Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elder Daly~August 11, 2009...another great week!

happy birthday laners!!!!!!!!! 18 huh.. get in all your crazy parties while you can cuz when i come down there im gunna be supervising.. bible studies every friday night. hope your birthday was a blast... i still cant believe you saw fuller at that fireside... that is most definitely THE henryk that he baptized, thats cool you got to see that. zycze pani sto lat!

Sorry for the wicked great email last week, it was a way rough week. But this week was a lot better. A lot of our week was spent hanging out with our man marcin. Got to use some of the skills you learned me dad... put together some cheap shelves and chesterdrawers :-) and did a lot of painting. We are helping do a remodel and its way great because a lot of the time the convo turns to the gospel so we get to teach and serve and just hang out with him as well. He came to church and he is going to be the coolest member ever when he takes a few more steps of faith. Hopefully he takes them sooner rather than later cuz we need him way bad right now. Thankfully, Henryks move to russia has been postponed for a month but after that happens we wont have anyone but zbyszek. agnieska left the church. So we got our work cut out for us and I feel really good about this next transfer. I am staying and going with elder turley.. he is in the same group as elder guthrie.. guthrie is going to be serving in the holy of holies, bydgoszcz. My boy elder owen is staying and going with the other elder owen in the mish... should be a cool district. The mission is completely unrecognizable in comparison to what it was when i got in... there are half as many missionaries (57).

well another transfer... Guthrie and i have had a wild 3 months together.. some of the craziest and coolest experiences of my mission. Im gunna miss him way bad.. Im excited to fill you guys in some of the craziness when you come.

love you all, have a great week

elder daly


Bob said...

You're working it well, El. Sean!

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