Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22, 2010-Fun pics of P-day!

Hermana Daly~Feb 22, week to go!

Hola familia!
¿Cómo están todos? We just had a great P-day! Way early in the morning we went to the beach and picked up trash...i want to just jump in the was perfect climate (cool because it was still a bit dark outside) reminded me of the early morning runs at Shasta...haha ya estoy trunky, just kidding :) But after cleaning up at the beach, we went to the church and a few members from Ecuador played a little concert for us with all their wooden instruments and indian costumes. It was soooo cool and I loved the music. I bought their CDs after. And Hermana Trávez was happy because they are from where she is from...happy reunion. Then we ate tacos after...mmmm. So it was a great day!This past week went great too because we had lots of help from a few members and had lots of lessons. Everyone continues to progress and Rodrigo even said he wanted to get baptized. We put a date for three weeks, but then he got sick Sunday and didn´t go to church, but it said for sure he is going to come the next week and that he feels like the things we teach are true. So we are happy for him and hope he continues to progress towards a baptism.Everything is happy and great...still can´t believe this is my last week and I try not to think about it lol. Work, work, work. I am grateful for the Gospel and for this time to share it with all.
Love you all!!! -Hermana Daly

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hermana Daly~February 15, 2010 ~ "the mission continues to find those that the Lord is preparing"

Hola familia!
So one of the hermanas who was supposed to leave with me, Hermana Lappaleinen, went home early today for problems with her knees. She spent her last day with Hermana Trávez and I because Origenes was her first sector, so she got to say her goodbyes to everyone at church. She was way sad to go...and it was way weird that she was leaving...I just keep telling myself that I was lots more time left haha. But this week was great! We found some great new investigadors. One of our new investigadors, Rodrigo, is 22 and is in search of learning more of God. He loved the first lesson and was so grateful to receive a Book of Mormon. We left him 3 Nefi 11 and invited him to read and pray. He then said, “frankly Hermanas, I´m going to read from the beginning to get to 3 Nefi 11 because I love to read and especially books as special as this one, that is from God.” Wow!!! He said he was going to go to Church too, but didn´t show up...we are going to pass by this week to see what happened, but he is a great investigador!We are also sharing a lot with the Columbian couple (i don´t remember if I already told you about them). Juila wants to get baptized, but then when we found out they are convive (not married), she was a bit bummed because she doesn´t want to get married. But Andres is really starting to open up to the gospel and always has tons of questions. He is reading the scriptures and said a prayer in the lesson yesterday! They are great...and Columbian food is yummy too haha.So the mission continues and we continue to find those that the Lord is preparing to hear the Gospel. I love it!!! Keep sharing the gospel and serving and loving others!! That is what is most important and what counts.
Love you all!!!! -Hermana Daly

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hermana Daly~February 8, 2010~HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Hola familia!!
¿Cómo están? So I´m starting to realize that my time is coming up…and it´s way weird. I went to my last zone conference and gave my “farewell” talk with all those that are leaving this cambio. There was lots to meditate on and look back on my mission, the things I´ve done, the things I´ve learned, the people I´ve known, and who I´ve become. It´s great to see the changes and the experiences…now I´m just scared to go back to normal life and maintain the good changes haha…not that I was a bad person before, but I think I´ve definitely matured. Crazy!!! Ya enough with the reflextion…We learned lots in the conference and especially talked about the importance of Preach My Gospel as modern scripture that we need to study and use more. It´s my goal to continue using and studying it when I get home. Truly if all the members read and study it, they would understand more the importance of missionary work and what they can do and what they can say to share the Gospel. Also, the Elders from my MTC group are awesome and have grown so much…I´m grateful to have known them and taken part in their changes. All of them are leaders and assistants to Presidente Urra…and two of them gave presentations in zone conference. So awesome!! All boys need to go on missions…it truly is a commandment for a reason!Well I love everyone tons…don´t get too trunky lol, just kidding!!!
Have a great week and Valentine´s Day :) -Hermana Daly

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010~ Hermana Daly~continue to melt my way through my second summer in Chile!

Hola familia!!!
¿Cómo están todos? This week was great! We found some great new investigadors…a few jovenes and a Columbian couple…I can´t stay away from Columbians now lol :) And we even had a few that came to Sacrament Meeting, which always makes missionaries happy. I also gave a talk with another Elder gringo in our ward and with our ward mission leader….oh which is new and way good!!! He is a returned missionary that just got married and has lots of ánimo and is way funny --- he reminds of Jordan lol. All my cousins have latino clones lol. Anyway, this week we are going to have a ward activity to get everyone a little more excited for missionary work and to give us references, references, and references. I still have the hope of one day where the members here are willing to give references and share with neighbors and friends :) My comp is great…teaching her lots and helping her get comfortable with talking with people and being in the mission. She is way timid and not used to a city-life, but likes it I think lol.This week is Zone Conference too…my last zone conference…tear. So we are going to learn lots and have lots of spiritual ánimo. Bueno, I hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the snow and cold as I continue to melt my way through my second summer in Chile. But I think I prefer the Antofagasta summer over the Arica summer, where I burned way more. But I do prefer the flat planes of Arica over the steep, very steep hills of Antofagasta…got big muscle legs now haha. I´m enjoying my last few moments of the mission and continue to meet great people and love sharing the gospel with them!
Love you all!!! -hermana Daly

Monday, January 25, 2010

mi nueva compañera!!!

Hermana Daly ~ January 25, 2010...New Companion!

Hola familia!!!
This week was very fun meeting my new companion and everything. Her name is Hermana Trávez and she is from a little town in Equador...or maybe a village because she is from a tribe there that supposedly traces back to the Lamanites...pretty cool!! She wears the traditional clothes still, but is starting to use normal blouses some days because everyone asks about her clothes and she doesn´t like to stand out to much. She is really shy, but very nice and has a strong testimony of the gospel.I am very grateful for this chance to show her the ropes of the mission and help her learn and grow. It´s fun being a mamita and motivates me even more to do everything well, which is what i need especially to end the mission well :)So lots of fun!!!
Love you all and have a great week!!!!
-hermana daly

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hermana Daly~January 18, 2010~Hermana Daly awaits her new higita!!

Hola familia!!!
¿Están listos? The cambios are.....duh duh duh duh...Hermana Lugo leaves to Copiapo. And Hermana Daly awaits her new hijita!!!! I can´t believe it, but I am going to train my last cambio. A big group of missionaries are coming to the mission and one hermana, who is from I will be her new mamita :) I´m way excited, but a lil scared at the same time. So I will meet her tomorrow afternoon and see how everything goes. And that is the big news. This past week went really well...we found lots of new investigadors. We just need investigadores progressing who are willing to make changes in their lives and feel the need to follow Christ and His gospel. We continue to work and share with the jovenes who really need spiritual light and guidance. The world is becoming stronger and stronger each day and sucking them even, even those who are members. So help out all those jovenes in your wards, so they see and feel the importance of putting the Gospel first, strengthening their spririts, and being a light to all. I have learn so much from them and am grateful for the correct decisions I´ve made in my life. We must continue to progress spiritually, so that we don´t become menos activo talked with us about how his spirit had become weak and that he needs to go to a spiritual gym to strengthen it...aka...prayer, scriptures, church, service, and sharing the gospel. Sigamos adelante!!
Love you all and have a great week!!! -Hermana Daly

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hermana Daly~January 11, 2010.......spent a day in Las Rocas!

Hola familia¡¡¿
Cómo están todos? Just got done playing more fútbol...thats all the Elders love here, but we did play with President Urra, which was fun¡¡This week was a bit different because Hermana Lugo had to go to Santiago for a day to do some columbian papers, so i spent the day in Las Rocas, another sector with the other missionary hermanas from the other it was fun to mix it up a bit. This is the last week of cambios, so everyone is waiting the suprises that Pres. Urra always has for us lol.This week our zone focus was on the jovenes. We tried talking to them more because they are usually more receptive than the adults and abuelitos. We did have success and found lots of new investigadors jovenes. We shared with Kevin, a 15 year old yesterday who was way we will see if the they pray and read The Book of Mormon. Every day is a surprise. I continue to learn lots and make mental notes of the things I need to be and do in my life to stay strong and have a spiritually strong family.Love you all and keep working hard and playing hard lol. Have a great week¡¡¡¡
-Hermana Daly

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hermana Daly~January 4, 2010.......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Hola familia!
Feliz Año!!! My email comes in the form of pictures from the holidays so enjoy because I spent all my time uploading them instead of writing, which I think is a lot more fun to look at pics and I know Mom enjoys it :) Spent the New Year´s in our house, eating dinner that the neighbors sent us and then building the gingerbread house. We stayed up late till 1:30, quite the missionary party lol...but regretted it the next day up and early for work haha. Well, love you all and have a great week!!!!!
-Hermana Daly

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