Monday, September 15, 2008

September 14, 2008...Learning the ropes of a DL and district conference in Warsaw

First full week in bydgoszcz! yeahhh... unfortunately it was kinda a shorty because we had exchanges and district conference in warsaw. I went on an exchange with elder shettell who is the DL in one of the new cities recently opened. It was cool cuz it was the first exchange ive been on with someone from my mtc group.. i think. We had a good time together... we had a meeting where the zone leaders learned us how to be dl's .. i thought it would be cake to be a dl..false.. ive failed so far.. more to come on that. Then shettell and i had a meeting with this former investigator, older woman. she was pretty chill but way catholic and kinda crazy and she fed us alot of sub par polish food. It was pretty funny cuz even after studying and speaking this language everyday for 10 months shettell and i didnt understand alot of the things she was saying...granted she was talking about the construction of large oil tankers for a while.. still pretty humbling. We shared some scriptures with her but she let us know that she was born and will die catholic.

The next day i went on zone leader exchanges with Elder Whipple.. who is also in my district.. hes superman .. one of the coolest missionaries out here.. he reminds me alot of jordan .. just way funny and chill. We rocked the streets basically all day.. talked with just tons of cool people. even got some free fruit from a babcia grandma lady.

Then i had a couple days of solid work with my boy slagowski.. we had a meeting with a investigator named Irek.. it was a pretty good meeting but he doesnt really have the .. want.. i can speak english.. to progress in the gospel.. he thinks its cool but he doesnt want to read the book of mormon. He's investigating the confuciunist church.. way of life .. rather...we tried to throw down and tell him about how there is only one church of christ and why the authority is so important.. we couldnt really get to him though... we are going to visit him again this week and teach him about the plan of salvation and see if we can get some sort of flame burning... then we got a referral from the office of a girl that requested to have the missionaries visit and deliver a Book of mormon. She didnt give her number on the internet just her address.. so me and slags traveled out to this little city about a 45 minute bus ride outside of bydgoscz.. and our minds were running wild at the possibilities of who she was going to be.. my bet was on a 17 year old deaf asian girl with nubs for legs. turned out she wasnt there at all so we had to leave a pass along card .. she hasnt called yet so we are going to go out there again this week.

District Conference was this week for all the branches in the north poland and the warsaw branch. it was a pretty intense weekend especially because i got to meet some of the new missionaries among them an elder rushton .. we tried to throw him a curve but he wasnt fooled .. he was a way good sport about the whole thing and it was by far the most awkward 20 minutes of my life.. it was almost hard to breathe cuz the room was so thickly arrayed with tension.. i was impressed with how he handled it though he was a way nice guy.

President Engbjerg spoke at district conference among others but i havent heard such a good talk in a long time it was definitely one ill remember. I also got a package that made my life! thank you so much for sending all that stuff.. it was all perfect.. i looked at the pictures over and over for like an hour they were so good. thanks again.

That is pretty much news.. sorry these things are getting way boring and im losing any mojo that i ever had... haha im loving it up here though.. we had a lot of success this week as far as getting numbers from people.. we got flaked alot.. but the people were so open and seemed to love us more than they usually do. Im so excited to see what happens this transfer.... cam thanks for reminding i have just over a year left! haha that was way funny.. time is moving so fast its scary.. people to go places to see for sure.

no im not colorblind i know the world is black and white ...

Love z calego mego serca

Elder Daly


C and C Beecher said...

i could feel the awkward tension through the computer screen!

Bob said...

You'll be a great district leader, El. Sean! Keep working and lay off the curve balls to new missionaries.