Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4, 2008..another one bites the dust

Alrighty alrighty... i finally got stamps this week so ill try to actually get some letters out soon. i slacker.. i know. This week wasn't the most exciting to be honest. We had interviews with President Engbjerg.. that was ok I guess. I dunno if your mission was like this dad or maybe its just all missions.. but our mission president.. he's a way spiritual
man, really professional...i like him and definitely respect him. But i dunno.. i dont want to complain or murmur its really not all that big of a deal.. But he definitely has his favorties.. and often times those are the ones that seek for the attention.. and yeah, im sure you know what im getting at. Anyways my interviews are way short.. way straightforward.. 3 minutes tops.
That's all im going to say about, i dont want to hate.. I guess the Lord knows me and President Engbjerg is definitely an inspired man so that's really what is important.

My week was pretty lowkey. We got a plethera of contacts .. hopefully those turn into set ups. We have a meeting tonight with Adil.. my little arabian friend. We had a meeting with Piotr this week.. im not going to lie.. it was lame... we tried to talk about the gospel but he just kept bringing it back to some other topic... then he promised that he would be in church but he called us up on saturday and told us he had to take care of his mom because she might have cancer. curses. Hopefully she's ok and we can get him in church this coming week. My companion is dying.. this is the third companion ive had with less than 4 months left on their mission. It has been funny to compare how each of them slowly falls victim to fatigue .. physically, mentally.. just the whole bit.. i try to get stinnett pumped for the work..and he was pumped the first couple of weeks.. but i think the polish people have sucked all the fire out of him. I always try to get him to skip dinner break to go work.. he just shoots me dagger eyes of death. haha its way funny. One more month of old companions I hope. Sorry this is such a pessimistic email ... haha ...after 8 months of it im just ready for a change, of all the things i thought would be a challenge for me on my mission.. i didnt think companions would be one of them.. I've learned a ton though.. the Lord sure can pick 'em.. if you ever think the Lord doesnt know you .. you can rely on my testimony.. He does.

Well my comp is done i have to go.. i hope the pics go through though...

Happy Birthday lanersssssssss!! hope you have an amazing day.. be prepared for art in the form of mail.. i love you so much! Jestes dla mine przycyna tego.. dlaczego ja zye kazdego dnia, dlaczego ja odpokutuje bo jestes tak doskonala ze ja sie staram byc lepszym

kocham cie calego serca mego

Elder Daly

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Bob said...

Great pictures, El. Sean! Hang in there with the trunky companion and your Prez. You're working for the Lord and He ALWAYS takes care of His dedicated servants. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day.