Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another hello from London!! Here are some more fun pics. The ones below are from our first day trip...the first one is in a cute lil town called Rye and the other one is in Canterbury.

For my art drawing class, I have to draw 6 hours a week!!! It's crazy long, but hopefully I will build patience for it. It's kinda hard right now when I suck lol. But last week I found myself in museums a lot. These pics are from the British Museum, which is way cool. My favorite part is the Egyptian section with all the sweet mummies :) The skulls are for Cameron and the mummy cats are for Laners lol!

Here are some pics with one of my roomies, Britnee. One is in Trafalgar Square and the other is in Kensington Park. Fun walks around London!!! I love it!

Tea anyone?? Yes we went to the Orangery right next to Kensington Palace to have tea (the herbal kind lol), cucumber sandwiches, and an English scone. So much just like real Brits!

We also went to another play this last week...The Importance of Being Ernest. We had to read it for our British Literature class and then we watched it. So funny!!!

The sun decided to come out a few times this week. I'd have to say, the weather has been pretty dang the 50s! So we posed in front of the Round Pond in Kensington Park, which is just like a five minute walk from our flat.

Harry Potter was here!!! Haha, I had to pay a visit to Platform 9 and 3/4 at King's Cross Station. Sadly, I couldn't get to the other side and visit Hogwarts lol :)

Had to take this pic...I love how they call garbage here rubbish. It's fun to say..."Rubbish!"
(with a British accent)


Vanessa said...

Alysia! Cute pictures! :) "Rubbish"...haha!

Jack & Charlene said...

YEA !!! Love the "Brits" and their ways of life. GREAT Pictures and Report. We can't wait to see & read about Paris.
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

C & C Beecher said...

Fun! I think I'd like one of those cucumber sandwiches : )

Cheri said... are quite the brit now! I love looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing with us! Aren't your toes cold??? Put some wellies on girl!

Bob said...

You're living our dream, Alysia! Thank you for the pictures and postings. Please keep them coming.