Monday, May 26, 2008

May 26, 2008..Happy Memorial Day!

alright alright i apologize for the second rate emails ive been sending y'all... i've got a little more time to write so we'll see if we can make some creative magic happen. so we've been teaching this guy named andrzej (andziej?, i dunno polish spelling is impossible) and he's a pretty interesting guy.. think ive told you a little about him. 24 yr old half -hoolie, half really nice guy.. he's got a big heart, he just doesnt really take life seriously. Anywho we taught him a second lesson this week and ..well.. lets just say it was kind of a struggle. First off i dont speak Polish..despite my attempts to trick you into thinking i do.. im going to be completely honest in this edition of 'On the Brink of Apostasy Daily' .. i dont. My companion is sinking in the same boat with me .. anyways long story short and hundreds of wasted language studys regretted.. we ended up discussing the fall of adam and eve for an hour and a half with andrzej. He kept throwing out these questions like.. what physically changed about them after they took the fruit? why couldnt they have children before the fall? why did God give them a commandment he wanted them to break? How was it according to God's will? What kind of fruit was it exactly? ...i ended up frantically drawing this diagram on the board with incorrectly spelled polish words everywhere and yeah we didnt really get anywhere i think at some point i threw in some molecular orbitals with some hybrids... that seemed to quell his concerns for a few minutes. It was a rough lesson .. and my companion is a convert so like sometimes he doesnt know some of the particulars of the Gospel. He was telling Andrzej that murders go to outer darkness no question and that Hitler was there too... I corrected him but i could tell Andrzej was a little skeptical ... ugh just a flustering experience.. i tried to save it by bearing my testiomony at the end.. hopefully he felt something there. Anyway that was on saturday and we had sports saturday after that.. played soccer and v-ball and basketball etc.. andrzej stayed the whole time it was a lot of fun. Towards the end of the night after we had some food Andrzej needed to go for a smoke (he loves that stuff, sigh) so him and i went outside and talked then threw the football around a little bit. He taught me some Polish slang.. not sure wat percentage of it was vulgar.. still need to look those up before i start saying them.. after that we started talking about life and wat not. I asked him that if he received an answer that the book of mormon was true if he would change his life.. he kinda gave me a weird look and was like, im already changing my life, i dont drink anymore. I was like, for real? you dont? Then he said, well yeah i mean like right now.. im not drinking.. im with you. Hahah.. he then tried to convince me that beer is healthy. Hmm.. he did say that he would change faiths if he found out if it was true. I dunno its tough with him, Ive got faith he can change but ive yet to see any desire or try-face in his countenance.

Then yesterday we had a convert baptism in our branch! yeahhhhhh babies.. it was the first baptism in the mission for the month of May and it was elder wood and mcrae's investigator. wood is our Dl.. mcrae is a new trainee, and pretty much one of my favorite people in the mission ( a farmer from homedale, ID nonetheless... represent.) Andrzej didnt come to church but he did come to the baptism which was tight. Filling the font was quite the epic journey. The faucet dealio for the font was spitting out this rusty freezing cold glacier run off so we resorted to the kitchen sink, which isnt exactly the cleanest water in the world.. after about 20 buckets of that water the hot water ran out so we started boiling water on the stove in huge pans and then mixing it with the cold water.. 3 hours and like 3243432 buckets later we had a full font with water that had kind of a greenish algae hue to it. Tobiasz was the investigator that got baptized.. i told him that the green was proof that the Holy Ghost was present, cause thats HG's favorite color... nah, im not that blasphemous.

Andrzej like the baptism i think he wouldnt really give me a straight answer. He just joked a lot about it the whole time.. kinda being punk-ish.

I had some good larry experiences this week but they are kinda long, oh i love larrys.

I talked to this one girl on a whiteboard for like 30 mins and im pretty sure it is to date the best conversation I've had with a Pole on a whiteboard, with a walking talking pole anyways (ha.. ha.. yeah sorry, that wasnt funny) i taught her a pretty basic first and she asked how i got my answer.. i said prayer.. she asked how i knew that answer was from God.. i told her it was a feeling and kinda described the feeling.. but she still didnt think that was good enough.. i asked her if I would be living the way im living and be here in Poland by my own choice if i didnt truly receive and answer from God and didnt know it was true. She said she guesses it could be true but she needs more time to wonder or like ponder on it.. she was the chillest most down to earth pole ever.. why cant i get more of those everyday.

We went to the Bazaar this morning with a bunch of missionaries hahaha it was the greatest ever. Den of thieves for the win though for sure. There are police everywhere checking to make sure stuff is legal. I was walking with some elders and most the people that work there are either asian or russian.. they know like 6 words in polish .. "filma, muzyka, dvd" anyways im looking at the euro dress shoes that have the pointy toes (i wanted them so bad, not sure if pres would approve though) then all the sudden this black guy comes up to me and asked me what i was looking for.. "i got some dress shoes for ya man follow me" so yeah shady black guy leading me up to this parking lot 200 feet away from the rest of the bazaar where there were like 30 other black guys...ofcourse i followed him. (if lysha was there and i the guy was asking me if i wanted candy i woulda asked mom first though ;-) ) so he takes me up there and there were a 3 other elders with me and it was all these black guys decked out in niicce clothes with expensive cars.. he pops open the trunk and pulls out all these like legit american pumas and nikes hahah oh it was hilarious.. i got out of there quick though. Good times, so yeah thats been my week so far, we got some sweet set ups this week so things are looking up for us.

I love you all so much, have a niesamowity week

na razie

Elder Daly

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Loved it! God bless you, El. Sean.