Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elder Daly~Sept 29, 2009........a pretty exceptional week!

It was a pretty exceptional week. I met most of the people we are working with here in Warsaw and some of them are way cool and have great potential. One is a mongolian girl named Solongo. She is super rad and speaks perfect polish which is always a plus for the branch. She came to sports saturday and she already knows a few of them members .. one of which is a mongolian family. She seems really excited to be taught the lessons and we are going to start this week. Sounds golden I think. We met with this doctor named Przemek... he's way goofy but incredibly smart... we met with him at the newly built starbucks in downtown warsaw.. he's got some potential.. maybe.. Some other meetings with some cool people but none too interested... I met Ania, the newly baptsized member. Shes 58, 5 foot (maybe) 100 pounds (that's also pretty generous) She's tiny!! I set up to make her pancakes this wednesday. She's way cool though, works in a costume shop on the rynek which is where we met here at. Great lady.

This past saturday i got on a plane. The ones with the wings that fly in the air and go really far. I tried to convince President to get on the one to New York but he wouldnt have any of it. So we took it to szczecin and I got to be at Lukasz's baptism as President told you. It was ridiculously cool and the baptism was basically perfect. Way strong Spirit and he loved it. I have never felt the Spirit more powerfully than in those moments when sacred ordinances are performed. The power of God is always made manifest and it really makes a lasting impression. So i was way glad that President let me go. Lukasz is going to be a rock.

Congrats hermanecka lyshdawg on the year mark! you're so dead :-)

love you fam. have a wonderful week

elder daly


Vanessa said...

I love reading about all of the people you're teaching! :) Good work.

Bob said...

Congratulations, El. Sean!