Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elder Daly~Sept 29, 2009........a pretty exceptional week!

It was a pretty exceptional week. I met most of the people we are working with here in Warsaw and some of them are way cool and have great potential. One is a mongolian girl named Solongo. She is super rad and speaks perfect polish which is always a plus for the branch. She came to sports saturday and she already knows a few of them members .. one of which is a mongolian family. She seems really excited to be taught the lessons and we are going to start this week. Sounds golden I think. We met with this doctor named Przemek... he's way goofy but incredibly smart... we met with him at the newly built starbucks in downtown warsaw.. he's got some potential.. maybe.. Some other meetings with some cool people but none too interested... I met Ania, the newly baptsized member. Shes 58, 5 foot (maybe) 100 pounds (that's also pretty generous) She's tiny!! I set up to make her pancakes this wednesday. She's way cool though, works in a costume shop on the rynek which is where we met here at. Great lady.

This past saturday i got on a plane. The ones with the wings that fly in the air and go really far. I tried to convince President to get on the one to New York but he wouldnt have any of it. So we took it to szczecin and I got to be at Lukasz's baptism as President told you. It was ridiculously cool and the baptism was basically perfect. Way strong Spirit and he loved it. I have never felt the Spirit more powerfully than in those moments when sacred ordinances are performed. The power of God is always made manifest and it really makes a lasting impression. So i was way glad that President let me go. Lukasz is going to be a rock.

Congrats hermanecka lyshdawg on the year mark! you're so dead :-)

love you fam. have a wonderful week

elder daly

Monday, September 28, 2009

President Engbjerg~Sept 28, 2009...baptism in Szczecin!

Dear Brother and Sister Daly:

Thank you for your kind e-mail.

As Elder Daly and I just barely (late last night) returned from our trip to Szczecin, I will share with you a couple of pictures from the great baptismal event up there. Since your son was the one to baptize the new convert, he is in a couple of the pictures attached, always looking great. I don't know if Elder Daly has told you about our weekly Dobra Strona, but since he is mentioned in it in regard to the baptism, and also with a picture, I thought I would share that with you as well.

Again, I cannot express enough, what a joy it always is to be with Elder Daly. We had an absolutely wonderful trip, sort of like a 27-hour one-on-one trip, flying up to Szczecin and back. I can understand even better now, why all missionaries are so eager to work with him. He has a great capacity to make people around him feel good, and he leads by example by always being so hard-working, quick to serve others, and always remaining humble. I loved the time we had together this weekend, and learned a lot from him.

Thank you again, and my best wishes to you.
President Engbjerg.

Hermana Daly~Sept 28, 2009...still learning tons!

Hola familia!So the internet is being really dumb here and didn´t work last week and then today i wrote my entire email and then the connection was lost...so we will see if this email gets there but it´s going to be short.We enjoyed our 18 de septiembre!! As a zone we leared the cueca, which is the traditional Chilean dance...it was quite funny to see all the different dance styles of the Elders haha. Saturday we had the ward activity, which was fun as well.I hit my one year mark...can´t believe it!!! How fast time goes by!! Gotta bring home strong now...Sean don´t get too trunky your last few months!! Well im still learning tons. We had zone conference last week and learned how to be better missionaries by cultivating Christ-like attributes. More powerful and spiritually-strong missionaries!! We need to continually purify ourselves! That´s the great gift of this life...that we can continually progress and become more like our Heavenly Father.Life is great...we have investigadors progressing and learning tons. Love you all!!!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elder Daly~September 21, 2009...back in go ol' Warsaw!

Well im sitting here in the same library i came to when i was 4 months in the country. Warsaw hasnt changed a smidgeon except for a handful of baptisms since i left this branch in March. I am living in the same apartment on Kabaty at the end of the the metro line. Feels like home. I am serving with Elder Stohel, he's from Ogden 6 foot 5 man-child he's so tall. The area im in just had a baptism this past week which is cool. I didnt see it because I had to stay in Szczecin till monday to "train" elder schoenrock and burgerking crown him the newest branch president of szczecin. Hopefully ill be able to come back this saturday for lukasz's baptism... i included a picture of him in my email, he's a stud.

that's about it from my end, enjoy the week

love you guys to death!

elder daly

Lukasz....baptism this week in Szczecin!
Szczecin District

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elder Daly~September 15, 2009.....leaving Szezcin~one last transfer!

i waited like 50 mins before i finally got a computer so i have no time to email today sorry.

I am being transferred! one last time, i cant believe it... im going back to good old warsaw to be with a 2 month old missionary. i guess 8 months in warsaw wasnt quite enough... im excited though a lot of my death group is there right now and i love the branch im going to be serving in. So as far as a package goes that would be most delectable you can send it straight to the mission office :-) i do need some of that yello-bottle-neutrogena-make-me-beautiful face wash stuff... not the orange one though, it smells funny haha. And maybe some mac n cheese, ive had some sick cravings for that lately. also... my hairs falling out, my joints are sore, and my memory is starting to slowly fade... any suggestions?

on the missionary side of life... we have a baptisimal date!!! oh yeahhh.. the Lord does love Szczecin. HIs name is Lukasz, he's 17 1/2. He is super smart and just really elect. The best part? he doesnt have parents... yeah sounds harsh but it eliminates most problems he'll have in being baptized and becomming a super awesome missionary someday. He lives with his grandma and his older sister. His mother is a flunkie somewhere being an alocoholic and his dad died when he was 3. His baptism is set for the 26th of September and i am hoping ill be able to come back for the baptism. So after 4 months of giving my soul to szczecin the Lord finally saw it fit to lead someone to us. We are way grateful and way excited for him and for the branch here. The Lord always pulls through and answers prayers. I can't even begin to describe the experiences ive had in the last several months and what they've been to me.

BYU is ranked 8?! laners i cant believe you dont go to the games... who is really packing and shipping when the cougars are playing.. .just skip work on saturdays :-) ...

what else can i say to you all... ummm... 2 months yeahh.. haha... noo im not trunky but its getting exciting for sure. Last transfer, crazy crazy. Never realized how applicable enduring to the end is throughout our whole life .. just when you think youre about to get to the summit, you get there and find out you have a couple hundred more to climb. enjoying the ride though it all though, thats what makes it worth something at the end.

hope you all have a radabadical week, enjoy the awesome weather... aww autumn is the greatest.. as im walking the streets and parks one thing constantly plays through my mind.. the monday night football tune.

love you all! trzmajcie sie cieplo

elder daly

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hermana Daly~September 14, 2009....holiday festivities!

Hola familia!Today was cambios…but it didn´t affect us – being relatively new in this sector. So we shall continue forward working hard with our investigadors so that all can progress a little bit more. We are working with various couples that have been humbled by tests of faith…economic tests. It makes many a lot more open to hear the Gospel, although many say they are “Catholics” and make sure that we know they are catholics. It´s hard for many to change their beliefs and are oftened astonished at something new like there being a prophet today. But as they learn more and ponder upon what we say, we start to see little changes. The beginnings of having a change of heart…they just need to pray and ask God if it is true. But many think they have to know everything before they ask God. We continue teaching with the Spirit so they have the desire to know and faith to ask God is it is true. I love missionary work. It´s tough when many are set in their ways…but little miracles happen everyday as people change. Hopefully the holiday festivities of 18 de Septiembre doesn´t affect the work too much. We are looking forward to lots of empanadas and food. Today we ate a pastel de choclo SUPER RICO!!! So sweet and delicious and full of yumminess!!And CONGRATS Steph and Ryan on baby Jack!!! The pics are soooo cute. He was born on my companion´s birthday!!! So we were partying lots for her and for Jack (without knowing it lol). I can´t believe all my cousins have babies now…baby fun!!! Love you all tons!!!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Elder Daly~September 8, 2009....pics from last Transfer in June 2009

here are a couple pics from last transfer in case laners and cam forgot what my beautiful face looks like :-)
have a great week love you guys

elder daly

Monday, September 7, 2009


lovin' futbol (soccer) on a p-day!


Hermana Daly~Sept. 7, 2009...Chilean Independence Day

Hola familia!!
> September is the patriotic month of Chile!! All are preparing for Chile Independence Day...September 18th. Lots of Chilean flags and colors everywhere. It supposedly bigger than Christmas with lots of empanadas and food, so Ipretty excited lol. However the soccer games are taking a toll on the work. The day of a soccer game with Chile playing means preparing BBQ all day and not having time to talk to anyone, especially missionaries haha. So those days are always fun...i do like smelling the bbqs though. The work is continuing forward. We have some great new investigadors, just need to get them all progressing towards a baptismal date. But we do always see little miracles when investigadors are praying or reading the scriptures. Edison and Luciano are doing great! Edison gave the prayer in a class yesterday in Church...and his words and Spirit were very beautiful. It is amazing the changes one has with the gift of the Holy Ghost. I couldn't help from smiling during his prayer. He has really changed his life to focus on the spiritual things and become a better father, which is what counts most in life. I am so grateful for the mission experiences...life experiences I have the opportunity to see.
> The menos activos are doing well. We had 15 at church yesterday! We shared with one mom who regretted marrying a non-member who later got baptized for her but without a testimony because now she and her family are suffering spiritually. We have seen many of these cases...and all the women beg us not to marry guys who aren't super active in the church and have a strong testimony But the miracle was that she drug her husband to church yesterday...and was the first Sunday they have been at Church in years! Her inactive sister came too! It truly was a miracle...the nephew Sergio wanted a camera to take a picture of his uncle in church clothes haha. Love the Gospel and love the mission and love you all!! Stay strong and help others remain strong in the gospel as well!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elder Daly~Sept 1, 2009...Awesomeness :)

Glad you guys made the trek through polska alright :-) im actually in gdansk right now picking up elder turleys legal work. That's cool you saw the sisters.... sis squires is the coolest sister in the mission right now she reminds me of alysia.
Thanks again for letting us take advantage of your davageness on those meetings. Mariusz came to church on sunday! Marcin isnt doing so hot... we had a meeting with him and kinga about the law of chastity and it didnt go over too well. but we'll get em no worries.

well we are heading to go get turleys stuff done, have yourselves a wonderful week! miss you

elder daly

Hermana Daly~August 31, 2009...Quick and sweet

Hola familia!!I don´t have much time because we played tons of fĂștbol today - from 10:30 till 3 o´clock...demasiado lol. The Elders love to play soccer! I tried to be a good sport and play a little...i´m just not very coordinated with my feet. My toes hurt from kicking the ball directly and not on the side of my foot or however you are suppose to haha. The Elders are very aggresive, but there were some fun parts lol.The baptism went really well!!! It was beautiful and Edison and Luciano are very happy...tender moments!! I love the Gospel and the happiness it brings!! Love you all...hope Sean had fun with the parents for a day in the mission. Tan raro haha, but fun!! Have a great week! -Hermana Daly