Monday, August 3, 2009

Hermana Daly~August 3, 2009...a day in Iquique

Hola familia!We had cambios today…but of course that doesn´t affect me yet, being new in this sector. Still can´t believe how fast time flies. We had a great baptism with Lucas Saturday morning…cute, timid nine-year old. It was fun…and then the next day a yummy BBQ to celebrate and some chocolate cake – which I was very grateful for because sometimes I am very chocolate deprived here lol.For those who want to know what a typical day in Iquique is, I will tell you lol. Wake up at 6:59 and do exercises with elastic bands inside if it´s cold or run outside either in a basketball court or on the street if we are awake and brave enough to fight off all the stray barking dogs lol. Then shower, study two hours, and leave at 10:30 to proselyte. The mornings are slow because people are at work or sleeping. The weekends, everyone sleeps in until one in the afternoon…it´s incredible, like me before the mish. Then we return at 1 and eat lunch that a member brings…rice or spaghetti, salad, sometimes a squash or spinach casserole thing, jello, and bread. Fifteen minute siesta…everyone closes their shops for 3 or 4 hours for lunch and the siesta. Crazy! Then leave again at 3:30 until 10:00, running around trying to visit everyone we need to. Upon the return, I have to enter the apartment first to kill off any cockroaches because my companion freaks out at the sight of them and I´ve gotten used to them haha. Then planning and off to bed at 11 pm.And that´s the usual day for those that wanted to know. I´m running out of fun things to say every week haha. Love you all!!! Enjoy the sun!! -Hermana Daly