Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elder Daly~September 21, 2009...back in go ol' Warsaw!

Well im sitting here in the same library i came to when i was 4 months in the country. Warsaw hasnt changed a smidgeon except for a handful of baptisms since i left this branch in March. I am living in the same apartment on Kabaty at the end of the the metro line. Feels like home. I am serving with Elder Stohel, he's from Ogden 6 foot 5 man-child he's so tall. The area im in just had a baptism this past week which is cool. I didnt see it because I had to stay in Szczecin till monday to "train" elder schoenrock and burgerking crown him the newest branch president of szczecin. Hopefully ill be able to come back this saturday for lukasz's baptism... i included a picture of him in my email, he's a stud.

that's about it from my end, enjoy the week

love you guys to death!

elder daly

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Ben N Nessa said...

Elder Daly- you've come full circle...back where you started :)That's a sign that the mission is almost over. Crazy!