Monday, February 15, 2010

Hermana Daly~February 15, 2010 ~ "the mission continues to find those that the Lord is preparing"

Hola familia!
So one of the hermanas who was supposed to leave with me, Hermana Lappaleinen, went home early today for problems with her knees. She spent her last day with Hermana Tr├ívez and I because Origenes was her first sector, so she got to say her goodbyes to everyone at church. She was way sad to go...and it was way weird that she was leaving...I just keep telling myself that I was lots more time left haha. But this week was great! We found some great new investigadors. One of our new investigadors, Rodrigo, is 22 and is in search of learning more of God. He loved the first lesson and was so grateful to receive a Book of Mormon. We left him 3 Nefi 11 and invited him to read and pray. He then said, “frankly Hermanas, I´m going to read from the beginning to get to 3 Nefi 11 because I love to read and especially books as special as this one, that is from God.” Wow!!! He said he was going to go to Church too, but didn´t show up...we are going to pass by this week to see what happened, but he is a great investigador!We are also sharing a lot with the Columbian couple (i don´t remember if I already told you about them). Juila wants to get baptized, but then when we found out they are convive (not married), she was a bit bummed because she doesn´t want to get married. But Andres is really starting to open up to the gospel and always has tons of questions. He is reading the scriptures and said a prayer in the lesson yesterday! They are great...and Columbian food is yummy too haha.So the mission continues and we continue to find those that the Lord is preparing to hear the Gospel. I love it!!! Keep sharing the gospel and serving and loving others!! That is what is most important and what counts.
Love you all!!!! -Hermana Daly

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Vanessa said...

Good luck with your investigators in your last few weeks!