Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008..miracles do happen

Co u was slychac'?!

sorry i wasnt able to get an email out yesterday... me and elder Deuel had a run in with some pretty trashed hoolis, Deuel could only take so many before he got a trident to the heart, i was fortunate enough just to get a stab wound to my left kidney. So this is from a laptop im using at the Warszawa Institute of Medicine.

This week.. hmm this week... twas kind of a depressing week. Obviously with the events of yesterday it kind all got topped off with a cherry of irony. All of our progressing investigators are no longer progressing. They are busy with school and work, which is understandable, i know how that goes. But i dunno cause like Jared and I always found time to meet with the Jehowahs witnesses at byu every week.. and we were busy men. We helped Godfrey in our branch move homes. I think i told you about Godfrey? He's the one from Zimbabwe .. his wife and kids are still there on the brink of death. He's an amazing man. There are 6 Christlike attributes in Preach My Gospel. We call him the seventh. So we got all his stuff out basically the closet he was living in and moved him out to this house that a few other members are living in. Its a wway nice place Im excited for him. Its like 30 minutes outside of the boundaries of Warsaw. So that was good times doing that for him.
Had kind of a mircale this week. Deuel and I were contacting people.. getting rejected, alot. I tried stopping this couple and they gave me the cold shoulder, actually it was like a bjillion degress out so it was a pretty warm shoulder, slightly sweaty. We kept walking and stopping people then we turned around and started heading back the way we came. On the way back the guy from the couple stopped us and lead us over to this bench in the park where is girl was chilaxin. He was like "we have 20 minutes, tell us what you are all about" ... so we did. they were amazingly nice people.. got his number. miracle.

Alright i gotta head to zone pday.. we are playing sports today woot.

hes a quick half haiku for a friend thats been edited.

Souls in the balance
Water buffalo ablaze
Poland, I love this place.

i love you all have an amazing week.

milosc bez granic dzis i na zawsze

do zo..

elder daly


Vanessa said...

What a funny writer :) Haha! I'm glad he had a miracle this week. Thanks for the update!

Bob said...

El. Sean is the MAN!

bricarr said...

Elder Daly-

Just wanted to inform you that I met a MARVELOUS [& beautiful] girl today that wanted me to give a little shout out to you. :) She is in my English 150 at BYU. Her name is Julia, but you probably know her as Sister McGarry.
She had nothing but the greatest things to say about you as a missionary and as a friend.