Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 18, 2008...a flakey week..more than usual

czeϾ wam.. im glad you got the package laners! polish music isnt half bad huh... its funny because most of the poles dont like polish music.. most the time i hear either techno or american hip hop songs that were popular a year ago in the states.. i still recognize some of the songs so i know i havent been here that long yet.. elder stinnett reminds of that fact everyday... bully. This week we got flaked alot, more than usual.. i think we ended up with 10 or something ridiculous like that. Piotr didnt meet with us because he had to move apartments. We called up Adil to invite him to church and he told me he'd be there.. but he didnt make it unfortunately. It was a funny conversation... "elder daly, guess what?! ." "whats up Adil?"
"I read first nefffi, second neffi.. and part of essterr"
im not sure why he skipped from 2 nephi to ether.. but nonetheless i was way excited. He told us he would have the rest of the book read by the end of next week. Piotr is still reading too. Now we just have to meet with those guys, get them in church. We have definitely had some success this transfer though. We have 2 weeks left and weve taken our area book from a dead nothingness to a living vibrant ..thing.. so heck yeahs!

i dont have any way groundbreaking stories. just rocking and shocking. Thanks for the emails.. i love you guys so much. hope you enjoyed/are enjoying cali for me.. i still tell people every so often on the street that im from california.. people respond to that a lot better.. the hoolies loove it. they start making funny surfing poses... then fall over from the alcohol..

the gospel rocks.. the old testament rocks kinda.. its kinda like picking skittles out of a pile of poop.. ehh not that bad.. but it does take some searching to get to the good stuff. my recommended read for the week.. the great apostasy by talmage.

z mi³oœci¹ bez koñca!

starszy daly

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:) Skittles in poo.