Wednesday, August 27, 2008

California Family Trip!

Eating our favorite Togo's sandwiches...yum...

The girls enjoying the beach...

Cameron enjoying the waves...

Mom enjoying the wind lol...


Takin' BART into the city

Getting ready to ride the Cable Car!

Riding the Cable Car!

MMMM...yummy sundaes. Ghirardelli knows how to do it :)

What fun to walk along the wharf!

Yay for San Francisco!!!

Attempting to be cool like Alysia, and take a jumping picture haha

We took this amazing taxi ride from Pier 39 to Mason/Powell in under 10 minutes! The driver was a maniac but we loved it!!

Cam came out of the taxi ride alive!


Everyone's cabins had great docks along the lake :)

Alaena at the lake with the Steven's girls...

Cam and Alanea jetskiing!!

Yay for Alaena's 17th birthday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

August 25, 2008...more door troubles

Last week before transfers.. yeahhhs.. we had a pretty interesting week this week..

so i met this middle aged woman about 2 weeks ago on a white board and we talked a little about the catholic church and our church. the differences and what not.. and the whole time i was talking to her she kept getting closer and closer.. so naturally i kept backing up, shuffling backwards, retreating. It was a little weird but i just kinda brushed it off .. there are weird people in the world and ive met quite the gamut of personalities out here. i gave her a pass along card with our number and my name but that was about it. I forgot about it shortly after.. then this week elder stinnett gets a call from her while we were on exchanges. Stinnett tells me about her.. says she didnt want to talk with him just with me.. i had no idea who it was even when i called her up. Anyways i ask her if she wants to meet with us and she sets up for the next day. We meet her at the metro stop right outside our chapel. She shows up wearing a pretty interesting outfit .. i instantly recognize her and feel completely awkward .. oh it was bad.. when she noticed i had a companion she seemed pretty disappointed.. we start walking to our chapel and im pretty sure she had no idea what we were going to be meeting about.. which i guess is my fault because i never clarified in the phone call i just assumed. Anyways we start meeting with her.. teaching a first and its going ok until we get to the apostasy. She starts telling us about how she died and came back to life... and while she was dead she saw a light and felt the love of God embracing her. somehow this led her to believe that the Catholic church is true and that the Pope is the man.. she was kinda crazy.. we kinda dodged our way around that and told her that was great then taught about the restoration..taught about why the pope is cool but doesnt have the authority. She thought it was an interesting.. it was a kinda weird lesson.. we tried to give her a book of mormon..we asked if she would be interested in meeting again .. she set up.. im not excited about it but we figured we'd give her one more chance.

Last Sunday Gonzalves and Henrie came over to eat lunch after church because we needed to do a couple hour exchange in order for gonzo to go to a DL meeting and for Henrie to go to a meeting they had set up at the same time.. so me and gonzo head off a couple minutes before them to get to his meeting... as im leaving our apartment i lock the door cause im so used to it.. didnt think twice about it... elder stinnett and henrie spent the next 2 hours in the apartment.. missed their meeting. apparently polish locks .. when you lock the door from the outside.. you cant open it from the inside.. dont ask me why.. or how but its true.. so i felt pretty rad after that. my luck with keys and locks and stuff, undeniably davage.

we met with piotr he also came to sports saturday.. rocked our world at soccer.. hes doing good.

i love you all! have a most niesamowity week.. one month lysh dawwg!! i mean... siostra lyshdawwg! keep those brazilians at bay.

laners and cam have fun starting school up again. during dinner break every so often stinnett and i teach each other things.. i tried to teach about DNA replication.. couldnt remember like anything.. im done for when i start school again.. i ended up teaching call of duty


elder daly

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 18, 2008...a flakey week..more than usual

czeϾ wam.. im glad you got the package laners! polish music isnt half bad huh... its funny because most of the poles dont like polish music.. most the time i hear either techno or american hip hop songs that were popular a year ago in the states.. i still recognize some of the songs so i know i havent been here that long yet.. elder stinnett reminds of that fact everyday... bully. This week we got flaked alot, more than usual.. i think we ended up with 10 or something ridiculous like that. Piotr didnt meet with us because he had to move apartments. We called up Adil to invite him to church and he told me he'd be there.. but he didnt make it unfortunately. It was a funny conversation... "elder daly, guess what?! ." "whats up Adil?"
"I read first nefffi, second neffi.. and part of essterr"
im not sure why he skipped from 2 nephi to ether.. but nonetheless i was way excited. He told us he would have the rest of the book read by the end of next week. Piotr is still reading too. Now we just have to meet with those guys, get them in church. We have definitely had some success this transfer though. We have 2 weeks left and weve taken our area book from a dead nothingness to a living vibrant ..thing.. so heck yeahs!

i dont have any way groundbreaking stories. just rocking and shocking. Thanks for the emails.. i love you guys so much. hope you enjoyed/are enjoying cali for me.. i still tell people every so often on the street that im from california.. people respond to that a lot better.. the hoolies loove it. they start making funny surfing poses... then fall over from the alcohol..

the gospel rocks.. the old testament rocks kinda.. its kinda like picking skittles out of a pile of poop.. ehh not that bad.. but it does take some searching to get to the good stuff. my recommended read for the week.. the great apostasy by talmage.

z mi³oœci¹ bez koñca!

starszy daly

Monday, August 11, 2008

August 11, 2008~Kate Winslet?

This week was a little more intense than usual.. here we go..

so monday we had a meeting with my man Adil. We have been trying to get him to church and give him his Arabic book of mormon for like a month. He finally called us up and set up with us. We had a meeting with him in centrum. We gave him the book and then talked about the nature of God and religion in the world for a half hour. He is a way smart guy. He doesnt believe in a personal God.. he is one of those.. God is everywhere and nowhere kind of guys. Which reminds me .. we did a whiteboard yesterday and we put up the question ..."what does God look like?" we had people come up and draw him.. haha it was way funny... i drew a J.W. God with a brief case and holding the New World Translation.. some JW'S got mad.. came up and started bashing. i won. Anywho... umm Adil told us that he has every intention of reading the book of Mormon all the way through and he told us that when he gets done with it he is going to have enough questions to make our heads hurt that rocks. We are hopeful he will feel something while he reads it. Oh he's from Sudan? .. Sedan? . somewhere in Africa..

Then i went on exchanges with Gonzalves with DL.. i served with him up in Gdansk... it was a way fun day.. it started downpouring half way through the day so we went tracting for the first time in like 6 months... second door we knock on the door opens and this lady opens the door. Imagine ..ok.. remember Kate Winslet in Titanic.. remember what she looked like when she was 90.. tossing the heart gem thingy into the ocean "oH!" ... that was this lady. polish version. We tell her a little about what we are doing and she welcomes us right in. We sat down and she offered us some fruit tea right off the bat which i was pretty sure it was alcoholic from the way it smelled.. it smelled just like every larry i had ever met. Gonzo downed it, loved it. So we are all just chilling there staring at each other for a sec and she starts telling us about her life... her two kids in the states. How lonely she is, how old she is. And then she stops.. "ok, well.. pray or something.. do what you do." .. gonzo and i look at each other .. i did what ive been trained to do... i started teaching a first. Gonzo followed. We ask her some questions.. we got to talking about Prophets and she stops us.. "that is really great, interesting.. do you have any prayers?" ... gonzo looks at me.. he starts explaining to her a little about prayers.. then he asks me to say a prayer. So i say one, bless her and her family. After the prayer is over she just replies "that was pretty, very nice" .. then she's like "wait one second...." she walks into the other room.. me and gonz are just kinda like.. this is strange. She comes back with this way thick book of Cathloic prayers "ahh, this is the good stuff" .. she opens up to a page and starts throwing down a prayer for us.. 15 mintues later.. she finally stops.. looks up with this smile, half her teeth missing... "beautiful, no?" .."oh yeahh, for sure, very beautiful." ... she leaves the room again.. "gonzo, i think the tea is alcoholic man" .."no way, for real" .. "yep, i think so." she comes back... gonzo politely asks her whats in the tea.. "any alcohol?" ... "no, do you want some?" haha it was a way funny experience... she was a nice enough lady... she told us we could come back anytime to practice our Polish..

we had a meeting with Piotr..he started telling us about taxes again... i threw down on him a little bit.. I told him exactly what our purpose is as missionaries.. we're here to teach people the Gospel.. he got a little defensive but finally understood where we were coming from. We had planned to try and teach a whole first to him but instead felt prompted to start teaching the Plan of Salvation. he got way into it and we got through about half of it in an hour.. we committed him to try and find time to read the Bom.. he said he'd try. So he still wasnt progressing as of Wednesday... But on Sunday he came to church! Yeahhhs.. and President Engbjerg was there so he got to meet him and talk with him a little bit it was way good.. As we are sitting there in sacrament meeting he pulls out his Book of Mormon and he had sections highlighted .. he told me he started reading it from the begninning and said he had a lot of questions for our next meeting.. woot! that made my week, my life. During sacrament meeting the two topics spoken on (faith and the Word of Wisdom) .. were absolutely perfect for him.. except for the W.O.W talk was given by this black member from Zimbabwe, Brat Dennis.. oh man.. he started talking about the history of Coca Cola.. and illogically reasoned that coke is not permitted in the WOW.. then he started talking about how as members of the church we need to have more than one child.. oh it was a train wreck.. funniest talk ever, but for Piotr's first time in sacrament meeting it was bad. He kept giving me looks like.. for real? haha oh golly day.. our Branch President got up after the talk and set the record straight on what exactly the Word of Wisdom entails..

that was my week! thanks for the email loving.. have a wonderful week .. love you all!!

z kup¹ mi³oœci¹

elder daly

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mission Pics!!!



August 4, 2008..another one bites the dust

Alrighty alrighty... i finally got stamps this week so ill try to actually get some letters out soon. i slacker.. i know. This week wasn't the most exciting to be honest. We had interviews with President Engbjerg.. that was ok I guess. I dunno if your mission was like this dad or maybe its just all missions.. but our mission president.. he's a way spiritual
man, really professional...i like him and definitely respect him. But i dunno.. i dont want to complain or murmur its really not all that big of a deal.. But he definitely has his favorties.. and often times those are the ones that seek for the attention.. and yeah, im sure you know what im getting at. Anyways my interviews are way short.. way straightforward.. 3 minutes tops.
That's all im going to say about, i dont want to hate.. I guess the Lord knows me and President Engbjerg is definitely an inspired man so that's really what is important.

My week was pretty lowkey. We got a plethera of contacts .. hopefully those turn into set ups. We have a meeting tonight with Adil.. my little arabian friend. We had a meeting with Piotr this week.. im not going to lie.. it was lame... we tried to talk about the gospel but he just kept bringing it back to some other topic... then he promised that he would be in church but he called us up on saturday and told us he had to take care of his mom because she might have cancer. curses. Hopefully she's ok and we can get him in church this coming week. My companion is dying.. this is the third companion ive had with less than 4 months left on their mission. It has been funny to compare how each of them slowly falls victim to fatigue .. physically, mentally.. just the whole bit.. i try to get stinnett pumped for the work..and he was pumped the first couple of weeks.. but i think the polish people have sucked all the fire out of him. I always try to get him to skip dinner break to go work.. he just shoots me dagger eyes of death. haha its way funny. One more month of old companions I hope. Sorry this is such a pessimistic email ... haha ...after 8 months of it im just ready for a change, of all the things i thought would be a challenge for me on my mission.. i didnt think companions would be one of them.. I've learned a ton though.. the Lord sure can pick 'em.. if you ever think the Lord doesnt know you .. you can rely on my testimony.. He does.

Well my comp is done i have to go.. i hope the pics go through though...

Happy Birthday lanersssssssss!! hope you have an amazing day.. be prepared for art in the form of mail.. i love you so much! Jestes dla mine przycyna tego.. dlaczego ja zye kazdego dnia, dlaczego ja odpokutuje bo jestes tak doskonala ze ja sie staram byc lepszym

kocham cie calego serca mego

Elder Daly

Friday, August 1, 2008

Alysia's Farewell Date: September 21, 2008

We would LOVE everyone to come if you can swing it. Our Sacrament Meeting time is
11:00 am....followed by a delicious brunch at the Daly Home!