Monday, August 25, 2008

August 25, 2008...more door troubles

Last week before transfers.. yeahhhs.. we had a pretty interesting week this week..

so i met this middle aged woman about 2 weeks ago on a white board and we talked a little about the catholic church and our church. the differences and what not.. and the whole time i was talking to her she kept getting closer and closer.. so naturally i kept backing up, shuffling backwards, retreating. It was a little weird but i just kinda brushed it off .. there are weird people in the world and ive met quite the gamut of personalities out here. i gave her a pass along card with our number and my name but that was about it. I forgot about it shortly after.. then this week elder stinnett gets a call from her while we were on exchanges. Stinnett tells me about her.. says she didnt want to talk with him just with me.. i had no idea who it was even when i called her up. Anyways i ask her if she wants to meet with us and she sets up for the next day. We meet her at the metro stop right outside our chapel. She shows up wearing a pretty interesting outfit .. i instantly recognize her and feel completely awkward .. oh it was bad.. when she noticed i had a companion she seemed pretty disappointed.. we start walking to our chapel and im pretty sure she had no idea what we were going to be meeting about.. which i guess is my fault because i never clarified in the phone call i just assumed. Anyways we start meeting with her.. teaching a first and its going ok until we get to the apostasy. She starts telling us about how she died and came back to life... and while she was dead she saw a light and felt the love of God embracing her. somehow this led her to believe that the Catholic church is true and that the Pope is the man.. she was kinda crazy.. we kinda dodged our way around that and told her that was great then taught about the restoration..taught about why the pope is cool but doesnt have the authority. She thought it was an interesting.. it was a kinda weird lesson.. we tried to give her a book of mormon..we asked if she would be interested in meeting again .. she set up.. im not excited about it but we figured we'd give her one more chance.

Last Sunday Gonzalves and Henrie came over to eat lunch after church because we needed to do a couple hour exchange in order for gonzo to go to a DL meeting and for Henrie to go to a meeting they had set up at the same time.. so me and gonzo head off a couple minutes before them to get to his meeting... as im leaving our apartment i lock the door cause im so used to it.. didnt think twice about it... elder stinnett and henrie spent the next 2 hours in the apartment.. missed their meeting. apparently polish locks .. when you lock the door from the outside.. you cant open it from the inside.. dont ask me why.. or how but its true.. so i felt pretty rad after that. my luck with keys and locks and stuff, undeniably davage.

we met with piotr he also came to sports saturday.. rocked our world at soccer.. hes doing good.

i love you all! have a most niesamowity week.. one month lysh dawwg!! i mean... siostra lyshdawwg! keep those brazilians at bay.

laners and cam have fun starting school up again. during dinner break every so often stinnett and i teach each other things.. i tried to teach about DNA replication.. couldnt remember like anything.. im done for when i start school again.. i ended up teaching call of duty


elder daly

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Be careful with the Polish babushkas, El. Sean :))