Tuesday, November 6, 2007

MTC letter from Sean-November 6, 2007

Czesc! I can't believe it's already p-day again. The days are so long but this last week seemed to fly. This week has been the most davage week of my mission! week 2 thats not saying much but it has definitely been a great experience. On tuesday night Elder Bednar spoke at the devotional. I don't know what it is about apostles of the Lord, but needless to say it was amazing. It's weird how repition of such simple truths that I've known all my life can have such a profound effect. Well basically this week was a lot of class followed by alot more class. On thursday our district got to go to the TRC (teaching resource center? i dunno there are way too many acronyms) where we had to become acquainted with and testify to 'role playinog' investigators who spoke polish. elder jones and I got this sweet bonus 80 year old native Polish lady who used to live in warsaw. she was probably my favorite. with one of the other investigators we had elder jones was trying to ask him for his contact info. but instead of saying zapisac he said zabic... so he basically he told the investigator he was going to kill him. the guy started laughing hysterically as well as me but i dont think elder jones realized what he said.. haha anyways good times. we also all got to go to the RC (the call center) and we called all these people who had asked to receive any number of gifts (dvd, bom, etc) some of the elders and sisters had success.. i on the other hand talked with 2 people the whole hour we were there. lots of answering machines... but the two people i talked to really boosted my self esteem. it tells you where the people are from that youre calling.... and how old they are. so when the name jackson thomas popped up from bronx, NY i was a little frightened. He answered the phone and i never got another word in "i know wat yall about, mormons all up in my space.." after the number of explicits followed i figured it was best to hang up the phone. so yeah that was my first experience with hands on missionary work. Sunday Elder jones and I taught a lesson for Distict meeting. We taught on Christ's earthly ministry and it actually went really well. The testimony meeting was pretty emotional because the american elders (going to seattle) all left at 3 this morning. I was tough t seem them g but w had a grand o journal signing and picture taking session. its not going t be easy t see 2 more sets o american districts come and g before i even leave, but i a excited t meet new elders and help them out. Our district i doing s well. went to the temple this morning, like every pday. its awesome how you can learn something new everytime. polish is going well, its difficult but coming. Thanks grandma and grandpa for the card :-) Hope things are getting better in So. Cal, Uncle Bob and Aunt Mel. The Poland Warsaw mission is the only true mission in the church :-) have a great week family, i love you all so much, letters/dearelders make my day :-) kocham sie starszy daly


Ben N Nessa said...

Go Sean! I love that letter! I can't believe he's already getting a grasp on that language...crazy how fast he's learning everything!

C & C Beecher said...

he indeed writes well. i felt like i was in on that phone call to the bronx...he makes it so real!