Monday, February 8, 2010

Hermana Daly~February 8, 2010~HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Hola familia!!
¿Cómo están? So I´m starting to realize that my time is coming up…and it´s way weird. I went to my last zone conference and gave my “farewell” talk with all those that are leaving this cambio. There was lots to meditate on and look back on my mission, the things I´ve done, the things I´ve learned, the people I´ve known, and who I´ve become. It´s great to see the changes and the experiences…now I´m just scared to go back to normal life and maintain the good changes haha…not that I was a bad person before, but I think I´ve definitely matured. Crazy!!! Ya enough with the reflextion…We learned lots in the conference and especially talked about the importance of Preach My Gospel as modern scripture that we need to study and use more. It´s my goal to continue using and studying it when I get home. Truly if all the members read and study it, they would understand more the importance of missionary work and what they can do and what they can say to share the Gospel. Also, the Elders from my MTC group are awesome and have grown so much…I´m grateful to have known them and taken part in their changes. All of them are leaders and assistants to Presidente Urra…and two of them gave presentations in zone conference. So awesome!! All boys need to go on missions…it truly is a commandment for a reason!Well I love everyone tons…don´t get too trunky lol, just kidding!!!
Have a great week and Valentine´s Day :) -Hermana Daly


Bob said...

Hang in there, Hma. Alysia...Less than a month to go!

Jack & Charlene said...

We are sooooo excited to be in Boise to welcome you home next month. Hugs G&G

Vanessa said...

We're getting anxious to see you in person!

Steph said...

loved this letter and the one I got from you in my mailbox this week! :) trust me, you'll get PLENTY of Jack and Chloe time...we'll be in Idaho for a week!