Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21, 2008.."If you could change one thing about life what would you change?"

Alrighty umm not as exciting a week as last week unfortunately. We had that meeting with Piotr which was alright. We read that ensign article together which was absolutely perfect for him. He made perfect comments after each section and he agreed with everything he read. And we kept asking him questions and testifying of certain principles in the article. We tried to show him how he could apply the things written to his own personal life. And he was just kinda like "ya sure" way nonchalantly. He kept changing the subject like last meeting. He told us that he really wanted to come to church but with his work schedule he might not be able to... he didnt yesterday unfortunately. My boy Adil said he was going to come to church but he didnt make it either.. so we went 0 for 2.. fiddlesticks. Michael took a little vaca down to Krakow this past week but im pretty sure he comes back today or tomorrow so maybe we'll get to meet with him again this week. So thats a little about the work. Not way exciting.. we talked with alot of poles... people weren't way open this week though. And it was most definitely pick on elder daly week as far as poland goes.. poles were being way big bully heads to me this week for some reason. the european guys are just jealous im better looking than them.. my accent is cooler... and i get to wear Christ's name on my chest. however that was all made up by one magical moment on the streets of poland...

we were on a whitebaord at ratusz aresenal.. just this street corner right by a metro stop. We were asking people the question "if you change one thing about life what would you change?" ... so we all start rocking and shocking.. people had some pretty funny answers... one guy i contacted looked at it for honestly a good 2 minutes in silence.. deliberated, pondered, reasoned, searched the depths of his being and simply said in polish "my wife" and walked away. Then ... there she was.. 5' 4'' ... 90 lbs... white hair... her face losing a recent battle to moles.. i kindly pose her the question on the white board... she takes the pen out of my hand and writes something along the lines of "in order that we will all be more loving and understanding" I replied "that is a way beautiful answer, thankyou" then she dives into telling me how she was one of the warsaw uprisers during world war II ... I was taken back and said... "i bow myself".. and i bowed to her. then she came up to me grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me forward then placed a kiss on my cheek.

I've been floating among the stars ever since.. probably the most action ill see for a long while. So that was my magic moment with a 80 year old Polish Babcia. My face.. still unwashed..

I love you family.. thanks again for the emails.. laena you crack me up with you and your american idol.. haha ...bryce avary owns him, no question.. that concert was probably a way good time though im jealous.

Ĺ“ciskam was serdecznie

elder daly


Bob said...

What a great story/experience! Well done, El. Sean.

Vanessa said...

Haha :) I'm glad you got some action on the mission! LOL.

Jordan said...


You are my hero. I want to be like you when I grow up.