Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sean Arrives in WARSAW, POLAND!

Dear Parents, This is to let you know that a great group of new missionaries arrivedsafely on Thursday the 27th of December in the Poland Warsaw Mission,amongst which was your son. Let me just briefly tell you what we did,and then also include a few pictures for you. The new missionaries were met at the Frederic Chopin Airport here inWarsaw by our assistants and myself. The new arrivals were all veryexcited to be here, especially after several hours lay-over in London.They looked bright and did not seem tired at all. Their first stopin Warsaw was the old marketplace, the "Rynek", for a short walk inthe old part of town, still decorated with Christmas lights, to helpthem feel that now they had arrived in the real Poland. Early eveningwe fed them pizza in the mission home, after which they were allowedto retire early to bed in order to quickly get over the jet-lag. The next day, Friday, after an early-morning jog in the nearby forest,we had introductory meetings in the mission office in the morning,after which they were taken to a museum to see a short historic filmon Warsaw. Later in the afternoon I had a special interview momentwith each of them. In the evening we had a formal welcome dinner inthe mission home, at the conclusion of which we had a testimonymeeting. This is a very strong group, all very closely knittogether, and full of faith. They all bore wonderful testimonies andthey are certainly well prepared to serve. This morning the whole group was again taken to the mission office forfurther instructions and to be introduced to their firstcompanion/trainer in the field, who had come to pick them up fromtheir various work areas in Poland. This moment is always filled withexcitement and a bit of nervous feelings, before they all went bytrain, tram, or bus to their various work destinations, some having totravel as much as 6-7 hours before reaching their apartment in theirfirst work area. My wife and I are very happy with everyone in this group. We feel weknow them all quite well after these first 2-3 days. I do not believethey will have great problems adjusting to missionary work in Poland,and they will soon master the language as long as they are prepared toput in continuous efforts. Your son's first companion and work area is as follows:Elder Daly with Elder Duty, Wrocław District in the Southwest of Poland. Shortly to be sent to you in a separate e-mail is a file including afew photos. This file is sent separately in case your e-mail addresshas limitations in terms of file-size. If you do not receive thefile, please let us know and we can have it printed and sent to you byregular mail. Thank you for your continuous support of these young missionaries whoare a credit to your efforts in raising them. Kindest Regards,-- Torben EngbjergPresidentPoland Warsaw Missionul. Polczynska 50 m 501-337 WarsawPOLANDPhone: 0048 665 300 801

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Jack & Charlene said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE !! Warsaw Poland Mission and President know how to do things RIGHT with the new arriving Missionaries. Pictures look great! We found Wroclaw on our maps. That is pretty close to the Czech Republic. We are EXCITED to read each letter !!
Caran, Do we send our letters to Sean by Pouch?????