Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 1, 2008...FIRST MTC LETTER!

Hola familia!!
> How is everyone doing?? I can't believe I have been here a week at the MTC. They say days feel like weeeks and weeks feel like days :). The first few days definately felt the longest with tons of meetings - we did learn some good stuff though!! In a few meetings we had we watched a series called, The District. It was seriously like a soap opera of missionary work, so I liked it a lot lol. At the end of each part we watched they had dramatic previews for the next part that left you hanging off your chair lol. I learned a lot from it though and really saw how missionary work was done. They focused a lot on the importance of planning. We put planning to use and started planning our days, which actually made them go by a lot smoother and quicker so that was great!!
> Our district has 12 people in it, which is a lot for a district. We have four hermanas, and we are also roomies, and are all going to Chile Antofagasta. Then we have 4 elders going to the same mission as us, and then two to Guatemala and 2 to Chile Vine del Mar. So that is our group. We are really starting to unify. We get along really great with the 4 elders going to our mission. My companion is Hermana Ercanbrack (not the one who gave the prayer, mom) and she is from around Pocatello, Idaho. We get along great!! There are six girls in our room total and all the companions really match up, its crazy!!! I'm grateful I have a companion I really get along with the first time around :)
> Then Saturday was our first day we started going to gym for an hour, which really breaks up all the classes. So we always look forward to gym everyday! Then Sunday we had Mission Conference with all the missionaries, which was amazing! I just love listening to all the Elders sing really loud and with a great Spirit...I can't ever hear my own voice over it lol. We had tons of other meetings that day and a fireside that night. On Sundays, we also have the opportunity to walk around and study outside of the temple. It was my first time outside the MTC gates since I got there, which felt SO GOOD. It was like a little fresh breath of freedom lol. And it reminds I'm in Provo and brings me a little feeling of home which I really like. I have also seen about four of my guy friends around the MTC, who are teachers here which was fun. I also ran into a girl that went to London with me and who is going to serve in Portugal!!
> What else....the food is way good!! I have lunch and dinner way early though (dinner is at 4:30) so that's a change from eating chocolate all night long lol. I'm really trying not to eat all the desserts and have done pretty good!! I have stayed away from them all week and then finally got one last night :) But I have been snacking on the Reeses Briana sent me in a package, which are my fav!! Thanks Briana!! I feel very loved by all of my family and friends. I have pretty much gotten a package or letter everyday since I have been here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It makes me day. And yes mom, pulled through and I got those amazing rolls and candy. Yum yum :)
> Spanish is going good still. We are still going over stuff I already know, so we will see how I do when we go onto later things. Like me, all the Hermanas already had a basic background of Spanish...but the elders don't at all lol. They are working so hard though!!
> A few more answers to my mom's questions...I do have to wear nylons which isn't too bad, but I would like thigh-highs because they knee-highs fall down haha. And one of the girls in my room does snore, and I'm trying really hard to fall asleep and get use to it. It is like a sprint to get ready for bed by 10:30 and then I usually lay there and don't fall asleep until midnight. Hopefully that will get better. And today for P-day we have to get up extra early so we can go to the temple. The temple was great though!!
> Some last thoughts... in one of the talks the spreaker talked about the funeral of someone and how on the tombstone two dates are engraved, birth and death. But those are not the most important thing on the is the dash in the middle of those two dates. "What matters is how we live, and love, and how we spent that 'dash'". I am working hard to follow that and live life to the fullest. I am so grateful to be here and am learning so much. I know the Gospel is true!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


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i love hermana daly!

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Yahoo! Love this first letter! :)