Monday, May 19, 2008

May 18, 2008..New whiteboard contact!

Wat upp family! Once again I have like no time to write this, we have to take off and get to work pretty soon here... so my week.. I contacted this guy on a whiteboard the other day named Andziej, he was way tight I got his number. Called him up, set up.. and wouldn’t you know it he showed up. Taught him a first which went well, it was interesting being in on a sit down lesson with a companion that speaks Polish about as good as I do, there were a couple of times where we had to have him repeat some questions because we didn’t understand him.. but over all I think he was understanding what we were throwing his way.. He’s in love with Deuel because they are the same age and this guy Andziej smokes like a south east African bonfire... and Deuel just laid down the truth and was like.. ‘i smoked 2 packs a day for 4 years and when i found out this church was true and never had one again..’ so yeah, he’s got some other issues too with our moral standards and wat not.. but atleast he is sincere about finding out the truth, we are meeting with him again this week, hopefully he read. He came to a couple of activities we had this week. We had the BYU folk dance team come to Warsaw and perform.. man they are pure talent, it was a way good time. It was great to see Americans, especially from BYU.. there were some awesome Poles that showed up dressed like cowboys and they brought a confederate flag.. haha it was something else. They all started chanting U.. S....A ! At the end of the performance.. I bought a new camera, basically the same one I had... not as cool though. i got more numbers this week than any time ever on my mission.. woot sauce, thanks heavens for summer! my comp is a cool guy, and yeah we lost our phone so i havent been able to send any mail this week, sorry sorry! i gotta head out, love you all!


Bob said...

Thanks, Caran!

Jill said...

Elder Sean is amazing! I love his happy positive and upbeat attitude! Thanks for sharing, Caran and Mark, I hope my boys turn out as good as yours, my girls too!