Monday, August 10, 2009

Hermana Daly~August 10, 2009~Forever Families

Hola famila!!¿Cómo están todos? Estoy feliz en Iquique!! Yesterday I learned a new holiday…Día de Niño…or Child Day. Another day to spoil all the little kids with cake and presents! I couldn´t believe it. This day doesn´t exist in the states, right? Or maybe it´s new haha. But due to this day yesterday, many of our investigadors and menos activos didn´t make it to Church, so we were a bit sad. But we must continue forward and teach the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy ;) We are working hard with many families, teaching them the importance of praying together and learning the Gospel together. Many kids and teens don´t believe in God today and don´t know how to pray or anything because their parents don´t teach them. It´s way sad! We have tons of 13 and 14 year old girls who have menos activos parents and the children don´t believe in God! I´ve learned lots of things that I am going to do with my future little kids…lots of praying and reading the scriptures together from day 1 of their existence lol. A little advice for the twins and their new babies lol. We truly need to protect our families from the world and grow closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father! I am so grateful that I grew up with Gospel principles…thanks mom and dad!!! Love you all tons!!! Have a splendid week!! -Hermana Daly


Steph said...

awww...I'll gladly take Hermana Daly's advice!! :)

Bob said...

Words of wisdom from our Hma. in Chile...I remember complaining to Mom and Dad that there wasn't a Child's Day...They told me that Every Day was Child's Day :)

Ben N Nessa said...

I agree...thanks Hermana Daly! A great reminder (especially for our new family!)