> I recieved letters and a package today from all my friends --- Thanks friends!!!...especially Brit and Amanda for the package – it made my month lol!!! Missionaries love mail haha.
> Well I hope everyone is doing well and happy to finish up the school year soon!! I can´t believe Laney is going to graduate soon...growing up way too fast sis!! Love you all! Continue helping out your missionaries – they need lots of support and help in finding people to teach! Be the fishers, so us missionaries can be the teachers...teamwork works best!! Lots of faith and love for others...that is our greatest test. To love as Heavenly Father and Christ love. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow and become more Christlike. It the most worthwhile thing I can do with my life!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 2009~Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

We had the most amazing, relaxing, weekend in Puerto Vallarta! The weather was gorgeous, our resort was beautiful and empty, and we really enjoyed the downtown Marina district in Puerto Vallarta. The Parkhursts even took us to some dance clubs..and yes, we did sort of dance..haha! Best place we've visited in Mexico so far!

ridin' the city bus..lots of fun...(NOT!)

we enjoyed the entire Marriott Resort/Beach to ourselves!

our good friends, The Parkhursts~were in our first 2 wards in San Jose..long, long ago!

Missionary News from Caran~May 12, 2009

We spoke with Sean and Alysia this past Sunday..what a great Mother's Day! As you will read from Alysia..she will be staying in Arica which is pretty unheard of. Usually the hermanas stay 6 mos. max in one place. Alysia has been in Arica 6 months and will stay for another cambio..she is loving the people and the work!
Sean told us that he will be moving from Warsaw's University Ward to northwest Poland (i can't remember the name of the city) where he will serve as the Branch President. He is pretty excited about the new call and will leave this Thursday!

We love you all..thank you for all your love and support of our missionaries and family~Caran

red head is krzyszek our 16 yr old golden and halina is the oldest member in poland and we visit her every sunday

Lago Chungares pics~May 10, 2009

Hermana Daly~May 10, 2009....staying in Arica!!!

Hola familia!!!
> Happy Mother´s Day!! It was fun talking to you parents...sorry my English is all messed up lol. Ok, ready for cambios...I am....STAYING IN ARICA another cambio!! Yay – Arica Siempre Arica! Can you believe it?? After this cambio, I will have spent half of my mission in Arica. Pretty crazy, but I love Arica so I´m content. We need to get some baptisms though, so they don´t close the branch to missionaries. So lots of work!
> This week was interesting becuase Hermana Zamudio twisted her ankle, so we had to stay inside a couple days...but it was killing us because we had so much to do. Luckily when we started working again, we were able to have lots of success and new investigadors. We worked with one hermana in the branch, who is super good. She had an Alma the Younger experience where she was into all the bad things before, but about two months ago she went into rehab – which is scary in Arica because right now they only have one room for everyone and are constructing another building. Anyway, she said with lots of prayer and the Book of Mormon she was completely healed and had a great change of heart. Now she wants to share the Gospel with everyone!! So we shared with some of her neighbors and nephew this past week!! The Gospel changes lives and does miracles. I am grateful to have witnessed so many miracles in my mission!
> Also Victor, my convert, baptized a little grandma this past weekend in the Noche Blanca --- where our whole zone combined baptisms for one night. I was so happy to see Victor baptizing people…he is amazing!!
> Love the mission!! Share the Gospel with everyone!! Love you!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Friday, May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009~a wonderful Mother's Day present from Sean's Mission President!

Dear Elder Daly:

Too bad life as a mission president is too busy for it, otherwise I could have sent you many more comments, received through the weekly letters and/or interviews, but here is one I just feel I have to share with you, from one of the district leaders in your zone, Elder Nelson in Bialystok. He wrote:

"I had an exchange with Elder Daly this week!! President, that Elder is so amazing! I love him so much and had been looking forward to that for a year and a half. He is so real with people, and he wears his love and kindness on the outside for everyone to see, it comes out in everything he does. He teaches the Gospel like no other, with the strongest Spirit. When I think of Elder Daly, I think love and amazingness, and I want to be more like him."

Well, Elder Daly, you continue to amaze me as well. I have the best of feelings for you, and so much respect for the type of missionary you have developed into being, seeing your growth through the past many months. It is a blessing to have you in this mission. I know you don't like to hear or receive such complimenting words, but you deserve them. Thank you for all you do. The Lord surely must be pleased with your so outstanding efforts.

My best wishes and love to you.
President Engbjerg.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Elder Daly~May 5, 2009..Happy Cinco de mayo!!

cinco de mayyyoooooooooo!!!! yeahhs feliz navidad lyshdawg! I bet the streets of Chile aren't even safe to walk today.. pinata fights breaking out everywhere and what not.

we had a super week. but I am going to keep you on the edge of your seats and tell you about it in depth over the phone on sunday. really nothing too exciting.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hermana Daly~April 5, 2009..gettin' high on p-day!

Hola familia!!
> I just got back from Lago Chungara...which they say is the highest lake in elevation in the world at 4,500 meters! It was way fun, but a bit of a trip to get there...about three and a half hours there and then another 3 and a half hours back. We left way early in the morning and made the hike up in a bus. We did have a few problems with the elevation and Elder passed out, another threw up, and Hermana Zamudio was a bit under the weather. But it was worth the pain!! I didn´t feel a thing, so I enjoyed myself completely and loved the fresh air, lake, and mountains. Yay for P-Day, but now I am really tired!
> This week was great!! Well at the beginning we had to kill a few investigadors, but then Heavenly Father blessed us with many new investigadors after and lots of help from the members! This week´s lesson was learning the worth of former investigadors. I studied Preach My Gospel about it and then dug up forms from former missionaries. We found three that were in our sector and went to their houses...and were received and taught lessons!! When one has good memories and experiences with missionaries, it´s easier for other missionaries to visit a year or so down the path. So we will see how it all goes, but they were all very nice and told us stories of the other missionaries.
> We also had the miracle of finding investigadors through incomplete families...those that have some members and others not. Missionary work is more succesful through completing part-member families, so we are excited to work with that!! Heavenly Father has blessed us tons this week! I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This week´s goal to go along with the vision of “purifying our lives” was a deeper study of the Atonement. It is only through the power of the Atonement that we can truly purify our lives. I was able to understand the Atonement a little bit more through my study and gain a stronger testimony. I also had the opportunity to share that testimony with the members yesterday and also Hermana Zamudio and I got to sing a beautiful hymn for them (Be Still My Soul – which they don´t have in the Spanish hymnbook), since we don´t have a piano in the Chapel and are in need of more musical numbers  I am grateful for the Spirit of music and miss playing the piano I just sing all day long in the streets to myself. It makes everything better!! Have a great you!!
> -Hermana Daly