Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elder Daly~November 10, 2009....ONE MORE WEEK LEFT IN POLAND!

this week was weird.

i headed back to my roots for the first time since i left elder dutys nest ... elder hughes and i drove down first to katowice and went on exchanges with elder brown and anderton. Elder anderton and i contacted all day and had a blast and a lot of success... set up with a few way cool people, had an interesting encounter with a drunk girl and to top off the day we got let in trakting and taught a way cool couple.

then we drove the next morning to my wroclaw ... it was so trippy, like driving down flashback avenue. But it reconfirmed what ive told everyone my whole mission.. wroclaw is far and away my favorite city in poland, and probably the best in the universe ... i went with elder brewster and it was another day of contacting but way miraculous...at one point we were ladder contacting and talking to different people at the same time... i finished my conversation and headed to pass him by and talk to the next person until i recognized the woman he was talking to! her name is krystyna and i vaguely recalled her face from the one meeting elder duty and i had with her almost 2 years ago.. she had a baptisimal date when elder duty and i entered the area but was having concerns and moved to the states shortly after we met her and we lost contact completely. Now she has just recently moved back to Poland and she set up with us and is excited to meet with missionaries again! just another strength to my firm conviction that God leads and guides us and His work.

elder stohel and i met with bogdan last night... our member flaked us unfortunately but the lesson was still great. We think he's received the answer to get baptized but he still needs a llittle time to think things over and pray.. friday is our next meeting so pray for him :-)

Well the whole mission missionaries come and leave and it doesnt really seem like the day will ever come but now with one full week of work left im starting to freak out a little bit, ...alright a lot a bit... i feel bad for my companion ive been a emotional mess of mood swings lately. but thank you family for your support and love for the past couple years... and thank you even more for the previous 19 years of preparation its made all the difference out here for me....as you all know too well i dont usually like to get too spiritual or emotional in these emails so i hope that sufficeth for now.. i love you guys

elder daly


C and C Beecher said...

sniff.... sniff... I can't imagine how he must feel!

Steph said...

wow...we're excited to see him, but it will definitely be an adjustment!

Bob said...

Can't wait to see you, El. Sean...Finish strong!