Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 14, 2008...miracle-filled week!

Thanks for the love in the form of emails, sounds like y'all are having a blast... ja naprawdê jestem zazdrosny. dad i expect you to be throwing supermans by the time i get back. And i expect Uncle Bob to have his tour card and his own golf accessory line.

This week was pretty mirale-filled... Elder Stinnett and I threw down. I can honestly say this is the first companion I've had on my mission that shares the same level of energy as I do for the work, so this past week has been pretty sweet bonus, little different too. Our first meeting was with this 18 yr old kid named Michael that is polish but from Belgium. We contacted him on the street and set up for the next day. He's an interesting fella, he knows alot.. just like in general. alot. And he is one of those kids that can't be wrong. Anywho we sat him down and started to get to know him and then started teaching a first. But he had all of these questions adn we couldnt really get anywhere. We ended up talking about drugs for a good majority of it. He loves mushrooms.. and we arent talking pizza... or marios mushroom kingdom... he informed us that the only time he has ever had a spiritual experience was when he was on mushrooms. He doesnt really look or act like a drug addict.. he's a goodlooking, normal kid, incredibly smart.. but yeah he's a pothead. Kind of a bummer, but he said he'd have the book of mormon read (completely) in a week or two. It was an interesting lesson overall and yeah. Lesson #2 was with this guy Piotr that called us off of a pass along card (miracle) and wanted to be taught english and read from the bible. So we meet with him and he shows up in a nice suit, briefcase.. looked kind of like a JW to be honest so i was a little worried. We sit down and he starts telling us about himself in English and we told him why we're in poland.. he spoke pretty amazing english, way thick accent. We asked him what exactly he wanted to get out of the meeting.. like what he needed to work on as far as english, etc. And he proceeds to tell us his life story. He's 31 and has a Masters in Polish Law and a Bachelor's in Administration. But he can't find a job anywhere, he's interviewed at like a bjillion different firms and noone wants him. Apparently he didnt do too hot on the Polish equivalent to the U.S. BAR Exam so thats part of the reason. His girlfriend just dumped him and he is working at KFC pretty much non stop.. when he's not working there he is finding and interviewing for jobs... the man almost broke down into tears. He pulls out all of his resume stuff and his certificates of Law.. and he looks up at us with tears starting to well up and in this thick polish accent he pleads "i don't know what to do, please, tell me what to do" ... stinnett and i sit there, give each other a glance of "what the heck do we say" and i put myself in his shoes and said the first thing that came to mind. "piotr if i was you, id study my brains out and take that exam again.. maybe you'll be more ..more...i forget the word... like... able to get a job" then we tried to relate it back to the gospel because man i cant think of anything that would be better for him! But he kept changing the subject and wasn't really interested. We have another meeting with him tonight and we are reading an ensign article with him about overcomming trials, hopefully it helps him. Made me wonder to myself if thats going to be me in 10 years... still flipping burgers at the creamery on 9th because i cant pass o-chem. Anyways that was our meeting with midlife crisis man. Stinnett had another meeting where he passed off an investigator to the North Zone. We taught English.. what else.. had exchanges.. i went with Elder Henrie he's a 2 months in. He rocks I love him to death. And thats a wrap..

Poland is humid, i love it. :-) the people are the greatest in the world. Im way behind on letter writing i know im way lazy...

franch bread, franch fries, franch dressing.. and to drink ...peru

i got so much love for you all

elder daly

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Bob said...

Love your e-mails, Elder Sean! I'm trying to keep your clubs in shape until you return.