Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elder Daly~November 3, 2009....polish cemetaries, surprise visit & rockin' open house

holy molies november came out of nowhere! i dunno if that means that christmas music if officially legal??? but for the sake of not having to listen to efy look and live for the bjillionth time im throwing in some motab christmas...

how was your guys' halloween?? ours was pretty uneventful.. we took a journey into the polish cemetaries and froze to death... i wasnt as into it as last year but the respect the polish people show for their departed loved ones is unmatched for atleast one weekend of the year. A trillion candles, flowers, and prayers being muttered by families huddled around endless fields of graves... its a cool sight... buuuut ...trick or treating is way better.

the week was way tough for meetings for some reason. Lots of no-shows coupled with too much ineffective contacting. We are trying to limit the hours we spend on the streets cuz it reallly is the most ineffective thing ever... we visited some members and had a way good fireside on friday.. and guess who showed up! my brother Lukasz came down from szczecin.. he went with elder stohel and I for a day, ah i love him so much. we spent a couple hours working an open house we had at the chapel.. the chapel sits right in between 2 of the biggest cemetaries in warsaw so we had a good flow of people coming in to check us out and have some 'mormon' fruit tea and crumpets.. then we went out and contacted and showed lukasz around a little bit. He rocked one of my name tags and was lighting the streets up with his testimony, it was the coolest experience. Brother wilkinson from CES came and did a fireside for all the youth also a wonderful shin dig.

Greg.. our brotha from sunset blvd. is sick and injured ... so no updates there.

Bogdan.. this guy is getting cooler and cooler with each meeting. we invited him to be baptized yesterday, he was hesitant, but said he'd pray about it. he's mid 30's and studied catholic theology for a decade so he's naturally kinda takenaback about the whole deal... but we watched the testaments with him 2 meetings ago and he was rocked by the Spirit... and this last meeting was also full of it so we really feel he's going to accept it in the near future.

thanks for the letter ness :-) laners thanks again for scoring me those great classes

have a great week! love you guys so much

elder sean


Bob said...

Elder Sean finishing strong!

Ben N Nessa said...

Ya....trick or treating sounds a little more fun ;)