Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28, celebration!

This week I received the most davage package of all time in the mail at Zone Conference. Thanks so much for the tape and candy.. and the mini fan haha that thing is sicky i love it.. i used it all last night.. it gets pretty hot and humid so we have to leave the windows open at night and my world gets rocked by mosquitoes.. but now i have my mini fan so i dominate them by means of highpowered foam fan yeah the package made my life.. as i was listening to the tape.. moms voice got way high and she sounded like alvin the chipmunk.. my companion comes walking in the room looks at me strange, then looks at the tape player 'daly, who is that" .... "my mom" ..."she sucking helium?" ... "no, thats the greatest person in the world, you got beef? ill destroy you" ... he walked away scared after that because he's only 220 and only lifted weights everyday during highschool. It really was an amazing composition though.. i loved hearing all you guys. You are dearly missed. And im sorry i dont ever answer your questions i do read your emails as well as jareds.. he's my inspiration and motivation when it comes to the work .. i copy and paste his emails into my presidents letters so that ill be the youngest A.P. of all time. And i can't remember any of the other questions you had.. i have an awful short term memory, its gotten bad out here.. umm i dont need anything from the states really.. lysha is right they have about the equivalent of everything here in europe.. they dont have way good face wash but i get by ok. i might need a few pairs of garments here in a few months.. but for now im doing alright. And ill send pictures next week i forgot my USB cord this week.. sorrki.

K.. kurcza i have a couple minutes left.. umm today was pday.. we went and served at brother magnuskis house out in the middle of The Shire, Poland.. we scrapped rust off of a chain link fence while he painted was a pretty good time, learned a lot of Polish which is good.. umm k what else.. we had an investigator in church but he was kind of a crazy that stinnett met on the street.. he's an older gentleman and we are pretty sure he bats for the other team because he tried to hit on stinnett the whole time during sacrament meeting.. so we'll call that half an investigator in church... we met with piotr.. he found a job!! yeahhs... can't remember if i told you that.. he is going to start coming to church starting next week. So he is looking promising, hes such a good guy.. sorry i dont have time to go in depth about him.. i will next week.. we have another meeting with him this wednesday. woot. Didnt meet with michael.. i think he might be a goner.. umm we had a pioneer day celebration on saturday.. it was a lot of fun.. we had an english student come and chill, she had a good time.. we had about 60 people there it was incredible.. felt like i was back in the states. k highlight of the week as far as the work goes.. i was on a whiteboard in centrum and i was talking to this girl about.. 20 ish.. and she was rad sauce.. we were talking about religion in the world.. and just kinda like the state that the world is in.. i introduced what our church is all about and I bore testimony of the truthfulness of it as well as the book of mormon.. and yeah.. i dunno why it was so special.. she replied with an answer ive heard a couple times "its amazing you guys can stand out here and talk about Christ while people are passing by on every said worried about work, money, shopping, etc." and it was just one of those not all that common experiences where I felt like the Spirit was there and she could feel it.. that the heavens opened up for a split second and were present there among the crowds of people on a busy street in Poland.. kinda surreal sometimes. Just one of those little miracles that keep me going .

I love you all times a bjillion! Happy birthday Uncle Bob! Laners happy birthday in 10 dayysss yeaaaahs!!

elder daly


Bob said...

Thank you for starting our week with your words of inspiration, El. Sean. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day.

Vanessa said...

Awesome stories :) Miss you Elder Daly!