Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Elder Daly~November 17, 2009.....signing off from Poland!

This week i had my last zone conference and sacrament meeting. Hopefully i got all the tears out i needed to so that you alls can understand me during my homecomming talk. Zone conference was SO good. Elder Kerr from Scotland of some 70 of some quoroum ... came and taught.. it was one of the best.. the next day we had interviews and i had mine with Elder Kerr himself.. i got to ask him some questions and he counseled me about life after the mission... i tried to get him to just prophesy it for me so i wouldnt have to freak out so much... but no go..

Bogdan came to church! He was there and he was getting some serious doses of the Spirit.. we had a meeting with him after church and he committed to read, pray, and come to church on a regular basis. He expressed his desire to find out for himself of the truthfulness of the message... we have one last meeting with him tonight.

see you on saturday :-)

elder daly


Bob said...

Well done, Elder Sean!

Nate and Liz said...

YAY! congrats Sean! I wish I could be there!