Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30, 2008..transfers again...........

Hey fam. We got transfer calls this week.. yikes-a-bee where does the time go huh. I'm switching companions and Zones .. again. Im staying in Warsaw though, im just in the warsaw-south boundaries now. I've now served in all 4 zones of the mission. CrazZZzy sauce for sure. Im going with Elder Stinett who is an old man in this mission. He dies in a few months. I've met him a couple times hes a fun guy.. cowboy-type, wayy loud, loves lifting weights.. protein shake entrepreneur .. match made in heaven, no? im excited to go with him, our district is going to be way sicky too.

Let's see excitement of the week...

our district went out to Godfreys place and did yard work.. all day. It's a good thing Im so chisled from the hours upon hours of manual labor I did back in Idaho. It was a good feeling to pick up where i left off. It was kinda like that one time I went to the fieldhouse to lift weights having never experienced the straight, pure joy that comes from lifting sweaty pieces of iron... by the end i couldnt hold my cell phone to my ear... it was actually a lot of fun though, im going to miss my district.

Alright souls are perishing on every side, we've got to head.

however, im still in warsaw.. close to the mission office.. packages are always welcome

i love you all so much! have a most excellent week.

brak mi was

ya za tob¹ tez têskiê

starszy codziennie

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