Monday, January 25, 2010

Hermana Daly ~ January 25, 2010...New Companion!

Hola familia!!!
This week was very fun meeting my new companion and everything. Her name is Hermana Trávez and she is from a little town in Equador...or maybe a village because she is from a tribe there that supposedly traces back to the Lamanites...pretty cool!! She wears the traditional clothes still, but is starting to use normal blouses some days because everyone asks about her clothes and she doesn´t like to stand out to much. She is really shy, but very nice and has a strong testimony of the gospel.I am very grateful for this chance to show her the ropes of the mission and help her learn and grow. It´s fun being a mamita and motivates me even more to do everything well, which is what i need especially to end the mission well :)So lots of fun!!!
Love you all and have a great week!!!!
-hermana daly

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Bob said...

You two will be quite the contrasting companeras walking down the street!