Monday, September 14, 2009

Hermana Daly~September 14, festivities!

Hola familia!Today was cambios…but it didn´t affect us – being relatively new in this sector. So we shall continue forward working hard with our investigadors so that all can progress a little bit more. We are working with various couples that have been humbled by tests of faith…economic tests. It makes many a lot more open to hear the Gospel, although many say they are “Catholics” and make sure that we know they are catholics. It´s hard for many to change their beliefs and are oftened astonished at something new like there being a prophet today. But as they learn more and ponder upon what we say, we start to see little changes. The beginnings of having a change of heart…they just need to pray and ask God if it is true. But many think they have to know everything before they ask God. We continue teaching with the Spirit so they have the desire to know and faith to ask God is it is true. I love missionary work. It´s tough when many are set in their ways…but little miracles happen everyday as people change. Hopefully the holiday festivities of 18 de Septiembre doesn´t affect the work too much. We are looking forward to lots of empanadas and food. Today we ate a pastel de choclo SUPER RICO!!! So sweet and delicious and full of yumminess!!And CONGRATS Steph and Ryan on baby Jack!!! The pics are soooo cute. He was born on my companion´s birthday!!! So we were partying lots for her and for Jack (without knowing it lol). I can´t believe all my cousins have babies now…baby fun!!! Love you all tons!!!! -Hermana Daly

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Feliz 18 de Septembre!