Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is my AMAZING AMERICAN IDOL ADVENTURE!! Let me start off by saying that this was THE best day of my life!!!! My friend, Sara, and I went down to the Big E Center in Utah for the top 10 Idols to perform on monday the 14th. We started out day off by heading down to the concert place at noon to meet the idols and get their autographs. Very few people knew about this signing thing. So there were like only 100 people there!!! And let's just say that the concert that night was SOLD OUT and that building holds like 20,000 people! We were getting a way good deal!!!!! We got there and waited for like an hour or so and got in line. Then their bus came and EVERYONE was just screaming and freaking out! It was crazy! They let a few idols go out at a time and saved both davids for last! Here are a few pictures. I took A LOT, but I only chose the good ones. Enjoy!

This is Sara and I waiting for david!!!! WE ARE SOOO PYSCHED!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bob said...


You and Sara look like the next American Idols! I'll bet your mom and Cam wish they would've gone to the concert.