Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1, 2008 . . .finding the "Elder" within

Wow its september... I remember this time last year I was doing exactly what lysh is doing right now.. chilling at home, prepping for the mish ...probably not as effectively as lysh is.. nonetheless prepping. Now its september and i can already sense a season change in the weather.. ohhhh i fear winter ohh goshh.. nah it wont be that bad.. especially because i wont be in warsaw for the winter.. ill be in one of the ugliest cities in poland.. oh i am pumped. I am going to Bydgoszcz with Elder Slagowski he is from the youngest group of elders in the mish except for these new ones coming in and he rocks.. i met him at mission conference this last friday. Oh yeah.. we had mission conference last friday.. all the missionaries in Poland came to warsaw because Elder Perry was passing through on a trip around Europe. It was incredible, he is the definition of pure 100% .. 10 feet from the veil (not cause he's old) We all got to shake his hand and he stared into our souls. He is a big man.. like 6'3 or something.. my hand was purple after the shake. He along with some other Area Authorities gave some just stellar to the max talks, I loved it. He also had a fireside for members and investigators that night... Piotr was supposed to come but never made it.. Elder Perry also spoke at church on Sunday. We combined the two warsaw branches at the legit chapel in the first branch. Maja came to the sacrament meeting and there definitely never was a better sacrament to have an investigator at.. especially for her first time ever coming to church. Needless to say.. she loved it and she is also progressing because she let us know she is reading the Book of Mormon.. yeahhs. We had our second meeting with her earlier this week and it was al lot better than the first.. she wasn't really all that crazy. We reviewed a first with her because we didnt think a lot of the things we taught her really soaked in.. She still had a lot of questions but for the most part she seems to understand our point of view now she just needs to renew her knowledge and testimony of it through prayer and reading the scriptures.. we our teaching her a plan of salvation tonight before we hand her off to the sisters who are taking over for us when stinnett and i leave (our apartment is getting shutdown.. it rocks.. warsaw has gone from 42 to 20 missionaries now since engbjerg got here.. its exactly what poland needs, warsaw has been dominated by missionaries)

so yeah im sad to be leaving this branch.. just like ive been sad to leave every other branch because 2 months is just enough time to start to get to know the members .. to start having them trust you and then i get yanked out.. im praying i stay in bydgoszcz for 4-6 months. ive heard it is far and away the best branch in poland because it actually functions like its supposed to haha.. ahh i joke the branches in Poland do ok.. but it is a far cry from the wards i grew up in.

im way grateful for my last 4 months in warsaw.. if there is one thing the mission has done for sure it has made me realize that ... well basically ...i suck... haha ... without the Lord im way untalented.. ill be honest there have been those days where after being rejected a bjillion times i start relying on my personality and enthusiasm.. im never as effective. With the Lord im pretty alright though haha. I can start to feel myself becoming the missionary the Lord wants me to become.. i still doubt ill ever reach my full potential out here but I have found and am yet striving for a balance. A balance that i didnt initially think was a part of missionary work before i came out here. A balance between Sean and Elder Daly.. my personality and the Spirit, my weird jokes and funny accent, and my testimony. Finding that balance along with living with a companion kinda rocked my world when i first got to Poland.. now im starting to make more sense out of it though.. so thats good. sorry for that ...ah the mission rocks though.. be so excited lysh you are going to d o m i n a t e... the chilean people are going to love you and your awesomeness. and whiteness.

laners ap calculus yeahhhhh another subject you can teach me when i get back. yeah ap govt was a toughy i remember... alot of boring articles you have to read.. do you have Corey? he was the worst.. i fell asleep all the time then he would make me stand in the back of the class room to stay awake during his lectures.. if it makes you feel any better the ap exam for it was wayy easy.. youll pwn it if you stick with it. and its only a semester right? than you take AP econ from collins?

trzymajcie sie ... sciskam serdecznie

Elder Daly


C and C Beecher said...

so, awesome pictures of your trip caran dear! did you post them or did a-lee-c-ya? : ) (better give your mom some computer lessons before you leave the country)
sean sounds really happy. what a great email.
we are excited to come for your farewell Alysia. Craig has a football game that Saturday at 10am. So, we won't be in Idaho until after dinner time. It's also Chris' birthday the 20th! it's a busy weekend. Oh yeah baby! i LOVE the parties! : )

Bob said...

El. Sean on FIRE!

Ben N Nessa said...

Love Sean's letters :)