Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008

Alrighty alrighty ... well it wasnt the week of incredible miracles that i hoped it would be but we still saw some for sure. We had zone conference this week which is always a good time. They taught alot about the importance of members. The members in Bydgoszcz are amazing and we've already had the chance to meet for a minute with a couple of families. But most the branch have been members for 15-20 years and have been rung dry with missionaries asking for referrals... which pretty much leaves finding to us which is cruddy because the best way is always through members.

We went out to Solec Kujawski this week and to be honest it was pretty rough. Veronika's mom answered and she was a couple points short of a touchdown if you know what i mean. She was kinnnda crazy. Veronika wasnt there.. we asked if she or her family would be interested and she told us maybe another time because she was busy making apple pie... pie huh... i wasnt going down that easy so me and slags try to reiterate the importance of our message .. nope... apple pie was more important. We asked for a number or a return time that we could come back and teach and she wasn't cooperative on either front.. so kurCza! .. so we are going to come back once again in a week or two probably.. its kinda of a time eater to go out there... after we got rejected by apple pie woman we tried to find jolanda... we tracted a few bloks.. 2 hours later nothing so that left us kinda down.. by the time that ended it was night and we had another hour until our bus.. so we walked through the completely silent and foggy solec singing in polish at the top of our lungs.. we saw two people in an hour and one of them gave us his number so that was cool.

We had another plethera of flakes this week.. but we did have an investigator come to church.. his name is wojtek and he is an eternal that has been investigating for about 5 years and has had a bundle of baptisimal dates... everytime it doesnt go through because he cant stop smoking and drinking... he moved about a month before i got to bydgoszcz.. he lives 200 km away now and only comes to bydgoszcz a couple times a month... but when he does come down he usually comes to church. It was good to have him there the members were really excited to see him again. We have a meeting with him tonight so we'll see what we can do.. he is in a tough situation. We have a third meeting with tomasz this week and we are getting this awesome member named wojtek actually on the lesson.

Other than that.. we met some interesting folks last night.. we got free pizza from a larry man.. had some 12 year old girls that wanted slagowski's body, set up with a kid our age from ukraine that is learning polish and speaks about like us, and we had a run in with a group of about 10 way funny hoolis that let us teach them about the book of mormon. they were loving us.. they asked when armageddon is.. i told them i didnt know for sure.. then they told me to let them know when Book of Mormon 2 comes out because they are pretty sure that that will have the answer. haha oh and we finally got people to come to english! 2 moms came and dropped off their 6 and 7 year old daughters that hardly speak polish... oh man ill never forget singing the alphabet song with them.... classic memory of the mish number 34432.

the people of poland are simply the coolest.

i love you guys oh so much



Bob said...

The irrespressible, El. Sean!!!

Ben N Nessa said...

BoM 2...haha :)