Sunday, February 10, 2008

OXFORD!!! Our day trip this last week was to Oxford, which was awesome and such a beautiful sunny day. The weather has been amazing this past feels like summer. It makes me even more happy not to be in Utah haha - hot to rub it in lol :) Anyway, I learned a lot of cool things about Oxford. I didn't realize it's not one big campus like BYU but seperate colleges formed with older buildings in a quad. It is beautiful. One of the colleges, Christ's Church, is where they filmed the Great Hall for Harry I'm going to have to come back and take a tour of it :)

There was a place called the Covered Market, which was a fun shopping place. I was bad and spent lots of money that day. I got an Oxford T-shirt and then a cute shrit and yellow shirt...not that you needed to know that but I liked my purchases :) But then I saw this milkshake place and had to satisfy my sugar craving so I tried one of their specials...chocolate muffins and banana...oh my gosh amazing!!! I believe the best way to remember a place is by the food you eat there, so Oxford will be a very sweet memory lol.

Tuesday, February 5th is a day I will always remember!! In this first picture you will notice I look a little sleepy...that is because I woke up at 5:00 am in the morning to stand in line for tickets to Shakespeare's play Othello. Why would I stand in line for a Shakespeare play that I didn't really know much about that early in the morning you might ask?? Because one of my favorite actors was performing in the play...EWAN MCGREGOR!!! He is my favorite with his amazing voice in the movie Moulin Rouge and his other movies The Island and Down with Love. I was so in love with him freshmen year and now I am obsessed with again because I got to see him like 15 feet away performing in front of me for three hours. It was the best night ever!!! I am definatley going to see it again!!! My dream has come true haha :)

Here are some yummy treats I love enjoying in London. Gelato of course...and McFlurry's at McDonald's. You may laugh but the McDonald's here are really nice and the flavors of McFlurry's are amazing...this is Cadbury Creme Egg!!! Yum...gotta love the chocolate :)


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Bob said...

Too much fun, Alysia!!! Enjoy the gelato for us.

Steph said...

you look wonderful. And, oh do I know your obsession with used to watch his movies non-stop when you lived with me :) I miss you & want you to share your Europe-fashion advice with me when you come home!