Monday, September 8, 2008

September 7, 2008...Transfered to Bydgoszcz

well i made it to bydgoszcz in one piece.. this last week was pretty crazy. stinnett and i had one last meeting with maja before we took off... she seemed like she was getting more normal... nope.. she's completely crazy. we taught her the whole plan of salvation but i dont think anything really stuck. She said she had been reading but i doubt it.. at the end of the meeting we told her how we were going to be moving to different cities and she was way upset. As we were walking her back to the metro she gave me another catholic book.. she signed the inside cover of this one... psycho... that's alright the sisters get her now :-)

The new missionaries arrived earlier this week... unfortunately i didnt get to meet them.. they came to the trainstation like 5 minutes after my train left for bydgoszcz (bid-go-shh-ch) ... szkoda... and coincidentally or not.. out of the whole group of new trainees.. none of them are in my zone. I love my new district up here... my comp is the man. and bydgoscz is officially my new favorite city in poland... i love it, its way beautiful. I've met more JW's in thelast 2 days than the previous 8 months.. a pair of 'sister' jw missionaries taught me their first lesson... even extended me a commitment to read their watchtower flyer.. i was impressed. I led my first district meeting yesterday.. it was way fun... in bydgoszcz we arent allowed to whiteboard due to the laws here.. so ive been suffering the past couple of days thinking of a way we can get around that... because just trying to straight up stop people and ask them about religion is really tough in poland.. heck anywhere.. so i decided we are going to rock bydgoszcz with clipboards instead of whiteboards. we'll see how it works out.. the branch here is incredible. i had do go to the ward council meeting yesterday and they get stuff done. It is the most normal just straight up amazing branch in poland.

As far as investigators there isnt a ton going on up here right now. But we have some good potential so we'll see.

ill get some pics of my wicked attic apartment and bydgoszcz up next week.


elder daly

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