Monday, December 7, 2009

Hermana Daly~December 7, 2009....transfer to Antofagasta!

Hola familia!
Cambios hoy!! I am leaving the beautiful city of Iquique!!! And finally moving more southward to…dadadada…ANTOFAGASTA! I will be in the sector of Origenes with…dadadada…Hermana Lugo again! Hahahaha. Who da thought? I guess we didn´t learn something that we need to learn again together. I still can´t believe, but bueno, it´s going to be more easy knowing what my companion´s like already. So I´m finally going to know how Antofagasta is. I´m a bit sad to leave my Iquique and everyone for Christmas, but hope to find lots of success and people waiting to hear the gospel in Antofagasta.This week un joven, Cristobal, who has been sharing with the missionaries since the beginning of the year told us he wanted to get baptized. Wow!! A baptism fell from heaven, so he is now preparing! And we found Douglas who has moved back to our sector and can get baptized too! Just needs a little more preparing and ánimo and he should be great. So I have high hopes for Bilbao, Iquique  Today lots of gringos go home, so we had a Little goodbye lunch and everything. The mission goes by fast. Hay que aprovechar! And i need to learn English again…good luck trying to understand me for Christmas…you guys are going to have to learn spanish haha. Love you all!!!
-Hermana Daly


Vanessa said...

Hahaha....I'm so happy for her transfer. And yes, it will be an intersting phone call at Christmas! Good luck with the Spanglish!

SO excited to see her in the spring.

Bob said...

Antofagasta...Ya viene la Hermana Alysia!