Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16, 2008...girl on the street

hey fam.. We got back way late from our pday trip today so thisll be a shorty

we taught a girl named Agnieszka this week.. that was this week right? hope i didnt tell you about this already. She's this one girl.. like mid 20's.. that i gave a book of mormon to on the street.. which i usually don't do cause yeah.. we usually like to meet with them first. Anywho, we met with her in this park in downtown warsaw which is to say the least magical. Me Deuel and her were just chilling on this bench on this goooorgeous summer afternoon, sun peeking through the trees, light breeze, actually President Monson was on his usual afternoon stroll and he stopped and said a few words, he bauched a couple of the words but I dont think he studies polish everyday so i can forgive that. It was basically the polish version of the sacred grove.. we taught her about the restoration and she seemed down with all of it. There has yet to be a time on my mission where there wasnt an intense rush of the spirit as soon as the story and vision of Joseph Smith were taught.

We went to this siiicky tight town today called Kazimierz Dolny. I got some sweet bonus excited, promise to send some soon. Elder McRae and I have discovered 'art' on our missions. So my photography skills have septupled. By discovering art i mean he showed me how to turn my camera to the black and white setting and 'sepia.' my pictures have never been so beautiful.

We had two baptisms in our Zone this weekend.. both Africans as a matter of fact. The brothers love the Gospel here in Poland, they are great people. Andrzej has been kind of MIA this week.. we are supposed to call him tonight to set up.. the eurocup has been going on so i figure thats part of the reason.

Happy Fathers day! I love you Dad, sorry I dont have time to send you an email this week.. i will next week. Thanks for everything you do. me and an elder had a talk about wakeboarding on the bus ride today... made me trunky... and made me miss you

have a great week family. love you


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Bob said...

Thank you for posting, Caran...I love to read El. Sean's e-mails.