Monday, November 9, 2009

Hermana Daly~November 9, 2009........listening to the spirit

Hola familia!!Hope all is well!! We are happy here in Iquique because we were able to have our two baptismal dates by yesterday to meet the goal of Presidente Urra and not ship us off to another sector. It was a week of lots of walking, looking, and testing. But we were able to pull through and keep the faith through our scripture study each morning. Our studies were all centered on faith in Christ, the importance of the Spirit, and being diligent and PATIENT. After a week of lots of working in the sun and with lots of patience, we were blesed with weekend miracles!We were able to work saturday afternoon with one of our zone leaders to help us put a baptismal date. We had lots of success in finding new investigadors and then the last lesson of the day Elder Novoa set a baptismal date with our investigador Yahaira. It was great!!! She only needed to attend church the next day to keep the date. But then sunday morning brought more tests with our other jovencita with a baptismal date having doubts and then Yahaira couldn´t come to Church. We were a little desperate. But we talked to Nadia, the jovencita, who had doubts because of her family and told her to pray that night. Our last hope was that Douglas, an investigador that we had stopped visiting to see if he really wanted to commit and make the change. He showed up to Church and we were so happy!! He said that he has felt good about everything and has been reading and praying and wants to get baptized. Miracle!!! We set a baptismal date with him right after church. The only thing is that he moved out of our sector last week and needs to move back if he wants to stay in our ward, which is does. So we are praying lots and will be looking for a place for him to live this week.So that was our sunday miracle!! We know that there are more tests to come and Satan doesn´t want us to bring four people into the gospel by the end of this year, but we have the faith!! Love you all!! Lots of faith and lots of sharing the gospel this christmas season!!! Have a great week!!! -Hermana Daly


Ben N Nessa said...

Thanks for the reminder of sharing the gospel this season... :)

Bob said...

Love your persistence, Hma. Alysia.