Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sean's First Letter from the MTC...yeah!!

dzien dobre family! sorry it's taken me a while to finally get an e-mail out, I can only write mail on p-day and it just so happens my p-day is tuesday. The MTC has been pretty amazing and eye opening so far. I don't think I have ever spent this much time in a classroom before. It is so awesome though... Not to have anything on my mind except the Gospel, the Polish language and the Polish people i will soon get to teach. The language is coming pretty well so far. It's tough i will admit but the Lord has already definitely had a hand in quickening my mind so i can learn memorize and comprehend all of the rules being thrown at me. I basically have had to unlearn anything concerning the english or spanish language because everything sounds so different. My teachers are amazing and so are all the leaders. I don't think i have been in a meeting yet that i havent felt an overwhelming confirmation that this is the Lord's work and this is where I am supposed to be. I love my district. There are 10 elders and 5 sisters (one threesome) we are the biggest Polish district they have ever had and probably the most davage bar none ;-) I was called to be the district leader the day after i arrived. Needless to say i felt pretty humbled and scared out of my mind because i had no idea what was going on, still trying to get my bearings. But luckily i have the most incredible elders and sisters in my district so its been great so far. Although instead of the standard 50 meetings a day i now have 82. The food is ok despite what others may say. I think ive lost weight since ive been here though, shocking i know. Lots of carbs, decent cooking though. thanks heavens for salads. How are all of you? I hope all is going well in Idaho. Sorry my last letter was way short. My branch president made us all write a quick letter to our family so .. yeahs Its been great so far though i will definitely be writing some more letters today, thanks cam and lysh and mom for the letters! Letters have basically made my life since i got here. Its nice to get a break from all of the study. This truly is the Lord's church. I considered myself pretty prepared when i came in here. But i had no idea i had such a capacity to grow. My testimony has increased exponentially (lysh look that one up) since ive been here its been awesome. Ive learned a whole new meaning to Pres Hinckley's Father's quote ... "forget yourself and go to work" ive been growing each day and hope i continue t develop into the missionary i know i need t be for the Polish people i love you all, have a great week! czesc elder daly by the way i hope one of those is the right email address i kinda blanked, i guess if i dont here from you in a week ill know its wrong :-)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sean's MTC Companion~Elder Jones

We received a short letter from Sean with a picture of his new companion....who in Sean's words "is an awesome guy".

Sean's Arrival at the MTC!

We had a wonderful day on Wednesday, October 24, as Sean entered the MTC. He looked so handsome and ready to go! What a great and prepared missionary he will be.

His MTC address for the next two months will be: Elder Sean Daly
Provo, MTC 2005 N 900 E
POL-WAR 1226
MTC Mailbox #121
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall at the Dalys

Hi Everyone~

We're finally entering the blog world. Just a few updates in our family:

~Sean was called on a mission to Warsaw Poland and will be entering the MTC on Oct 24th!

~Cameron turned 12 this month and became a 'big Deacon"..we are so proud!

~Alysia was accepted into the London Study Abroad thru BYU..she leaves in January!

~Alaena is a Junior this year and has made it to State in Swimming and Tennis this year!