Monday, January 26, 2009

Elder Daly~January 26, 2009...'gypsies'

so the best meeting of the week goes to an investigator we have named Aneta. She's this girl we met on a whiteboard and set up with later in the week... She doesnt have a metro pass so she couldnt make it to our chapel.. so we met her in downtown warsaw... she's kinda interesting.. probably 28.. been through it all, honestly.. but still looks pretty normal.. ehh.. she's kinda i dunno trailer trashy if i can say that. but really nice.. anyways we started walking and talking about God and life and she says that she knows a coffee shop we can go to to sit and talk.. so we follow. She tells us basically her whole life story on the way which was pretty intense.. drugs, devil worshipping, mental institutions.. i wouldnt have guessed the half it. We make it to this coffeshop and it looks like your average shop for caffeinated beverages.. false. not average. We walk inside and sit down and there are people like smoking.. but not just smoking they are using special instruments to smoke if ya know what i mean. Anywho.. we had a good conversation actually.. talked about alot of different things .. had the chance to talk about the book of mormon and joseph smith. She is christian which is a start and when we left her with the book she said she was going to start reading right away. Interesting meeting.. not sure if the spirit was able to be at that one, but we think she really thought a lot about the things we were saying. She was way cool, good meeting.

This week was way busy.. always good. We had some success in getting people to church this week which is always kinda stressful.. especially in the international branch.. but always good. I wish i could talk about all of our investigators. they are so cool and interesting but i dont really have time to write about all of them.. its not pday today we have it tomorrow because its zone conference on wednesday and we are all getting together for pday before it.

I got to go on exchanges to Lodz this week which was a lot of fun.. we talked to this black guy from texas named Kool... he was so cool.

this work is the Lord's its reaffirmed to me 1000 times a day.. its amazing what happens when we invite the Spirit into everything we do. Inspiration from on high is real, and its incredible.

love you guys have a great week!

elder sean

Hermana Daly~January 26, 2009...'be firm"

Hola familia!!
> The weeks are flying by! I can´t believe we are already half way through our cambio! We had interviews with President Urra this past week, which were way good. Hermana Plauche and I told him how combining our sectors is a bit overwhelming because we have tons of investigadors and not enough time to visit all of them…especially with everyone´s vacation schedule. He then told us something very wise…sean más exigentes!! Or in english, be more demanding and firm with your investigadors. He told us as hermanas we tend to be more patient and don´t want to hurt people´s feelings, so we hold onto our investigadors that aren´t progressing. He told us we have a lot of investigadors, but we need to have progressing investigadors. If they don´t want to follow through with committments, then chao! We were like, wow you are so right lol. He gave us some scenarios with the baptismal challenge we do at the beginning of each lesson. For the baptismal challenge, we ask them if they come to know that these things are true, will they be baptized in the Church of Jesús Christ. Then President Urra told us if they say no to go further. If you come to find out that the requisites of your baptism aren´t valid before God, will you be baptized with the correct requisites? If they say no to that, President Urra said to ask, if you have a vision or some amazing spiritual experience telling you that these things are true, then will you be baptized? Then he said if they say no to that then adios and don´t waste your valuable time continue teaching. Be firm!
> It was quite the motivational interview. Amazingly, our first appointment after the interview was with a future investigador. Hermana Plauche gave the baptismal challenge and he said no. Hmmmm…then she followed what President Urra just said up to if he had a vision would he be baptized…and he said no --- he had a vision and know there is a God but just wants to listen to God´s words and doesn´t think he needs to take action. Unbelievable…so we did as we were taught and didn´t teach the first lesson, bore our testimonies, and chao!
> We had a lot more experiences with being more firm this week as well. Sadly we killed of a bunch of non-progressing investigadors but found lots of new ones. We are here to bring the elect, those willing to listen and take action, to Christ.
> Also President Urra took us two Hermanas and the zone leaders out to dinner later that night at a way nice restaurant near the Morro. It was like we were on vacation lol. President Urra is the best and really looks out for the Hermanas haha.
> Our investigador Victor had his baptismal interview yesterday and he ready to go for his baptism this week!! He is super bueno. We ran into his inactive member Mom and asked about Victor and the family. We found out a lot about how hard his life was and is. His dad is into drugs and just spends money on drugs and not the family, so the mom has to work to support them. And just lots of other not so fun stuff in his life. It made us realize why Victor loves learning about the Gospel so much…it is a santuary for him in his life. We are grateful for his example and faith.
> My gratitude for my family has also grown as I see the families here and the problems of the world corrupting families. I am grateful to have grown up in the Gospel with a loving family, with the priesthood in our home, and the great examples of mom and dad. Thanks Mom and Dad!!! Love you 
> The gospel is true!!!! Have a great week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hermana Daly~January 19, 2009...HOT,HOT,HOT!

Hola Familia!!!
> This week was quite HOT!!! And lots of walking because many of our citas weren´t in their houses, but at the beach. I don´t blame them…I would do the same thing lol. But they need to realize it´s their salvation lol!!
> But this past week was zone conference, which was amazing! And I actually understood a good part of it…Spanish is definitely getting better --- thank you for your prayers! But our mission goal for these next three months is focused on reactiving less actives…three men older than 18. All of Chile is focusing on retaining and reactivating their members…bringing souls unto Christ again. After conference we had some miracles with finding some really nice menos activos on the street! We still need to contact them in their houses, but I am excited to have this focus. Our other goal is at least two baptisms in the three months…I think I already told you guys this, but I don´t remember lol. Our overall goal of year 2009 for the mission is 800 baptisms. We achieved around 650 last year, 500 the year before, and then 300 in the preceeding years. So Pres. Urra has quite the grand vision for our mission this year!!! Exciting 
> We do have a pretty set bautismal date for the end of this month with a teen named Victor! He is way nice and smart…he understand all the Gospel principles and always says it makes sense and he will keep the commandments. He is a friend a member named Camilo, who is only ten…quite the influence though. We have the lessons in the member´s home. Missionary work is definitely way more successful with members…aka…everyone needs to help the missionaries out and share the gospel with EVERYONE! I wish I could redo my teenage-hood and actual share the Gospel with my friends and have the missionaries teach them. But the past has past…and I will look forward to after the mish when I convert all my friends lol.
> Well I don´t have any more time, but I love you all!!! Oh and we went to a place called Azapa today which was amazingly green and lots of flowers like a little oasis in the middle of the desert. I´ll have to send pics next week. So fun!!! Yay for Chile!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Elder Daly~January 19, 2009...bad man that Bob Marley!

well howdy do.. another week, another email.. i considered doing this one in old scripture english to mix it up.. cuz ill be honest these get kinda boring.. but maybe ill save that for another week. Briana, im convinced you are the most popular person at byu.. how do you know elder kuhle? ... and how did he score a lunch date with you? hah just kidding he's such a cool guy.. i didnt really know him that well.. maybe saw him once or twice, just heard the legends. Give him a shay-mah shay-mah for me.

Welp we had some good meetings this week. We meet with Janina, furby lady, once a week... so that was an unforgettable lesson, naturally. We also had a few with some new investigators we contacted last week. 2 of them were with way cool middle aged guys that were just so open to hearing about it all, but they just dont sense the importance of it. I don't get it. I hate the argument that every religion is good and everything will be alright in the end. That's Bob Marley's argument. bad man that bob marley. They both told us they would read the book of mormon though so we gave them some chapters.. hopefully they open their hearts and the Spirit will spark something within.

We had another meeting with this older lady whipple met on the street a few weeks ago, Gerta. The most intense meeting of my mission thus far. We tried talking about the Gospel and got a few principles taught at the start of the meeting. But apparently she already has a book of mormon and she has been to church and met the missionaries and perhaps even been taught all of the lessons. So she wasn't so down for talking gospel.. and what came next we never expected. Some people are trying to get this little old lady kicked out of her house.. so they took her to court on charges that she's crazy and a danger to her property. Her house is one of the last residential establishments in this area out in Ursus where I used to live... and some company wants to take that land and make it into a giant apartment building. Her brother used to live out there too i think .. with her or maybe around her... but he was killed. By who? ... the mafia. They got him, whacked him...badda bing badda boom. And now they are after her. The judge of her case has ties or is being bribed because she is being treated unfairly in court and it's looking like she might get sent off to a mental institution and have her property seized if she loses the case. So she wanted us to find her a good lawyer. Whether or not it's all true, i dunno.. are government officials corrupt in poland? ehh, probably some.. and the bigger question.. is there a mafia in warsaw? are elder whipple and I in danger? we'll see.

Had some other meetings with our slightly more solid investigators.. really excited about this guy named slawek .. the work is good, my companion ridiculously good. The church is still undeniably true. I love you guys, thanks for the emails they always mean alot

love is all you need

elder daly

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hermana Daly~January 12, 2009.."let the work move forward"

Hola familia!!!!
> Primero, gracias por un segundo navidad!!!! I just received everyone´s Christmas cards and letters this week!!! It was like Christmas all over...thanks for you letters cousins and all the family pictures. Looks and sounds like everyone is doing spectacular!!! It was way exciting to get mail...of course you guys already know missionaries love mail lol. But MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!
> This first week of the new cambio was a quick one and crazy one. I forget what I wrote last week, but since there are only two of us Hermanas instead of four we combined our two sectors and have lots of work to do. It was crazy the first few days since each of us had different citas with our investigadors and lots of different people to visit....lots of walking but the exhaustion is good! We are getting to know each other´s investigadors which is interesting because some were like awww where is the other hermana haha. And it´s different having both of us be gringas together in the streets...some benefits and some not so great things lol.
> We also got some great new investigadors...Marisol and Miguel Angel. The Spirit was very strong with Miguel as he talked about needing a change in his life and felt like the Gospel was the change he needed. Super bueno!!! But we weren´t able to find him in his house later in the week to get him to church, but this week for sure. This Sunday was a bit cloudy and dark in the morning, which I quite enjoyed....but unfortunately it meant that everyone in Arica stayed in their beds and slept all morning, including our investigadors. We had seven of them say ya for sure church on Sunday...and only got two to Church --- Matías who doesn´t really like Church but is 15 and can be easily convinced (not a great thing lol) and Veronica (an investigador of Hemmana Plauche). I´m thinking we need to have Church later in Chile because Chileans love to sleep in...I don´t blame them though. So we will continue on working this week and our goal is stronger committments!!
> Life in the mission is great!! It is way hot here and a lot busier as people are vacationing and such. Summer vacations also puts on a toll on the mission work because many leave for like a month. So we will see what happens this cambio...we have high hopes since we have our two sectors in one. Also zone conference is this week which I am excited for. Spanish is also getting a lot better...I am understanding people more and everyone is really nice and help me. Hermana Plauche said that people are more receptive to me because they see me trying to speak Spanish and help me, so I get a lot more dirrections from people on the street that way haha. I guess that can be one benefit to being a gringa gringa. Hemana Plauche is amazing at her Spanish and is determined to teach me all she knows, so thats good!!! Let the work move forward!!!!
> Love you all and keep smiling!!! Also help the missionaries out in your ward 
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Elder Sean~January 12, 2009..back in Warsaw!

hello hello! well i made it back to the dirty dirty of warsaw... ive never felt so much at home. I was in a 3-some with elder whipple and fuller for most of the week bc of some stuff fuller had to get done ... so it was way fun. We had a bunch of lessons with different investigators they have been working with.. my favorite was this meeting we had with a less active member. Her name is janina and she's approximately 312 years old. One of my new favorite poles of all time. She had someting to say about everything and about every other sentence she kinda coo's like a furby .. it's something she does naturally but its way funny. i felt bad because most the lesson i was biting my cheeks trying not to laugh. She's less active bc she's well.. she's old and she's also addicted to tv and chocolate. Apparently she watches it until like 4 am because she cant turn it off.. and wakes up at 2 in the afternoon and then just eats chocolate all day. She's awesome.
What else what else... nothing too crazy just a lot of meetings and a i got to do a couple of whiteboards again! yeahh!! oh man that really was the highlight of my life.. setting up that whiteboard and turning to the first pole i see and saying "excuse me madam. do you have an answer to this question?" adrenaline started pumping and i got fuzzy tingleys all over. i imagine that's what it will feel like to hug a girl again... but probably not as cool.
im really excited for this transfer it should be the greatest one yet. It's great to be back in this branch again, see and talk to some familiar faces..i think this is my favorite branch ive served in. The weather actually has been a little bit warmer recently so it has been so painful to walk around. Hope you all have a great week, i miss you guys!


elder sean

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hermana Daly~January 5, 2009...a new companion..still in Arica!

Hola familia!
> Felia Año Nuevo!!! This week went by really fast!! For New Year´s it was just normal days, but we did get permission to spend the night in the other Hermana´s apartment and at 12 watched the fireworks from their window which were kinda far away. It was pretty fun, and then the rest of the night we tried to sleep as Chile partied all night and all day with lots of fireworks and craziness. We also made the gingerbread house and have been eating it all week lol -- thanks mother!!
> We have an awesome investigator, Andres, who is like 28 years old and keeps all his committments, which is a miracle lol. He went to Church yesterday and then we committed him to baptism for the end of the month and he said yes!! We are trying to get to know him a little better because when we ask questions such as how he feels and what he thought of church and stuff...his answer is always “good, ya...i like it” lol. He is way nice!! So we have high hopes for him, we have been only teaching him a week and look forward to more!!
> Oh and I found out something terrible last week that I hadn´t realized the whole time I have been in English, especially during my story telling, I like to use the work ´like´ a lot lol. So I was telling a story last week to some Elders and they started laughing because I was saying ´like...and I was like...etc´. I had no idea and when they told me I heard how many times I said it. Noooo haha!! My companion said that I have been saying it this whole cambio but she never said anything. So ya, I thought I would get rid of that habit when speaking Spanish, but I guess not. Practice, practice, practice!!
> And my next cambio, I am staying in Arica!!! With Hermana Plauche as my companion who is one of the other Hermanas that has been here with us. She is from Georgia and is way fun...she said that we are going to work real hard with my Spanish and make me perfect by the time she goes home --- it is her last cambio (I´m killing off all my companions lol). So I´m way excited!! I´m pretty sure I´m switching into the other apartment and they are closing the apartment I am in only two hermanas in Arica Centro sector. Which is kinda sad because my companion and I just painted our apartment lime green and have a new toilet and´s actually cute now haha. But ya, I am way excited for the next month or so with Hermana Plauche!!! I will miss Hemana Flores...I have learned tons from her and she is lots of fun!! Oh I forgot to ask if Cheri and the twins know McKenzie Wheeler from Weiser...she was Hermana Flores´ companion last year...small world!!!
> Well I love you all!!! My missionary experiences are amazing and I am learning so much!! Have a great new year and set goals to share the gospel and become closer to our Savior 
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Elder Sean~January 5, 2009...transfer and a new Zone Leader!

Dearest Family,

happy 09! For new years we worked until 6 then went over to Zaneta's place with the district and ate some food and played some games. Then we checked out the townsquare.. too many drunk people so we headed home and ate some pancakes, chilled, and watched the fireworks which were pretty cool. Fireworks are completely legal for about 2 weeks in poland so for the last 2 weeks there's just been random explosions everywhere.. and at midnight on new years fireworks were going off for about 45 minutes.. pretty colorful, pretty cool. We had to work new years which was a pretty interesting day.. not a lot of people out at all .. broken bottles and blood all over the street .. so we went and visited some former investigators.
Elder Owen and I had a pretty miracle week.. dad remember how i told you i'd only been let in twice tracting... well we got let in something like 5 times this week... taught some cool lessons and shattered the new investigator record for bydgoszcz.. it was a way cool week. We have a plethera of meetings set up for this week, but unfortunately, im leaving on thursday. Im being transfered to South Warsaw to be a zl with Elder Whipple. He was my zl last transfer up here in bydgoszcz... im way sad to leave elder owen and bydgoszcz but way stoked to go with elder whipple.. he's the man.
Well one of our meetings this week was with this family that we knocked into a week ago.. we came back on saturday on talked with them a little bit. They have 2 daughters (16 and 10) and a son (12) and the the parents. The father and son had to leave part way through the discussion but the whole family is way cool and really open. They had some interesting questions about evolution that were tough to answer but overall we had a way good meeting and have another with them this week. We also have two other families, one a referral that we are going to be meeting with this week.. woot for families! Bydgoszcz is the bomb diggity.
Thanks for the gingerbread house.. i felt like a whole in my holiday season was filled with that package :-)

pictures.... next week? i promise, i half promise... ill try :-)

love you guys,

elder sean