Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5, 2008...Happy Cinco de mayo!

it was cinco de mayo today, a special day. Especially for the people of Poland. For it was on this day 162 years ago that the people of Mexico fought for their independence from china, and won... so we had quite the party in warsaw to celebrate such an occurence of importance. We played 3 hours of soccer with Poles and then had some Polish mexican food which was actually pretty decent just way overpriced. So yeah i made it to warsaw. I went from the second nicest apartment in the mission to what might be the worst. But its cozy and thats what counts. Our area isnt the best either but i think i might have told you in my last email.. we dont have areas anymore. President Engbjerg just threw em out the window. So our apartment is pretty far from anything good but we are free to roam Warsaw as we will... and we have.. and yet will. Man the city is ginormous. Centrum is out of control.. so much to see, so many people, I love it already. We have our own real building that our branch meets in. About 70 ish maybe more members, its amazing I love it. I do miss the small branch small district feel but we see so many missionaries all the time here .. its good times. So yeah thats my life.. lot of packing and moving and traveling and unpacking. Love the new trainees, they already speak better Polish than me. So yeah life is good.. my companion Deuel is hardcore awesome. He used to be catholic.. converted at 20.. hes 23, he rocks. i gotta go though.. pday is just about over. Umm what else what else.. my address, i dont have, but you can just send me stuff at the Mission office on polczynska and ill get. Love you all, thanks for the emails, hopefully i can reply to them next week. elder o'daly

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