Monday, January 14, 2008

Sweet Ninja Nun~

> hey family, hope you are all having a great week. thanks a bunch for the emails.. i really enjoyed them all, only mail i get these days .. sometimes i miss good ol dear elder at the mtc ;-) > > this week has been quick, feels like i was just in here yesterday... lots of contacting and whiteboarding. We had 6 set ups this week but we were flaked all 6 times, buncha bullies... we met some way amazing people this week that hopefully will show up. One of which is a nun. Duty and i were on the Rynek and she was walking by.. Duty told me that he always tries to contact the nuns but that since hes been out none of them have stopped. Well this just so happened to be Sweet Ninja Nun version 4.6 ... bc she stopped and talked to us for a half hour. We have a set up with her this week.. we're pretty positive she'll come. Then not but 10 minutes after we meet with the nun we stop this lady with dreds. Rastafarian. We talked and discussed beliefs for a long time (i didn't understand a whole lot, but she did mention Bob Marley so i figured Syd would be stoked about that, a fellow believer) and she's agreed to meet as well. Probably with the sisters though. Umm other than that just good old trench missionary work. I'm feeling really good about this week though hopefully we get to teach a lot of lessons. We are teaching english on tuesday night so that should be an experience :-) Elder duty and i taught a lesson after church yesterday. It went alright but the guy appears kind of 'bez domu' homeless .. so we dont know exactly what's going to happen there. On Friday we went and served for a couple hours at a Jewish Cemetery. I really enjoyed it, the cemetary was amazing. Ill have to take pictures maybe next time i go, its pretty intense. Oh ps i forgot my usb this week but ill bring it next week and get some pictures to y'all.> > Let's see if i can answer some of these questions...The food in wroclaw is fantastic actually, im a pretty big fan of polish food. Kebabs, nalesniki.. its amazing stuff. The grocery stores, on the other hand are somewhat second rate.. maybe even third. The milk isnt really milk.. its this stuff that lasts for like 2 years.. its weird pulling out your milk in the morning and it says July 2010 on it.. "oh ill be home when this milk expires" the cereal is most definitely inferior to american cereal in my opinion.. its the imitation stuff that doesnt really come close.. so cereal donations are always accepted. Um, i cook a lot.. mostly just rice and sausage because im poor right now and thats all i can afford. next month ill be in better shape. But yeah i think ive cooked more for myself here than i did in a year at byu. My apartment is nice im not going to be modest. A lot nicer than what i expected. Duty tells me they hook us up in eastern europe to make up for all the baptisms those missionaries get that are living under mosquito nets in madagascar and s. america. Once again ill have to just take pictures. And the language.. hmm the language.. what to say about Polish haha. it's umm.. it's tough. Probably the hardest thing ive ever had to learn. It's definitely coming though.. the tough part is understanding.. i can speak, not usually gramatically correct, but i know the words.. its just when they speak that im pretty lost. Its a humbling experienece when i duty and i are split up during whiteboarding and i have to walk up to somebody and contact them knowing that im probably going to get dominated. Dominated in the sense that i wont be able to follow them. So i try to limit my questions and just teach and testify, and try to get their number. Its fun at the same time though. I'm not going to lie sometimes i feel pretty useless.. but im giving the poles all i got.. no reason to stress though. line upon line, itll come. > > Poland is straight up amazing, along with the people, the members, and the work. I love the work, and the opportunity i have to walk into bloks.. or walk onto the Rynek or through streets and on tramwajs knowing that all of these people dont have the truth and that i can bring it to them.. not always gramatically sound.. but i can still share my testimony. Its like that feeling i used to have as a kid when we would chill on some random shore at lake Don Pedro. And id go explore the body of land and think to myself "man i bet noone on this earth has stood where im standing right now, and noone has ever seen this tree that im looking at" however inaccurate that was it still made me feel special. As with that i feel a special emotion being able to talk to a a fellow brother or sister about something they havent heard since they heard it from the mouth of our Father in Heaven. Sometimes it does feel pretty overwhelming though, sure are a lot of them. > > Quick experience then ive got to write my president and go eat and shop for food. one of the Poles we stopped on the street was catholic (shocker) and told us that we arent open so why should he be. Well short converstation shorter we accepted his invitation/guilt trip to attend a cathloic bible study. So we go looking for the church one night.. get lost.. 2 hours and a run in with a crazy larry later and we make it to the church. Ofcourse we were late and missed it.. but just walking through the church the spirit seemed to almost immediately dissipate. It was just a simple something that made me that much more grateful for Christs church and the comfort that comes from His gospel. > > The church is true the book is blue.. have a most fine week.. stay warm... ill attempt and probably fail :-)> > milego dnia> starszy daly


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