Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Elder Daly~August 18, 2009...new comp from Kentucky

Another transfer day come and gone and I scored. Elder Turley is a kentucky fried stud muffin. He's from kentucky and yeah, i guess that's all i know about him at the moment, he's a great kid though.

I am going to be brutally honest... the last week of the transfer just kinda topped of the last 3 months I spent with Guthrie, nobody liked us and we didnt meet with a lot of people. But i am convinced the the start of this transfer marks a change. The start of something great, something epic. And turley is just the man to bring the magic and the miracles. People are starting to come back from vacations and wat not.. so some of our more promising investigators from June should be getting back soon. I have TONS of pictures from the last transfer because guthrie was my personal photographer and i burned some stuff on cd's so next week ill upload them.. promise!

with all my lovin'

elder daly

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Bob said...

That's the spirit, El. Sean!