Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 7...settling in and playing guns

dobry dzien wam!

i got all transfered this week a whole 2 trainstops down from my old place. It was more difficult that it sounds though.. nevertheless i made it. I love my new companion he's a way funny guy.. still rocking and shocking too. We've had a lot of success just in the couple days we've worked together. This week nothing too exciting happened I'm trying to think of some of the highlights of my week... alright heres kind of a funny story.. kind of

last pday we went and play sports with everyone and the park. Elder McRae and I were hanging out shooting some ball and wat not... he got tired of me throwing down t-mac off the backboard dunks so he saw these polish kids playing "guns" with tree branches and well mcrae is from idaho.. he enjoys a good game of guns.. heck i do as well when occassion permits.. so him and i go find some tree branches and cautiously make our way toward this group of 10 kids.. they catch sight of us and send out their leader to talk some shop. The other 9 follow behind him a ways off. I ask him if we can play. He immediately asks if I'm a pole.. "no im american" ... "oh, well you guys cant play because we have already made plans and you wont understand the passwords" ... im like.."szkoda, but we are way good i promise." .... then all the sudden im not sure what happened, i think McRae fired the first shot... but they all start running after us.. i tried to lay down some cover fire but there were too many. The next 10 to 15 minutes they purused to run around the park after us.. it was all fun and games until they started javelin-ing their sticks at us. Luckily McRae and I are pretty quick so we came out unharmed. It was pretty fun though.. it was like 10 little polish camerons running around with tree branches.

Alright now the important stuff... the work. This week was kind of lame because it was transfer week and I was with Elder Deuel. We basically shopped and packed and cleaned (we had to close down our apartment) for three days before transfers. And then transfer day was what it usually is. Hectic crazyness.. missionaries coming and going.. helping people get all of their luggage on to moving trains .. saying goodbye to dying missionaries and hello to the new ones. We only had one new missioanry this transfer it was a Sister missionary (my death sister, she goes home with me). She's cool.. she's being trained in Gdansk. So basically that left the weekend to work and that's exactly what we did. Stinett is way good at the language so that has been kind of a breath of fresh air. We threw down and got a bunch of numbers which we are going to need a lot of because once again ive walked into an area book of absolutely no investigators ...woot... and since i left the north zone i had to hand off my investigators from ursus to the elders up there in the north. So yeah thats been the work ive talked to a lot of cool people the last few days.. and yeah.. i love it..i leave my testimony with everyone i can find and i know the Lord will bless me with people to teach whether it's now or in 10 months. I'm feeling baptism this transfer for suure! ..just gotta find someone first.. Oh and polish is good.. im still awful but i get by :-)

happy fourth of july! we just had a small little bbq with some half rate polish steak.. yumm hope yall had fun

happy birthday sydney! sorry i wasnt there with jashinsky to throw down enrique iglesias round 2... hope you took in the fireworks for me.. for some reason poland doesnt celebrate americas independence day.. so no fireworks.. lame i know.. i dont understand it either.

i love you family! you guys are my rock.. hope you are all doing amazingly.. if not hit me up and ill send you some european chocolate.. although lysha probably took home enough to feed a small village in madagascar.

elder daly


Vanessa said...

I love the gun story :)

Bob said...

Thanks, Caran!