Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elder Daly~September 15, 2009.....leaving Szezcin~one last transfer!

i waited like 50 mins before i finally got a computer so i have no time to email today sorry.

I am being transferred! one last time, i cant believe it... im going back to good old warsaw to be with a 2 month old missionary. i guess 8 months in warsaw wasnt quite enough... im excited though a lot of my death group is there right now and i love the branch im going to be serving in. So as far as a package goes that would be most delectable you can send it straight to the mission office :-) i do need some of that yello-bottle-neutrogena-make-me-beautiful face wash stuff... not the orange one though, it smells funny haha. And maybe some mac n cheese, ive had some sick cravings for that lately. also... my hairs falling out, my joints are sore, and my memory is starting to slowly fade... any suggestions?

on the missionary side of life... we have a baptisimal date!!! oh yeahhh.. the Lord does love Szczecin. HIs name is Lukasz, he's 17 1/2. He is super smart and just really elect. The best part? he doesnt have parents... yeah sounds harsh but it eliminates most problems he'll have in being baptized and becomming a super awesome missionary someday. He lives with his grandma and his older sister. His mother is a flunkie somewhere being an alocoholic and his dad died when he was 3. His baptism is set for the 26th of September and i am hoping ill be able to come back for the baptism. So after 4 months of giving my soul to szczecin the Lord finally saw it fit to lead someone to us. We are way grateful and way excited for him and for the branch here. The Lord always pulls through and answers prayers. I can't even begin to describe the experiences ive had in the last several months and what they've been to me.

BYU is ranked 8?! laners i cant believe you dont go to the games... who is really packing and shipping when the cougars are playing.. .just skip work on saturdays :-) ...

what else can i say to you all... ummm... 2 months yeahh.. haha... noo im not trunky but its getting exciting for sure. Last transfer, crazy crazy. Never realized how applicable enduring to the end is throughout our whole life .. just when you think youre about to get to the summit, you get there and find out you have a couple hundred more to climb. enjoying the ride though it all though, thats what makes it worth something at the end.

hope you all have a radabadical week, enjoy the awesome weather... aww autumn is the greatest.. as im walking the streets and parks one thing constantly plays through my mind.. the monday night football tune.

love you all! trzmajcie sie cieplo

elder daly


Bob said...

Buen cambio, El. Sean!

Briana Carr said...

Chris Eppich, Steven Shelley, John Shumway, Brady Rice, and Paul Israelsen say: COME HOME!

Paul also wanted to thank you for using the word "davage" so faithfully. :)

enjoy your last transfer!!!