Thursday, January 17, 2008

A big hello from me (Alysia) in London, England!!! Here is the place all us BYU students get to chill in. It has like 7 stair cases and I am in the very top room...its pretty much like the attic, 86 stairs to the top so I get a workout everyday. But it's pretty nice...we have a kitchen, family room, our classroom, and all our bedrooms and bathrooms for 40 girls and 1 boy. It's located near the Notting Hill area of London...pretty sweet stuff!

The first night we got to London, all of us got to go watch the play Les Miserables. It was so amazing!!

We went on tons of London walks the first few days to get ourselves out in London. We saw tons of fun things...Tower Bridge, telephone booths lol, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London...I could go on :) Basically London is so beautiful!! I love all the old buildings and history in them!

Here are us girls at Westminster Abbey...the parish church of the royal family. It is so beautiful! We will be able to go inside a little later in the trip; for now it was just a quick walk by.

Buckingham Palace - where the queen lives!!! And she was inside that day because the flag was flying at full mast. That's Mike in the middle, the one guy in the progarm. He's luckly for getting all 40 girls to himself...or cursed lol :)

How tough for the guards not to talk or smile...but we actually got this one to smile eariler in response to our stupid American conversation about what if we got in his way when they switched formations and we got chopped up by his bayonet...he must of thought that was funny because the other girls were actually worried.

This last Wednesday was so much fun!! We went south to Canterbury, the city of Rye, and Beachy Head. Looking out on the English Channel and then back at the rolly green English hills was just so amazing...I can't even describe it. Pictures definatley do not do it justice.

I can't forget to mention the chocolate!! I haven't even tasted that much of it yet...but places that have Cadbury eggs all the time and not just for Easter is a place I want to be lol. So good!!!


Jack & Charlene said...

We absolutely LOVED your report. You look happy and into the British life-style already.
THANK YOU for such GREAT photos and "flavor" of London.

Ben N Nessa said...

Alysia!!! I am so jealous! All of your pictures are so cute! Keep us updated :)

C & C Beecher said...

Wicked-cool stuff Alysia! You totally look like you fit in there! Make tons of memories! : )

Bob said...

Loved your report and pictures, Alysia!!!

Nate&Liz said...

How exciting Alysia!!! You are so cute and London is really fun! Enjoy!!!!

Steph said...

you can take the girl out of California...or even the U.S., but you can't take California out of the girl. Alysia, why are you wearing flip flops!?? :D hehe. Loved your look gorgeous!

Jill said...

Loved the pics ALysia, Enjoy every minute of your fun time abroad! said...

He Alysia it's your old voice teacher! You look terrific and I am so excited for you having this wonderful European experience! Take care, Rachel Beck