Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2, 2008

Chileeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats freaking tiiiighttt!!! Ah lysh im so excited for you, you get to go see dads people. You are going to be famous down there already.. people will see the name Daly on your tag and invite you straight over for dinner. Congrats, that really is so cool. Well this week was good... andrzej came to institute and to church (in a suit and tie nonetheless, he was looking mighty fine) he's been reading.. but says he still hasnt received a confirmation it's true. He needs to stop smoking, drinking, partying.... basically stop living like a pole or I dont think he's going to get one... he doesnt really have that desire to change yet.. maybe soon. We are going to throw down some serious Word of wisdom, faith and obedience lesson this week.

Went on exchanges with Mcrae, he's awesome.. we taught like 30 street lessons and got a handful of numbers .. definitely a magical miracle-filled day.. exchanges always seem to be like that though...

we have a lesson soon, so i gotta get out

i love you all, congrats again lysha!

dobregooo dnia