Monday, December 28, 2009

Hermana Daly~December 28....Fabian's baptism was perfect!!

Hola familia!!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. It was fun talking to the family and with Aunt Cheri, Uncle John, and Briana! Time is always short to say more, but no worries because I´ll be home in two months...haha -- I´m not trunky :)Fabian´s baptism last Saturday was perfect...all the jovenes (young men) were there to support him and take part in this great step in his life. One of the boys gave a welcome to Young Men´s and his testimony...he was a bit nervous but bore a very strong testimony and it was very special. Hermana Lugo and I also sang, so it all went well and the Spirit was strong. Fabian was happy, shy, but very happy. I know he is going to do great things because he hungers after spiritual knowledge and to do what´s right.We continue working and looking for those who are ready to listen to the Gospel. Keep sharing with everyone and don´t give up!!
Love you all lots and lots!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009...FELIZ NAVIDAD!

Feliz Navidad Familia!
Can you believe it´s almost Christmas!!! Wow! We´ve had some great activities here in Chile. Our ward had a christmas activity where they reinacted the birth of Christ, which was really beautiful...also we some yummy sandwhiches, pan de pascua, and hot chocolate. Then yesterday we had the Hermana´s activity, where all of us hermana missionaries party and eat all day in the mission home haha. We went to the beach and played, had some skits and song, gift exchange, movie, cooking, and lots of eating. It was the best!!! And I got to see all my companions from the MTC that I haven´t seen since last Christmas...everyone is doing well. So lots of fun!Fabian will be receiving the best christmas gift this Saturday when he enters the waters of baptism. We are way excited for him and know he will be a great joven! We continue working with others, and have been working lots with one family menos activo whose kids have all japanese or chinese names. The youngest two kids came to church with us sunday, which was amazing! We are going to have a FHE with them this week and try to activate the mom more. So lots of christmas blessings in the mission.Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas!! I love you all tons! Share the Christmas spirit with all and enjoy the cool weather because I´m cooking here in the desert haha :)
lots of love,
Hermana Daly

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hermana Daly~December 14, 2009~Antofagasta...less sun-more shade!!

Hola Familia!
I am in Antofagasta, enjoying the big city and lots of hills. I thought my sector in Iquique was big, but clearly I was wrong lol. It´s gigantic and we are working with two other Elders in the same ward with us. This ward is pretty big and there are lots of menos actives to find and work with…so it´s exciting to have lots to do. Everyone is way nice hear and the people seem more humble and willing to listen to us. It reminds me of the people in my sector in Arica. We are working with a joven, Fabian, who is going to be baptized in a few weeks and is super bueno. We still need to have one more baptism to complete the goal of four before the end of the year, so we are working hard and seeing miracles. We passed by for one woman, Monica, who we had contacted a few days earlier and she was having a rough time and crying. She didn´t feel up to sharing with us, but Hermana Lugo said that we are here to help and that God is knocking her door and showing his love through us. She let us in and it was a great experience of “crying with those who cry, and giving comfort to those in need of comfort.” Christmas truly is the time to serve and help others feel the love of Christ. Lift the head of someone this great season!It is weird to have Hermana Lugo as companion again, but it´s fun. Sometimes we think we are still in Iquique haha. I do miss beautiful Iquique, but here there is a city beauty. Also less sun and more shade so I don´t burn too much and it´s not burning hot like Iquique. Preparing for Christmas fun…we are having a ward activity this Saturday, so it should be fun. Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas fun!!
 Love you!!!
-Hermana Daly

Monday, December 7, 2009

leaving Iquique!


Hermana Daly~December 7, 2009....transfer to Antofagasta!

Hola familia!
Cambios hoy!! I am leaving the beautiful city of Iquique!!! And finally moving more southward to…dadadada…ANTOFAGASTA! I will be in the sector of Origenes with…dadadada…Hermana Lugo again! Hahahaha. Who da thought? I guess we didn´t learn something that we need to learn again together. I still can´t believe, but bueno, it´s going to be more easy knowing what my companion´s like already. So I´m finally going to know how Antofagasta is. I´m a bit sad to leave my Iquique and everyone for Christmas, but hope to find lots of success and people waiting to hear the gospel in Antofagasta.This week un joven, Cristobal, who has been sharing with the missionaries since the beginning of the year told us he wanted to get baptized. Wow!! A baptism fell from heaven, so he is now preparing! And we found Douglas who has moved back to our sector and can get baptized too! Just needs a little more preparing and ánimo and he should be great. So I have high hopes for Bilbao, Iquique  Today lots of gringos go home, so we had a Little goodbye lunch and everything. The mission goes by fast. Hay que aprovechar! And i need to learn English again…good luck trying to understand me for Christmas…you guys are going to have to learn spanish haha. Love you all!!!
-Hermana Daly

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hermana Daly~November 30, 2009...feliz casi diciembre!

Hola familia!!
I´m glad everyone got stuffed up on turkey and stuffing...and that Sean gave a powerful and motivating talk about Christ and His perfect Gospel. This week was a bit of a long one as we walked and walked in the sun without very many lessons...but I did get a awesome blistery burn on my neck. Hna Urra says I´m the first in the mission to have such sensitive skin and that they are thinking of sending me to Antartica haha. But the sun is way strong here and my poor skin is weak haha. But with sacrifice comes blessings. The Bishop and us talked to the members the third hour sunday to wake them up a bit to their responsibility in visiting menos activos and being member missionaries. There have been some challenges, but we are all learning from them and trying to be better, to greet others more warmly, to care for those who don´t come, and to share what many of us continue to keep for ourselves...the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It´s so important, yet we are still afraid to open our mouths and serve with the love of Christ. I was one of those before my mission, but I have learned so much and really have begun to understand my responsibility as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. If we truly understand the gospel, we would take every opportunity to share it, to help others, to just listen to others, and then give them the hope of the gospel. I hope to remain active in my missionary duties forever. I know it´s hard, but it´s the most important thing. We must always have someone in our mind that we can serve and share the gospel...and if we don´t have one, then we new to make new friends haha (the members always give us that excuse). Okay...the end of my sermon, it just has really hit me this week. So everyone get to the Lord´s work!! :)Love you all and have a fabulous week!!!
-Hermana Daly

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hermana Daly~November 23, 2009...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Hola familia!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!! You are all going to have a PAR—TAY!! I´m going to be partying it up in the streets of Iquique sharing the Gospel with all…don´t get too jealous Sean lol :) Just kidding. Enjoy all the yummy food!!This last week we had a conference with Elder Zeballos, a General Authority serving as counselor in the Chile Presidency. It was way good! Learned lots about how we can become better teachers of the gospel, focusing on the doctrine and “why” of the gospel instead of the outer applications stuff. So we are putting it to practice, so that people understand the importance of true doctrine and the importance of the Church of Jesus Christ restored in these days. This week gave us lots of tests and lots of rejections, but we were blessed the last hour of the week with someone who finally let us in. He had a grandma who was a member, so she was the key to letting us in…still helping in the missionary work although she has passed on to the next life! :) So we were happy to finally share with someone!Sunday was also the Primary program…because I´m the only blessed with a piano talent, I was the chosen to help with the Primary so they could sing beautifully, so it was fun to serve them. Learning the piano pays off in the mission…I´m finally getting a hang of playing the hymns haha. Well I love you all!! Enjoy Thanksgiving together and eat lots!!!
-Hermana Daly

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Elder Daly~November 17, 2009.....signing off from Poland!

This week i had my last zone conference and sacrament meeting. Hopefully i got all the tears out i needed to so that you alls can understand me during my homecomming talk. Zone conference was SO good. Elder Kerr from Scotland of some 70 of some quoroum ... came and taught.. it was one of the best.. the next day we had interviews and i had mine with Elder Kerr himself.. i got to ask him some questions and he counseled me about life after the mission... i tried to get him to just prophesy it for me so i wouldnt have to freak out so much... but no go..

Bogdan came to church! He was there and he was getting some serious doses of the Spirit.. we had a meeting with him after church and he committed to read, pray, and come to church on a regular basis. He expressed his desire to find out for himself of the truthfulness of the message... we have one last meeting with him tonight.

see you on saturday :-)

elder daly

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hermana Daly~November 16, 2009...more tests, and more blessings!

Hola familia!!
Woot woot---Sean comes home!!! So exciting...I can´t believe it...have lots of parties and fun!! Don´t get too trunky this last week Sean :)Well another week of work, more tests, and more blessings. We found lots of new investigadors and had lots of lesson. However, our baptismal dates are a little rocky. So we will see..lots of prayers.We are working and walking tons, that at night when we lay down to takes like 2 seconds to fall asleep. The other night there was an almost earthquake, very strong, that everyone talked about. It happened at midnight and everyone asked us how we were when it happened. We were surprised and had no idea...we didn´t feel a thing nor wake up. Everyone didn´t believe us, but we told them in the mission you work hard and then sleep hard. Just goes to show we are working lots and are very very tired at night haha :)
Well, I love you all!! Have a great week!!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elder Daly~November 10, 2009....ONE MORE WEEK LEFT IN POLAND!

this week was weird.

i headed back to my roots for the first time since i left elder dutys nest ... elder hughes and i drove down first to katowice and went on exchanges with elder brown and anderton. Elder anderton and i contacted all day and had a blast and a lot of success... set up with a few way cool people, had an interesting encounter with a drunk girl and to top off the day we got let in trakting and taught a way cool couple.

then we drove the next morning to my wroclaw ... it was so trippy, like driving down flashback avenue. But it reconfirmed what ive told everyone my whole mission.. wroclaw is far and away my favorite city in poland, and probably the best in the universe ... i went with elder brewster and it was another day of contacting but way one point we were ladder contacting and talking to different people at the same time... i finished my conversation and headed to pass him by and talk to the next person until i recognized the woman he was talking to! her name is krystyna and i vaguely recalled her face from the one meeting elder duty and i had with her almost 2 years ago.. she had a baptisimal date when elder duty and i entered the area but was having concerns and moved to the states shortly after we met her and we lost contact completely. Now she has just recently moved back to Poland and she set up with us and is excited to meet with missionaries again! just another strength to my firm conviction that God leads and guides us and His work.

elder stohel and i met with bogdan last night... our member flaked us unfortunately but the lesson was still great. We think he's received the answer to get baptized but he still needs a llittle time to think things over and pray.. friday is our next meeting so pray for him :-)

Well the whole mission missionaries come and leave and it doesnt really seem like the day will ever come but now with one full week of work left im starting to freak out a little bit, ...alright a lot a bit... i feel bad for my companion ive been a emotional mess of mood swings lately. but thank you family for your support and love for the past couple years... and thank you even more for the previous 19 years of preparation its made all the difference out here for you all know too well i dont usually like to get too spiritual or emotional in these emails so i hope that sufficeth for now.. i love you guys

elder daly

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hermana Daly~November 9, 2009........listening to the spirit

Hola familia!!Hope all is well!! We are happy here in Iquique because we were able to have our two baptismal dates by yesterday to meet the goal of Presidente Urra and not ship us off to another sector. It was a week of lots of walking, looking, and testing. But we were able to pull through and keep the faith through our scripture study each morning. Our studies were all centered on faith in Christ, the importance of the Spirit, and being diligent and PATIENT. After a week of lots of working in the sun and with lots of patience, we were blesed with weekend miracles!We were able to work saturday afternoon with one of our zone leaders to help us put a baptismal date. We had lots of success in finding new investigadors and then the last lesson of the day Elder Novoa set a baptismal date with our investigador Yahaira. It was great!!! She only needed to attend church the next day to keep the date. But then sunday morning brought more tests with our other jovencita with a baptismal date having doubts and then Yahaira couldn´t come to Church. We were a little desperate. But we talked to Nadia, the jovencita, who had doubts because of her family and told her to pray that night. Our last hope was that Douglas, an investigador that we had stopped visiting to see if he really wanted to commit and make the change. He showed up to Church and we were so happy!! He said that he has felt good about everything and has been reading and praying and wants to get baptized. Miracle!!! We set a baptismal date with him right after church. The only thing is that he moved out of our sector last week and needs to move back if he wants to stay in our ward, which is does. So we are praying lots and will be looking for a place for him to live this week.So that was our sunday miracle!! We know that there are more tests to come and Satan doesn´t want us to bring four people into the gospel by the end of this year, but we have the faith!! Love you all!! Lots of faith and lots of sharing the gospel this christmas season!!! Have a great week!!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elder Daly~November 3, 2009....polish cemetaries, surprise visit & rockin' open house

holy molies november came out of nowhere! i dunno if that means that christmas music if officially legal??? but for the sake of not having to listen to efy look and live for the bjillionth time im throwing in some motab christmas...

how was your guys' halloween?? ours was pretty uneventful.. we took a journey into the polish cemetaries and froze to death... i wasnt as into it as last year but the respect the polish people show for their departed loved ones is unmatched for atleast one weekend of the year. A trillion candles, flowers, and prayers being muttered by families huddled around endless fields of graves... its a cool sight... buuuut ...trick or treating is way better.

the week was way tough for meetings for some reason. Lots of no-shows coupled with too much ineffective contacting. We are trying to limit the hours we spend on the streets cuz it reallly is the most ineffective thing ever... we visited some members and had a way good fireside on friday.. and guess who showed up! my brother Lukasz came down from szczecin.. he went with elder stohel and I for a day, ah i love him so much. we spent a couple hours working an open house we had at the chapel.. the chapel sits right in between 2 of the biggest cemetaries in warsaw so we had a good flow of people coming in to check us out and have some 'mormon' fruit tea and crumpets.. then we went out and contacted and showed lukasz around a little bit. He rocked one of my name tags and was lighting the streets up with his testimony, it was the coolest experience. Brother wilkinson from CES came and did a fireside for all the youth also a wonderful shin dig.

Greg.. our brotha from sunset blvd. is sick and injured ... so no updates there.

Bogdan.. this guy is getting cooler and cooler with each meeting. we invited him to be baptized yesterday, he was hesitant, but said he'd pray about it. he's mid 30's and studied catholic theology for a decade so he's naturally kinda takenaback about the whole deal... but we watched the testaments with him 2 meetings ago and he was rocked by the Spirit... and this last meeting was also full of it so we really feel he's going to accept it in the near future.

thanks for the letter ness :-) laners thanks again for scoring me those great classes

have a great week! love you guys so much

elder sean

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hermana Daly~Nov 2, 2009....the pressure is up

Hola familia!!!How are the preparations for Christmas?! I´ve started to see some stores start selling Christmas stuff…and so tempted to buy it all…but a missionary doesn´t have the time, money, or need (not much) for Christmas decorations. I´ll just have to wait until next year to buy all the cute snowmen with mom…and of course all the chocolate :) We bought some chocolate for Halloween, but truly it´s just brown-colored plastic and the few gringo candies like a small bag of M&Ms is like five dollars…ridiculous, but oh well haha.We are cracking down on putting baptismal dates for everyone. We need two by the end of this week, and have one. If we don´t have it, President Urra will make changes and everything betweens sectors so that everyone has four baptisms by the end of the year!!! So lots of pressure and work…but we are trying to increase our faith!! A family of four from our ward showed up at the other ward in the morning, and our bishop happened to be in the chapel to see them and told us in the afternoon. The mom was a former investigador that has no time because everyone works too much here. But she showed up with her two kids and sister because she has the desperate need to save her son from being sucked into the “world” that many teens are following today in Iquique…lets just say they don´t follow the commandments. So we were able to have a lesson the last hour of the night with the family – menos the mom because she was working – and it went great. So that was our little miracle!!We are really trying to humble ourselves and plead for the Lord´s spirit to guide us and guide those who are prepared to us. My new companion, Hermana Chavez is great! She is from Honduras and has almost 8 months in the mission. She is way funny…so we are going to get along great. Lots of prayers!!! Have a great week!!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elder Daly~Oct 27, 2009.....Sean's Itinerary...layover in SLC!

hey hey sorry i have to head out already .. had to do some prep for a fireside tonight and pick out some classes... things are going well though im safe and happy.. have a great halloween

love you

elder daly


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Hermana Daly~Oct 26, 2009...staying in Iquique for another cambio!

Hola familia,Cambios are today! And I am staying in Iquique! Hermana Lugo is off to Antofagasta tomorrow and Hermana Chavez is coming down from Alto Hospicio, which is just a half an hour up the hill. So I look forward to working with her…I don´t know her very well, just met her in one zone conference. I think she is from some country in Central America and seems fun…so will we see. We have lots of work to do with the goal of four baptisms in each sector before the end of the year. Sadly, Carmen and Alvaro couldn´t get baptized this past weekend. They dropped us with the surprise of being “convive” which means they aren´t legally married because Alvaro is still doing divorce papers since 10 years ago…Chile is terrible for trying to get divorced because divorcement is a new thing here as of a few years but the process is long and expensive. So we were all sad, and Alvaro is now a bit unmotivated and bummed. We are praying that all the legal stuff gets done fast, but we don´t think that it will be by the end of the year…so there goes two wonderful baptisms for the future.So that left us with lots and lots of work. We are trying to find more new investigadors and quick. Our mission focus is giving service, relying on the Lord with great humility, and obtain Christ-like attributes. Satan is really giving us the tests these first few weeks of this mission goal. Our district had 9 baptismal dates, which all fell threw except for two. We are striving to stay motivated and Pres. Urra wants to be more fun…more Family Home Evenings with members and their neighbors, more happy in the street, and sharing the gospel through gladness and joy. We had a testimony meeting on the beach Saturday morning to also motivate us. Then today we received news of lots of cambios. Pres. Urra took two elders out and put two sister missionaries in the sector next to ours. He took two elders out of another sector a few weeks ago and put sister missionaries in it too. So now we will have 6 sister missionaries in Iquique! Crazy…from 2 to 6…so I´m excited to have company. So let´s see what the Lord has in plan for Iquique!! Lots of ánimo and faith!! Love you all!! Keep helping out the missionaries…I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday, trying to motivate the members to work…it´s really the vision the Lord has for His Church---members being the finders and missionaries being the teachers. Be the finders and believe that the Lord is preparing your neighbors and friends to hear the Gospel!!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elder Daly~October 20, 2009..HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!!

This week was all over the place... i went on a couple of exchanges.. the first i drove down to lublin with elder mcrae to keep the 2 elders company that are serving alone down there... the exchange was cool except for the part when it decided to snow a foot and a half in the middle of october. i hate snow more anything i can think of right now... i dunno if i told you but i got my flight home redirected to arizona and i transfered to byu hawaii for the winter. mom i still havent recieved any sort of flight plans, ill call up the office this week.

the second was with my big DL elder balija... he is quickly becomming one of my all time favorites, probly because he's from vallejo. We had a day packed full of lessons that included David from Ireland accepting to be baptized. He met missionaries before the summer break... and just got back from ireland and he's ready to get dunked, really cool guy.. elder balija and loosli are teaching him.

we went on another walk with our ganggstaa greg last night.. he read! he's doing good but is still struggling with receiving and recognizing answers from God... he's pretty pessimistic about the human situation and just can't accept God as a loving and caring being. we have him set up with the district president, brother hapgood, this week .. should be a just what he needs.

little tidbit of the week: there are 18 countries represented in the South Warsaw branch where im serving. we got fed mongolian food at a members house this week... no comparison to the delectablness of catifsh amok though.. oh how i miss san jose cambodian.

welp.. 21 huh... i have a lot of maturing to do in the next month or you all are going to be severely disappointed ;-) thanks for the birthday wishes.. love you guys

elder daly

Monday, October 19, 2009

Eagle 8th Adult Halloween Party hippies!

Hermana Daly~Oct 19, 2009.......Happy fall...or Happy spring in Chile!

Hola familia!!Happy fall...or happy spring in Chile! And Happy Birthday to Sean in Poland and Happy Belated Birthday to Camo in Idaho. And Happy Future Halloween! I loved you pic mom...of you and dad in your 70s halloween costumes!! I laughed lots. They do celebrated Halloween here in Chile, although I don´t think it´s too big of a deal. I´m not sure, but I guess I will see. I did see a few halloween birthday parties with kids dressed all up and a halloween chocolate section in the grocery store, but gross plastic-tasting chilean chocolate so it´s not too exciting. But I´m tempted to dress up as an angel or something and ask for food and sweets halloween haha.Today we had fun playing in lots of sands...the huge hills or mountains of sand behind our house. All the zone was there and we sand-boarded and sand-sleded. Pretty funny...en vez de snow, we have sand. Although I hiked along the hilltops more than do the sand-boards because I didn´t want to waste the energy that I don´t have hiking up and down the hill lol. So lots and lots of sand!Our ward is great...preparing for Carmen and Alvaro´s baptism!! Alvaro hasn´t smoked for almost two weeks now!!! Still bringing him lots of candies, but he tells us not to worry. He feels so good in the Church that he is willing to give up smoking and keep learning and progressing. So we are way happy for them!!! Love you all tons!!!! Have a great week! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Elder Daly~Oct 13, 2009...a most scrumptulescent week!

Hey hey! It was a most scrumptulescent week here in warsaw. Mainly because i got mail... thanks for the package mom and family (miniwheats for the win! ive been in heaven) , letter steph, grandma and grandpa, youve been way faithful writers, sorry i havent! you guys are the best though, thanks

highlights of the week ...

camos birthday!!!! happy birthday cam... we'll have to have our own party when i get back but i hope you had a good one and scored some cool stuff. miss you soooo bad. najlepszego!

they put a haagen daaz in by our office on nowy swiat street... bomb. cookies and cream, my love

we went laser tagging for pday

i finally got to go to sacrament meeting in warsaw.. soo good to see the members again

had some ridiculously funny experiences trakting.. to be continued.. sometime

we met with some members (kinda inactive) that are struggling way bad right now... we had some of the best discussions ive had in a long time and we both benefitted from them im sure.

We met greg.... last week we were leaving the south chapel and turned onto the main street to head towards the metro.. and this guy in a hoodie, just chilaxin on the corner, kinda grumbles from his hood "ehh jehowi" ..which is what the poles call the JW's... i HATE being called a JW... so i spin around and just start heading towards him... kill him with some kindness and coolness and introduce myself to him... he's a polish guy from LA, cali .. he speaks perfect polish and english like a thug (forgot what american cursing sounds like, made me miss cali) but he's a way smart guy who owns his own company here. We exchanged contacts and went on a walk with him just last night. It was drizzly out but we just walked around our neighborhood (he lives right by us) and talked about the world and its condition. He shared with us life story and his search for God and for truth. He has prayed everyday for5 years to find the truth and said that he'd all but given up hope in faith, mankind, and any sort of individual purpose. It was a really spiritual discussion that ended in his desire to read the book of mormon and pray. We really feel he is elect and ready.

that news here... yeah mom its getting cold in a hurry.. gahh... its supposed to snow this week, we'll see...i guess my fast for warm weather till november 20th wasnt legit. bummer

have a another wonderful week... loves from warsaw

elder daly

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hermana Daly~October 12, 2009...Futbol craze!

Hola familia!!I just got back from playing beach volleyball…super fun!!! I´m afraid I burned my poor little face, but it was worth it. I love the beach…refreshes the missionary body and spirit haha. Well big news of the week: Chile is going to Mundial, o sea, Chile´s soccer team is going to the world futbol tournament! Not that I needed to watch the game to know…the streets were empty for two hours with shouts and screams every so often…four big shouts to be exact with the four goals that were made against Columbia haha. Afterward there were parties all night long and all day…with BBQs and fireworks and a few people that wanted to kill me companion or make fun of her for being from Columbia. Pretty funny and crazy haha. Oh Chile and it´s craze for soccer. On the spiritual side…Carmen and Alvaro, our star investigadors, are continuing to progress. We taught Alvaro the Word of Wisdom because he needs to quit smoking. We made posters with motivational quotes and scriptures and a calendar to mark so he can quit. We have lots of faith in him, so we hope to see a baptism in a few weeks. He has really progressed from having no religious background to wanting to go to Church and learning. Carmen is way spiritual and is great! Having tons of spiritual experiences and help from the ward. So it´s been great working with them!We have a new mission focus to grow in Christ-like virtues and apply what we learned in General Conference. I love mission focuses because they motivate us to do better. The mission goal is that each companionship has four baptisms by the end of the year. We need to purify ourselves through virtues, striving for the spirit and Heavenly Father´s help, so that we can teach with power and authority and find those ready to hear the Gospel. So we continue forth, striving to better ourselves, the mission, and Chile! Love you all tons!!! Have a great week…and keep enjoying all the new baby fun:) -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Elder Daly~Oct 6, 2009...we had a great week!

hey there, thanks for the weekly update ... drew is going to tie the knot huh.... congrats! good on him i hope im there for the wedding. We did get to see conference this week it was really good ... alot of their talks really hit home for me.
we had a great week and some great meetings... solongo is still our most promising and we had some good member lessons as well.. loving the work and the people... milosccccc

elder sean

Monday, October 5, 2009

pics from Sept 18 celebration and the zoo!

Hermana Daly~Oct 5, 2009...yay for Conference!

Hola familia!!The Internet is´s a miracle!!! Lol. I am spiritually regenerated from General Conference! It was amazing as always watching all the session...and in English to help us gringos relearn English. We had our own room to watch it in the chapel and the Elders put a “no speaking spanish” rule while in the room haha. It was a bit hard, forgetting to speak in English...who da thought haha. But I feel a little more confident in my English after watching all of conference. I loved it!! Learned tons about how to become a better disciple of Christ, and how we must never stop progressing in this life, which seems like a lot of work to me. I need to continually be diligent and become more pure, more full of love, and more Christ-like. I´ve already learned tons about how to in the mission, but I must keep increasing and giving all to my Heavenly Father.We did have tons of investigadors that came to conference too!! It was great! We have a few investigadors that are really progressing, and all loved hearing the prophets and apostles. However, the menos activos were a bit lazy to get themselves to conference. We are just trusting that they didn´t make it because they were all watching it obediently through Internet at home lol :) We are continuing forth in faith and lots of leg work to get to all the places we can, up and down the sandy hills of Iquique. We have lots of help from a few jovenes that like to help the missionary work. And then after Priesthood joven came up to us and asked what he could do to help us. I don´t know what they talked about it priesthood session, but it must have been motivating. We need lots of help from the really prepare the world and build up God´s kingdom. I am so grateful and blessed to be a missionary in this time. I love His work and hope to do all I can while I am here serving the Chilean people!!! Lots of love,Hermana Daly

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elder Daly~Sept 29, 2009........a pretty exceptional week!

It was a pretty exceptional week. I met most of the people we are working with here in Warsaw and some of them are way cool and have great potential. One is a mongolian girl named Solongo. She is super rad and speaks perfect polish which is always a plus for the branch. She came to sports saturday and she already knows a few of them members .. one of which is a mongolian family. She seems really excited to be taught the lessons and we are going to start this week. Sounds golden I think. We met with this doctor named Przemek... he's way goofy but incredibly smart... we met with him at the newly built starbucks in downtown warsaw.. he's got some potential.. maybe.. Some other meetings with some cool people but none too interested... I met Ania, the newly baptsized member. Shes 58, 5 foot (maybe) 100 pounds (that's also pretty generous) She's tiny!! I set up to make her pancakes this wednesday. She's way cool though, works in a costume shop on the rynek which is where we met here at. Great lady.

This past saturday i got on a plane. The ones with the wings that fly in the air and go really far. I tried to convince President to get on the one to New York but he wouldnt have any of it. So we took it to szczecin and I got to be at Lukasz's baptism as President told you. It was ridiculously cool and the baptism was basically perfect. Way strong Spirit and he loved it. I have never felt the Spirit more powerfully than in those moments when sacred ordinances are performed. The power of God is always made manifest and it really makes a lasting impression. So i was way glad that President let me go. Lukasz is going to be a rock.

Congrats hermanecka lyshdawg on the year mark! you're so dead :-)

love you fam. have a wonderful week

elder daly

Monday, September 28, 2009

President Engbjerg~Sept 28, 2009...baptism in Szczecin!

Dear Brother and Sister Daly:

Thank you for your kind e-mail.

As Elder Daly and I just barely (late last night) returned from our trip to Szczecin, I will share with you a couple of pictures from the great baptismal event up there. Since your son was the one to baptize the new convert, he is in a couple of the pictures attached, always looking great. I don't know if Elder Daly has told you about our weekly Dobra Strona, but since he is mentioned in it in regard to the baptism, and also with a picture, I thought I would share that with you as well.

Again, I cannot express enough, what a joy it always is to be with Elder Daly. We had an absolutely wonderful trip, sort of like a 27-hour one-on-one trip, flying up to Szczecin and back. I can understand even better now, why all missionaries are so eager to work with him. He has a great capacity to make people around him feel good, and he leads by example by always being so hard-working, quick to serve others, and always remaining humble. I loved the time we had together this weekend, and learned a lot from him.

Thank you again, and my best wishes to you.
President Engbjerg.

Hermana Daly~Sept 28, 2009...still learning tons!

Hola familia!So the internet is being really dumb here and didn´t work last week and then today i wrote my entire email and then the connection was we will see if this email gets there but it´s going to be short.We enjoyed our 18 de septiembre!! As a zone we leared the cueca, which is the traditional Chilean was quite funny to see all the different dance styles of the Elders haha. Saturday we had the ward activity, which was fun as well.I hit my one year mark...can´t believe it!!! How fast time goes by!! Gotta bring home strong now...Sean don´t get too trunky your last few months!! Well im still learning tons. We had zone conference last week and learned how to be better missionaries by cultivating Christ-like attributes. More powerful and spiritually-strong missionaries!! We need to continually purify ourselves! That´s the great gift of this life...that we can continually progress and become more like our Heavenly Father.Life is great...we have investigadors progressing and learning tons. Love you all!!!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elder Daly~September 21, 2009...back in go ol' Warsaw!

Well im sitting here in the same library i came to when i was 4 months in the country. Warsaw hasnt changed a smidgeon except for a handful of baptisms since i left this branch in March. I am living in the same apartment on Kabaty at the end of the the metro line. Feels like home. I am serving with Elder Stohel, he's from Ogden 6 foot 5 man-child he's so tall. The area im in just had a baptism this past week which is cool. I didnt see it because I had to stay in Szczecin till monday to "train" elder schoenrock and burgerking crown him the newest branch president of szczecin. Hopefully ill be able to come back this saturday for lukasz's baptism... i included a picture of him in my email, he's a stud.

that's about it from my end, enjoy the week

love you guys to death!

elder daly

Lukasz....baptism this week in Szczecin!
Szczecin District

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elder Daly~September 15, 2009.....leaving Szezcin~one last transfer!

i waited like 50 mins before i finally got a computer so i have no time to email today sorry.

I am being transferred! one last time, i cant believe it... im going back to good old warsaw to be with a 2 month old missionary. i guess 8 months in warsaw wasnt quite enough... im excited though a lot of my death group is there right now and i love the branch im going to be serving in. So as far as a package goes that would be most delectable you can send it straight to the mission office :-) i do need some of that yello-bottle-neutrogena-make-me-beautiful face wash stuff... not the orange one though, it smells funny haha. And maybe some mac n cheese, ive had some sick cravings for that lately. also... my hairs falling out, my joints are sore, and my memory is starting to slowly fade... any suggestions?

on the missionary side of life... we have a baptisimal date!!! oh yeahhh.. the Lord does love Szczecin. HIs name is Lukasz, he's 17 1/2. He is super smart and just really elect. The best part? he doesnt have parents... yeah sounds harsh but it eliminates most problems he'll have in being baptized and becomming a super awesome missionary someday. He lives with his grandma and his older sister. His mother is a flunkie somewhere being an alocoholic and his dad died when he was 3. His baptism is set for the 26th of September and i am hoping ill be able to come back for the baptism. So after 4 months of giving my soul to szczecin the Lord finally saw it fit to lead someone to us. We are way grateful and way excited for him and for the branch here. The Lord always pulls through and answers prayers. I can't even begin to describe the experiences ive had in the last several months and what they've been to me.

BYU is ranked 8?! laners i cant believe you dont go to the games... who is really packing and shipping when the cougars are playing.. .just skip work on saturdays :-) ...

what else can i say to you all... ummm... 2 months yeahh.. haha... noo im not trunky but its getting exciting for sure. Last transfer, crazy crazy. Never realized how applicable enduring to the end is throughout our whole life .. just when you think youre about to get to the summit, you get there and find out you have a couple hundred more to climb. enjoying the ride though it all though, thats what makes it worth something at the end.

hope you all have a radabadical week, enjoy the awesome weather... aww autumn is the greatest.. as im walking the streets and parks one thing constantly plays through my mind.. the monday night football tune.

love you all! trzmajcie sie cieplo

elder daly

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hermana Daly~September 14, festivities!

Hola familia!Today was cambios…but it didn´t affect us – being relatively new in this sector. So we shall continue forward working hard with our investigadors so that all can progress a little bit more. We are working with various couples that have been humbled by tests of faith…economic tests. It makes many a lot more open to hear the Gospel, although many say they are “Catholics” and make sure that we know they are catholics. It´s hard for many to change their beliefs and are oftened astonished at something new like there being a prophet today. But as they learn more and ponder upon what we say, we start to see little changes. The beginnings of having a change of heart…they just need to pray and ask God if it is true. But many think they have to know everything before they ask God. We continue teaching with the Spirit so they have the desire to know and faith to ask God is it is true. I love missionary work. It´s tough when many are set in their ways…but little miracles happen everyday as people change. Hopefully the holiday festivities of 18 de Septiembre doesn´t affect the work too much. We are looking forward to lots of empanadas and food. Today we ate a pastel de choclo SUPER RICO!!! So sweet and delicious and full of yumminess!!And CONGRATS Steph and Ryan on baby Jack!!! The pics are soooo cute. He was born on my companion´s birthday!!! So we were partying lots for her and for Jack (without knowing it lol). I can´t believe all my cousins have babies now…baby fun!!! Love you all tons!!!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Elder Daly~September 8, from last Transfer in June 2009

here are a couple pics from last transfer in case laners and cam forgot what my beautiful face looks like :-)
have a great week love you guys

elder daly

Monday, September 7, 2009


lovin' futbol (soccer) on a p-day!


Hermana Daly~Sept. 7, 2009...Chilean Independence Day

Hola familia!!
> September is the patriotic month of Chile!! All are preparing for Chile Independence Day...September 18th. Lots of Chilean flags and colors everywhere. It supposedly bigger than Christmas with lots of empanadas and food, so Ipretty excited lol. However the soccer games are taking a toll on the work. The day of a soccer game with Chile playing means preparing BBQ all day and not having time to talk to anyone, especially missionaries haha. So those days are always fun...i do like smelling the bbqs though. The work is continuing forward. We have some great new investigadors, just need to get them all progressing towards a baptismal date. But we do always see little miracles when investigadors are praying or reading the scriptures. Edison and Luciano are doing great! Edison gave the prayer in a class yesterday in Church...and his words and Spirit were very beautiful. It is amazing the changes one has with the gift of the Holy Ghost. I couldn't help from smiling during his prayer. He has really changed his life to focus on the spiritual things and become a better father, which is what counts most in life. I am so grateful for the mission experiences I have the opportunity to see.
> The menos activos are doing well. We had 15 at church yesterday! We shared with one mom who regretted marrying a non-member who later got baptized for her but without a testimony because now she and her family are suffering spiritually. We have seen many of these cases...and all the women beg us not to marry guys who aren't super active in the church and have a strong testimony But the miracle was that she drug her husband to church yesterday...and was the first Sunday they have been at Church in years! Her inactive sister came too! It truly was a miracle...the nephew Sergio wanted a camera to take a picture of his uncle in church clothes haha. Love the Gospel and love the mission and love you all!! Stay strong and help others remain strong in the gospel as well!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elder Daly~Sept 1, 2009...Awesomeness :)

Glad you guys made the trek through polska alright :-) im actually in gdansk right now picking up elder turleys legal work. That's cool you saw the sisters.... sis squires is the coolest sister in the mission right now she reminds me of alysia.
Thanks again for letting us take advantage of your davageness on those meetings. Mariusz came to church on sunday! Marcin isnt doing so hot... we had a meeting with him and kinga about the law of chastity and it didnt go over too well. but we'll get em no worries.

well we are heading to go get turleys stuff done, have yourselves a wonderful week! miss you

elder daly

Hermana Daly~August 31, 2009...Quick and sweet

Hola familia!!I don´t have much time because we played tons of fútbol today - from 10:30 till 3 o´clock...demasiado lol. The Elders love to play soccer! I tried to be a good sport and play a little...i´m just not very coordinated with my feet. My toes hurt from kicking the ball directly and not on the side of my foot or however you are suppose to haha. The Elders are very aggresive, but there were some fun parts lol.The baptism went really well!!! It was beautiful and Edison and Luciano are very happy...tender moments!! I love the Gospel and the happiness it brings!! Love you all...hope Sean had fun with the parents for a day in the mission. Tan raro haha, but fun!! Have a great week! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hermana Daly~August 24, 2009...Permaneced

Hola familia !! They just sent us the document "Permaneced" that we have been working with with the menos activos in English. So you guys have the opportunity to read what we share almost every day with menos activos, members, and some investigadors. We have studied "Permaneced" for a few months now and always learn something new. I love it!! I invite everyone to read and study it and to permanecer (remain strong) in the gospel! Other news...I´m continually learning the importance of gospel principles taught to children in the home diligently and continually by their parents. We had stake conference yesterday where a counselor from the Chile Area Presidency came and spoke. A current theme was the responsibilty of the parents in teaching their children the gospel as we are increasingly seeing spiritually lost youth and kids. I have as well increasingly read and studied the scriptures and Liahona articles about the importance of families rooted in the Gospel and with parents dedicated to teaching their children and being examples. One speaker in the stake conference reminded us that our families are everything. "No other success can compensate for failure in the home." We should ask ourselves "What have with done with the families Our Heavenly Father has sent us?" They are the most important!I have come to see that this is one reason I needed to come on a mission. To open up my eyes to a world where families are being destroyed and where children are growing up in unbelief. To know what I need to do as a mother someday to protect my famliy and to partake in eternal life together. I am eternally grateful that I grew up with gospel principles and love for the Heavenly Father, Christ, and Their gospel instilled in me from the beginning. Thanks again mom and dad for everything!! I am continual grateful every day! Seguid adelante y permaneced!! Love you all!
-Hermana Daly

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Elder Daly~August 18, comp from Kentucky

Another transfer day come and gone and I scored. Elder Turley is a kentucky fried stud muffin. He's from kentucky and yeah, i guess that's all i know about him at the moment, he's a great kid though.

I am going to be brutally honest... the last week of the transfer just kinda topped of the last 3 months I spent with Guthrie, nobody liked us and we didnt meet with a lot of people. But i am convinced the the start of this transfer marks a change. The start of something great, something epic. And turley is just the man to bring the magic and the miracles. People are starting to come back from vacations and wat not.. so some of our more promising investigators from June should be getting back soon. I have TONS of pictures from the last transfer because guthrie was my personal photographer and i burned some stuff on cd's so next week ill upload them.. promise!

with all my lovin'

elder daly

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hermana Daly~August 17, 2009...winter doesn't really exist here!

Hola familia!!!This week was a bit long, but good! Lots of walking through sand and up and down hills to visit everyone…and then lots weren´t home, but that´s the mission haha. The menos activos died down a little this week, but we are going to try to get them more active and ready to progress this week!! The sun is starting to get strong again…Winter doesn´t really exist here, it´s crazy! Year around sun!! I love it, but my skin doesn´t love it too much haha. I´m just itching to jump into the ocean haha. The Lord is blessing us with lots of work…we had lots of new investigadors this week! Hopefull they all start progressing!! La familia Coronada is doing great! The dad, Edison, is making great changes in his life. His wife can´t believe it…she says he´s more nice and loving and doesn´t get mad so often and so easily. The Gospel truly does change us if we are humble enough and willing to make the change! We are very happy for this family!! And….that´s that. We have Zone Conference this week, so we are going to learn lots! Love you all!!! Have fun visiting Sean!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elder Daly~August 11, 2009...another great week!

happy birthday laners!!!!!!!!! 18 huh.. get in all your crazy parties while you can cuz when i come down there im gunna be supervising.. bible studies every friday night. hope your birthday was a blast... i still cant believe you saw fuller at that fireside... that is most definitely THE henryk that he baptized, thats cool you got to see that. zycze pani sto lat!

Sorry for the wicked great email last week, it was a way rough week. But this week was a lot better. A lot of our week was spent hanging out with our man marcin. Got to use some of the skills you learned me dad... put together some cheap shelves and chesterdrawers :-) and did a lot of painting. We are helping do a remodel and its way great because a lot of the time the convo turns to the gospel so we get to teach and serve and just hang out with him as well. He came to church and he is going to be the coolest member ever when he takes a few more steps of faith. Hopefully he takes them sooner rather than later cuz we need him way bad right now. Thankfully, Henryks move to russia has been postponed for a month but after that happens we wont have anyone but zbyszek. agnieska left the church. So we got our work cut out for us and I feel really good about this next transfer. I am staying and going with elder turley.. he is in the same group as elder guthrie.. guthrie is going to be serving in the holy of holies, bydgoszcz. My boy elder owen is staying and going with the other elder owen in the mish... should be a cool district. The mission is completely unrecognizable in comparison to what it was when i got in... there are half as many missionaries (57).

well another transfer... Guthrie and i have had a wild 3 months together.. some of the craziest and coolest experiences of my mission. Im gunna miss him way bad.. Im excited to fill you guys in some of the craziness when you come.

love you all, have a great week

elder daly

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hermana Daly~August 10, 2009~Forever Families

Hola famila!!¿Cómo están todos? Estoy feliz en Iquique!! Yesterday I learned a new holiday…Día de Niño…or Child Day. Another day to spoil all the little kids with cake and presents! I couldn´t believe it. This day doesn´t exist in the states, right? Or maybe it´s new haha. But due to this day yesterday, many of our investigadors and menos activos didn´t make it to Church, so we were a bit sad. But we must continue forward and teach the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy ;) We are working hard with many families, teaching them the importance of praying together and learning the Gospel together. Many kids and teens don´t believe in God today and don´t know how to pray or anything because their parents don´t teach them. It´s way sad! We have tons of 13 and 14 year old girls who have menos activos parents and the children don´t believe in God! I´ve learned lots of things that I am going to do with my future little kids…lots of praying and reading the scriptures together from day 1 of their existence lol. A little advice for the twins and their new babies lol. We truly need to protect our families from the world and grow closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father! I am so grateful that I grew up with Gospel principles…thanks mom and dad!!! Love you all tons!!! Have a splendid week!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Elder Daly~August 4, 2009...short and sweet!

Hey hey fam, everything is going well. Healthy and alive. Glad to hear everything is going well back home. keep enjoying the summa summa time

love you guys

elder sean

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lucas' Baptism!!

Hermana Daly~August 3, 2009...a day in Iquique

Hola familia!We had cambios today…but of course that doesn´t affect me yet, being new in this sector. Still can´t believe how fast time flies. We had a great baptism with Lucas Saturday morning…cute, timid nine-year old. It was fun…and then the next day a yummy BBQ to celebrate and some chocolate cake – which I was very grateful for because sometimes I am very chocolate deprived here lol.For those who want to know what a typical day in Iquique is, I will tell you lol. Wake up at 6:59 and do exercises with elastic bands inside if it´s cold or run outside either in a basketball court or on the street if we are awake and brave enough to fight off all the stray barking dogs lol. Then shower, study two hours, and leave at 10:30 to proselyte. The mornings are slow because people are at work or sleeping. The weekends, everyone sleeps in until one in the afternoon…it´s incredible, like me before the mish. Then we return at 1 and eat lunch that a member brings…rice or spaghetti, salad, sometimes a squash or spinach casserole thing, jello, and bread. Fifteen minute siesta…everyone closes their shops for 3 or 4 hours for lunch and the siesta. Crazy! Then leave again at 3:30 until 10:00, running around trying to visit everyone we need to. Upon the return, I have to enter the apartment first to kill off any cockroaches because my companion freaks out at the sight of them and I´ve gotten used to them haha. Then planning and off to bed at 11 pm.And that´s the usual day for those that wanted to know. I´m running out of fun things to say every week haha. Love you all!!! Enjoy the sun!! -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elder Daly~July 28, 2009....a great Zone Conference

Zone Conference was in Szczecin this week and it was just as memorable as always. There were way good presentations and my mission heroes Thain and Gray gave their death testimonies. This week we got to do alot of service for Marcin (not the one with the baptisimal date, he fell off the face of the earth)... We helped him do some remodeling and he is honestly the coolest guys ever. He and his wife kinga and their baby are my favorite people in szczecin. He was at chuch this sunday and while we were painting yesterday and told us he knows the book of mormon is a holy book. Which was a huge step from a week ago when he doubted if God even existed. He told us that ever since he started meeting with us his life has been noticeably better. We are excited and we have another meeting with him tonight.
have a great week!

love you all!

elder daly

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009...a great historical event in Iquique!!

Hola familia!!
> ¿Cómo están? A great historical event happened last week in Iquique…last Monday it rained…or you could say drizzled the whole afternoon and into the night. The people were quite excited and some scared at the light watery drizzle falling from the sky haha. The houses in northern Chile aren´t quite prepared for rain or drizzle because many don´t have full roofs or have badly constructed roofs. Entonces, lots of water leaked into houses and people had some flooding. Also the electricity wires and poles couldn´t handle the wetness, so lights went out all over Iquique and the electric company didn´t have the means to handle all the havic haha. Our lights went out for a day and a half because we were on the bottom of the priority list as they tried to fix stores and such. It was pretty funny how a drizzle can affect a city for a week of repairs. I can´t imagine if it actually rained. Even in Church, leaders said we were in the last days with disasters such as these…rain in northern Chile lol :) So that was our major historical event!
> We had lots of little miracles this week and brought many investigadors and meno activos to Church yesterday! It was great…we are seeing many blessings from running around all day, trying to find time to visit everyone. We also had a fun FHE with Lucas and his family last night. Lucas is 9 years old and is going to get baptized this Saturday. His mom was menos activa and older brother got baptized last year. So we have been activating the mom, who is now assisting Sacrament Meeting with her sons…happy day!! So we are excited for them. The dad isn´t a member and doesn´t want to go to church…but there is always hope for the future!
> Congrats Vanessa and Ben on baby Chloe!! The pics are so cute!! Good luck with your new little girl and have lots of fun!! Love you tons!!!!
> -Hermana Daly

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 2009~pics in Iquique....yay!!

Hermana Daly~July 20, 2009~"working hard and seeing little miracles in people."

Hola familia!
> We have been working lots with la familia Coronado…the mom and daughter are menos activos and the husband and son aren´t members, but are super buenos. They are learning lots and went to Church yesterday. Edison, the dad, has lots of questions because he wants to know everything but we know he knows it´s true. And Luciano is 11 and is soooo capo (smart/intelligent/I don´t know the exact translation). He always begs to read the scriptures at night and reminds everyone to pray over meals and such, and loves going to Church. We love this family!! They are already talking about a mission for Luciano haha. The other night we had a Family Home Evening with another family, which was fun! So they are my first “Iquique family” they we always like to visit and teach.
> We are continuing to work with menos activos and are getting various members and families to Church! Some still promise to go every Sunday, but then “something” happens and they don´t come lol. But we finally got an investigador, Victor, to Church yesterday! Miracle!! He is set in his Catholic tradition, so it was amazing that he finally came to Church. We will see if he comes again…but he really does need the Gospel and I know he feels a greater peace as his listens to the Gospel because he is going through some hard times. Lots of people are going through hard times…and I just wish they could realize that the Gospel has all the solutions to their problems.
> Working hard and seeing little miracles in people. The Gospel and true and Jesus is the Christ!! I am so grateful for that knowledge! Love you all!!!!
> -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Elder Daly~July 14, here in Szczecin

This week was going to be one of the greatest of all time! Unfortunately we met a lot of opposition and some things didn't work out quite the way we would have liked. However, we still have our hopes high and a lot of potential for improvement and to see more miracles in the coming weeks. Marcin didn't pass his baptisimal interview and is having family problems right now but he is going to be back this week and he still has full intention of working towards baptism again. He is still waiting for an answer that I am pretty sure he already. So we are going to try and help him realize what that answer feels like and I know he will be baptized. Other than him we have a couple of other investigators that are promising but can't seem to find the time to meet right now so most of our time has been spent finding people. We readvertised the free English class to hopefully get a new batch of investigators and we also started having branch night on Mondays. Yesterday's branch night was awesome. We had a group of 11 there and it was a really good time. The branch is doing well. Agnieszka is excited about her minimission and going to the temple. Zbyszek came to church... Henryk has never been doing better. He has been amazing on some of the lessons we have had and he has been a great fellowshipper to those investigators that we have had in church lately...

welp... that's about life here in szczecin..... loving the work, the comp, the people. miss you guys!


elder daly

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hermana Daly~July 13, 2009~startiing to lose my english skills!

> Hola familia!
> Otro semana! Woops...I was about to write in Spanish, but I guess that wouldn´t work too well lol. I´m really starting to lose my English skills. I started teaching English classes again and we worked on pronunciation...and let´s just say I almost remember how to pronounce everything haha. It´s incredible how you can forget English.
> This past week we had zone conference and talked a lot about menos activos. The Area Presidency is really motivated to activate Chile. So we are spending lots of time finding and visiting menos activos...and have lots of goals to accomplish the rest of this year. We need a put an end to Chile being always related to menos activos lol. So lots of work! There isn´t enough time in the day to get everything done that we need to do...but we are trying to learn how to use time effectively, which is hard when all the Chileans sleep all morning and then have a siesta in the afternoon. So we end up sprinting in the evenings when everyone is up and home lol. But it´s fun!
> Also our ward is now at 3:00 in the afternoon...super late! It´s a bit difficult, but hopefully we will see an increase in assitance from our investigadors and menos activos because they can sleep in in the mornings.
> Well love you all tons!! Have a great week...right now it is winter vacations in Chile! Crazy how opposite it is here! Sometimes it´s a little cold in the evening, but still hot often in the morning and afternoon. Love you!
> -Hermana Daly

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Elder Sean~July 7, 2009..."what a difference a week makes"

Hey hey im in poznan for pday and we are about to go play some sports with some homies down here. It is crazy what difference a week makes. We had an amazing miracle filled week. We were able to get both Agnieszka and Henryk on a bunch of our lessons this week and Marcin is still doing great and is ready for his baptism on Saturday. We also have some other investigators that finally decided to make some progress this week.. heck yeahs!! I really felt like we were being led by the Lord this comparison to last week where it just felt like i was trying to force things to make something of anything happen. We had a handful of new people in church and the other elder terkowski and owen and dominating even more so. Fourth of july was rainy here.. but that didnt keep us from eating mdonalds fried apple pies and making rootbeer from concentrate. God bless america!

have a great week, love you guys a ton!

elder sean

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hermana Daly~July 6, 2009...Happy 4th of July!

Hola familia!!!
> Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!! We didn´t do anything special here, but I dreamed like Sean of BBQs and lots of yummy food and fireworks. I did put on a blue skirt and white and red top to sport some American pride lol.
> This week was great…lots of little miracles in finding people who are prepared to hear the Gospel. Heavenly Father truly does put them in our path…it´s up to us to open and mouth and share the Gospel. One lady, Evelyn, was standing on the corner waiting for a micro. We decided to talk to her and she told us how she had received a card from other missionaries, but then lost it. She had wanted to learn more, but didn´t know where to go or how to find the missionaries. We were quite excited to hear her interest…and she told us to pass by the next day. We taught her and her son, and it was great! She doesn´t believe much in religion, but is willing to learn…so we are excited!
> Another night we were walking and saw a woman who was a little sad walking towards us. We talked to her and she told us that there must be a reason that God put us in her path because she was sad from something that she found out about earlier that day. She told us to walk with her and talk as she told us the story and said she wanted to pray with us. So we walked to her apartment and prayed and then shared a little bit about the Gospel. She said she was Catholic, but wanted to learn about what we believed…so we passed by later in the week and shared with her. She is way open to learn, and we are way open to teach…so it´s a good combo :)
> I am grateful for all the experiences I am having and all the things I am learning. We are teaching lots…the only problem (as usual) is getting them to attend Church, but we are working hard!!! Enjoy your week!!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly
> P.S. Oh…my companion Hermana Lugo reminds me lots of Vanessa…she has the same tone voice and sounds/laughs as Vanessa lol. Kinda hard to explain, but

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Elder Daly~July 1, 2009~Happy 4th of July!

Happy America is the best day!! Ah what i would give for some barbeque and mothers magical potato salad. Ill probably just go sulk at McDonalds all day. Cam, im glad mom is encouraging your pryo addiction and buying you illegal fireworks... haha.. light up the sky man.

Well the work can finally go on this week after the death of Elder Bean and Elder Edmunds. JUst kiddin, they are so bomb and i am already missing them way bad.

It was a little tougher week this week to be honest. Not a lot of progress with our other investigators but we did gain a sweet investigator this week. Marcin was supposed to be baptized this past week, but he decided he needed a little more time so his date is the 11th of this month and Elder Guthrie and I get to teach him since Gray and Edmunds left. He is way elect and way ready so that'll be a cool experience.

not a whole lot else to report, we just keep on keeping on and we are really excited for the new transfer. I hope you all have a great 4th...

love love love

elder daly

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 29, 2009..beautiful Iquique!

Hola familia!!
> Wow!! Iquique is so beautiful!!! When we left our pension the first morning, I couldn´t believe the view. Iquique is abunch of hills and sand dunes with the ocean down below…so beautiful, but that does mean lots of hills to climb and tired legs lol. I´m trying to get use to the hills, but the view of the ocean is definitely worth it. The weather is a bit cooler than Arica, so I need to start taking out the coats and sweaters. This sector is also a lot more richer than where I was in Arica…with huge houses, hotel-looking apartment buildings, and lots of nice cars. That also surprised me because my concept of Chile was my sector in Arica which was poorer. The people are way nice though because our sector is mostly residential and a lot more tranquil than Arica Centro…so lots more lessons and people willing to talk to us. So I am very content. I do miss Arica and Hermana Zamudio, but it was time for a change especially since I like change and was in Arica for a long time.
> Hermana Lugo is also way nice…she does have a different accent from the Chileans and uses some words I don´t know that they use a lot in Columbia. So I´m learning Columbia Spanish now too. I´m way excited to work together and see some miracles. We also have a few jovenes (teens) in this sector too as in Arica, who also want to learn English…so I´m getting ready for more English classes. There are also a lot of menos activos here where the whole family is not members, so lots of work in that area. The Area Presidency of Chile has the goal of activating menos activos, so as a mission we are focusing on menos activos again and sharing with them a letter from the Presidency that talks about remaining in the Gospel your whole life. Endure to the end!!
> And that is my first impression of beautiful Iquique. Oh and also that Iquique has a lot more sick people with the influenza and gripe porcina…everyone is sick. I´m glad we have missionary protection. I´m grateful for the Gospel and this time in my life to give all to the Lord. Have a great week and share the gospel with all!!!
> -Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elder Daly~June 23, 2009..2 baptisms in a 6 week transfer!

hey hey its transfer time woot. im staying with my boy guthrie, an apartment is getting closed down in szczecin because of the kryzys, so there will only be 4 missionaries here.. me and guthrie... terkowski and my son elder owen is coming back to me!!! it is going to be an unreal transfer.

this week was amiable, we were polish frosted flaked 11 times... a new europe central area record. but it was ok because we found some even more elect people as we contacted and tracted this week. We tracted into some way cool families that we are excited about. We really dont have any serious progressing investigators... those that are reading the book of mormon are students and they all have finals for the next few weeks...
so we are on the back burner for a lot of people right now.

As far as the highlight of the week goes we had this one cool experience finding. We spend alot of our day near centrum because naturally thats where all the szczecin homies are... but every now and again we explore the outer reaches of the city so the other day we decided to go out to this park in the middle of nowhere... it was kinda risky too because it was going to take us a 20 mins to get out there and we knew there werent alot of people out in the stix... when we arrived there was basically nobody anywhere, the park was pretty though. We finally reached a part of the park where there were a few benches and a middle aged lady was sitting on one of them.. she was visibly distraught and she definitely looked like she was having a case of the mondays. We stopped and talked to her and after a way cool convo she gave us her contact and wants to talk we'll see.

we went flower shopping this week for the chapel... and afterwards i was able to cross out another one of my potential future careers... i just dont have a knack for interior design. I wanted to get real flowers, but i didnt want them to die and watering flowers is way difficult and time consuming as we all know.. so i decided to go the modern age awesome way and get some fake ones... henryk and agnieszka came in on sunday and the first thing they said was... what the heck is with the crappy flowers. i gotta go by some real ones now.

my boy guthrie gave his first talk in sacrament meeting! i was way proud he melted faces talking about the restoration. i gave the lesson, it was ok... the branch is growing more and more each sunday... marcin is getting baptized on saturday.. i should clarify that agnieszka was Elder beans and terkowskis investigator and that marcin is elder edmunds and grays. It's way cool that we are going to have 2 baptisms in a 6 week transfer and the branch has officially doubled! rock on.

i got your package this week mother! thanks so much... now i dont have to rock my flip flops anymore and i can lace up the dockers again. yess. thanks for all the letters and support. miss you all

love you

elder daly

Monday, June 22, 2009

Youth Baptisms in Arica..yay!

Hermana Daly~June 22,2009.....transfer to Iquique tomorrow!

Hola familia!!
> Sorry I don´t time do write once again...I had to download last minute pics and teach Hna Zamudio how to use the computer lol. Last week I taught her how to use the microwave haha. But she sews my broken buttons, so its a fair trade.
> And...duhduhduh...MY FIRST CAMBIO OF THE MISSION...I head off to Iquique tomorrow, which is the next city south of Arica. My new comp is Hna Lugo from Columbia. She only has one cambio in the mission and seems really nice from the one time I met her. So i´m excited!!
> The baptism with Grace and Cristian went well!!! They are soooo great!!! I´m happy in the mission! Love you all!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Elder Daly~June 16, 2009..a baptism in Szeczecin!

The branch had a baptism this week! thus quadrupling our membership and putting szczecin on the map.. Agnieszka was baptized... she's solid. She is 20 and is so excited to start helping us build the branch here. Following her baptism, another person accepted a date so things are getting going here.

the work is rolling along and life is mm mm good. hope you all have a great week!


elder daly

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hermana Daly~June 15, 2009..Upcoming baptisms..yay!

Hola familia!!
> I don´t have much time to write, but I hope everyone is doing super bien!!! Another fast week and we only have one week left in this cambio, crazy!!! Miracles happened and two of my kids (investigadors) are going to get baptized this Saturday...Grace (14) and Cristian (8). I am so happy and love working and teaching all the children. We have others who want to get baptized, but we still have to talk to their parents which is hard in one of our cases. But I am grateful for the opportunity I have to teach and learn from the children and youth and our Heavenly Father. The Gospel is truly a guide for them in their lives and in this crazy world.
> This week Elder Dixon from the Seventy is coming to talk to us missionaries, so I am excited for that. Yay for the hard work and blessings of the mission. I love you all and hope everyone has a great week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Sunday, June 14, 2009