Monday, December 14, 2009

Hermana Daly~December 14, 2009~Antofagasta...less sun-more shade!!

Hola Familia!
I am in Antofagasta, enjoying the big city and lots of hills. I thought my sector in Iquique was big, but clearly I was wrong lol. It´s gigantic and we are working with two other Elders in the same ward with us. This ward is pretty big and there are lots of menos actives to find and work with…so it´s exciting to have lots to do. Everyone is way nice hear and the people seem more humble and willing to listen to us. It reminds me of the people in my sector in Arica. We are working with a joven, Fabian, who is going to be baptized in a few weeks and is super bueno. We still need to have one more baptism to complete the goal of four before the end of the year, so we are working hard and seeing miracles. We passed by for one woman, Monica, who we had contacted a few days earlier and she was having a rough time and crying. She didn´t feel up to sharing with us, but Hermana Lugo said that we are here to help and that God is knocking her door and showing his love through us. She let us in and it was a great experience of “crying with those who cry, and giving comfort to those in need of comfort.” Christmas truly is the time to serve and help others feel the love of Christ. Lift the head of someone this great season!It is weird to have Hermana Lugo as companion again, but it´s fun. Sometimes we think we are still in Iquique haha. I do miss beautiful Iquique, but here there is a city beauty. Also less sun and more shade so I don´t burn too much and it´s not burning hot like Iquique. Preparing for Christmas fun…we are having a ward activity this Saturday, so it should be fun. Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas fun!!
 Love you!!!
-Hermana Daly

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Ben N Nessa said...

Enjoy the city shade :) We love you.